Help! The Musical

Have you ever heard that wonderful Ecomoni song Help? You know the one that seems to go on about dangerous asses crying? Well I once looked up the lyrics and it’s actually dangerous Earth but that’s irrelevant. The song was originally a Morning Musume song and came from the musical Help! Acchii Chikyuu wo Samasunda. Well H!F have subbed the whole musical for your enjoyment. There’s a H264 version here and an XviD version here. Personally I have no idea of the difference between formats and so have an external hard drive full of differently formatted files. But nevertheless the choice is yours and is of course nice to have.

So what do we get from this musical?


Reina! Sayumi! There who is?


Oh. So this is obviously set in a parallel universe where the wotas are screamed at by Morning Musume? Every wota’s secret dream. Okay so I may be skitting at wotas but I am one really. In fact I certainly wouldn’t mind Reina and Sayumi fighting over me. In mud. While wearing only bikinis. But this is (also) totally irrelevant. Or elephant if you’re a Q.E.D. fan (there must be some of us out there surely?)

Anyway Help! The Musical (as I’ll call it from now on as it’s shorter than giving it it’s full title) also stars Takahashi Ai as a member of a school ecology club. Takahashi is well suited to this role as she is a total angel.


But it’s true. In fact one day you’ll be my wife.


Oh. Well I feel a bit embarrassed now. I guess I’ll just marry Konkon instead.

Anyway putting on a brave face at that hurtful snub I’ll continue to picspam. The first song sung is of course Help! (as I’ll call it from now on as it’s shorter than giving it it’s full title). Now I’ll be honest, as far as I’m concerned you just can’t beat Sayumi dressed as a water nymph and Rika dressed as Robin Hood (okay I know they are supposed to be representing the water and greenery or somesuch but everytime I see this video clip I think it’s a water nymph with a very sexy Robin Hood)…

Therefore I’ll always have a huge soft spot for the Ecomoni version. However with a large cast this song is really powerful and really does suit being in a musical.


See? It really is “Earth”!

The large cast is a good cast too and it includes Kaori. Yay…


She doesn’t have bed head it’s just she’s throwing her head around. It’s great to see Morning Musume from a time not too far away from their golden age. Look, there’s even Sexy Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam…


With you in it I’d join in a flash (Gordon).

So we have the best first generationer and the best second generationer plus all the fourth, fifth and sixth gen’s. Very close to my personal peak of MM. Anyway the musical centres around saving the planet. But with a comedic vibe as it would obviously be a bit boring if done po-faced. Who’d want to listen to two and a half hours of lecturing on conserving energy and so on.


Yeah that kind of stuff. It’d be boring. So instead it’s a light-hearted eco-friendly musical. But let’s face it. We’re really here for the MM members. So here’s Kaori looking foxy…


We also get Yossie looking like she supports Shrewsbury Town Football Club…


Meanwhile Rika finds out she only has 7 days to live…


Okay not really. Now excuse me while I take a break. I have a blood test tomorrow and so I have to fast for 14 hours. I have 20 minutes of eating time left. Time for a snack I think. Also probably a cup of tea too.


Yes mistress. I love it when she’s stern.


Okay so continuing on with the show and we get more songs and…well…talking and stuff. But let’s face it we’re here for the MM members. Members like Lovely…


Oh sure. You turn down my marriage proposal but still want me to believe in you. Well I do. Umm…to be fair I can’t help it. Kawaiiiiiii.

We also get Miki Fujimoto who has some words for Kago Ai…





Also we get Konkon…


Konkon always makes me smile. 🙂

Towards the end of the show we get half an hour of Morning Musume songs including Roman My Dear Boy and Ai Araba It’s All Right…


Then at the end my VLC media player minimizes but that’s also highly irrelevant. Well as I said this is very much Morning Musume around their peak (just missing Nacchi really). If you like the members then there are worse ways to spend your time than watching this. Niigaki, Rika and Takahashi all get plenty of moments to shine. Yaguchi and Kaori light up the screen stage whenever they appear. Reina and Sayumi are funny as the schoolkids. Throw in Yossie, Makoto, Konkon, Miki and the rest and it’s a strong Musume that took to the stage.

It’s good to have yet another musical subbed. With subbed musicals, tv shows, pv’s, live clips and so on we really are going through a golden patch as western H!P fans. I know as I take my first tentative steps towards learning Japanese that my interest in the language has come entirely through H!P. But my fandom of H!P has grown strong precisely because of subbed tv shows, musicals and so on. The enjoyment level is so much higher when you can understand what’s being said. The interest in the members is so much stronger. Ironically it’s the subbed efforts that have made me want to learn the language. Because there’s so much more out there to understand. I don’t want to have to rely on subbers. Even so they do a great job and just through the love of H!P. So I’ll raise a glass to toast them on this St Patrick’s Day. Except it’s a glass of water as I still have that sodding blood test tomorrow! 😉


9 responses to “Help! The Musical

  1. As always, thanks for the awesome Reviews you do for us ^^

    And definitely enjoy reading them as well, as from your ‘stories’ and screencaps, I look at the subbed content in a different way =P

  2. hahahahaha.

    “Drink it!”
    that made me laugh alot.

    all your posts make me laugh. you definitely have a way with words.

    what’s up with the person behind Konkon in that screencap????
    looks like they’re gonna eat her. i know Konkon is yummy but not in a literal way…… although i’ve never had the opportunity to lick her so i wouldn’t really know. >w<

    thanks for always making me laugh! xD

  3. oh crap, Yossie’s in there? I started downloading this musical yesterday. dunno when I’ll be finished with it… 😦

    Quite a lengthy post, but I’m sorry to say that I don’t wanna spoil the surprise by reading it now.


    (gee, I said I won’t be reading it, but I’ve been re-reading the last two paragraph over and over!)

  4. Hexi – well Konkon is highly edible. Well lickable but I won’t go into further details. This is a family blog. 😀

    Amy – Don’t worry I mainly picspammed the musical. There’s no spoilers at all. It’s mainly just pictures with obvious jokes (although come to think of it I totally forgot to point out the advertising on Yossie’s football shirt. Ai Wish indeed).

  5. Ah women are always laughing at me…which come to think of it isn’t necessarily a good thing. 😮

  6. I really loved watching this musical too~…..and thank you for this article!…’s so cute the way that you write (I mean that in the best of ways ~♥~). Ribbon no kishi made me cry though and I think it’s Momusu’s best musical yet….I was so moved by it……..but “Help…” makes me happy. I always think of “Ship to the future.” ^ ^

  7. I’ve got to be honest I still haven’t watched Ribbon no kishi even though I have the subbed version on my comp (in a folder titled “to be watched” no less). I did love Cinderella though. And I mean that literally. Takahashi was great. 😀 Help has it’s moments. It’s a different type of musical to Cinderella (and I guess Ribbon too). It’s more of a farce-style. Anyway personally I loved watching Kaori. She always seems to make an impact. It’s a pity the sixth gen were a bit redundant though.

    I will get round to watching Ribbon eventually. Just like I’ll get round to watching the subbed Yaguchi and Tsuji in Hawaii or those subbed Sentou no Musume episodes. So little time and so much H!P.

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