How Do You Like Japan? Subbed!

At the risk of becoming H!F‘s little cheerleader (I’m not. Other fandubbers are available and all are equally lovely. Not as lovely as Lovely but still lovely nonetheless) here is a link to another H!F slice of heaven. Yes it’s the best Morning Musume album track of recent times, How Do You Like This Japan? And yes it’s a live version subtitled. This version comes from the 07 Aki ~Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! Bomb~ tour. Links are here for the XviD version and here for the H264 version. This has been my favourite album track since I first heard it. Although I’d kill to know where they took the music from because I could swear I’ve heard it before.


Check out sexy Reina. That’s nothing though. Check out the sexy panda…


Err…sorry. Umm…I have no idea how that got there. Ahem


Look it’s sexy Reina again…


Please be sure to come again? There’s no answer to that.



Eri looks great…


Sayumi meanwhile looks evil. Must be a trick of the light…


Basically you get the current Musume line up doing a very infectious song. I’d never actually seen this performance before. The one I’m used to seeing is this one from the Morning Curry tour in 2006…

So as well as having a subtitled version it’s a version less common to me. Which is never a bad thing. Anyway if you like the current line up and you like them doing a bit of rock then download and enjoy.


4 responses to “How Do You Like Japan? Subbed!

  1. Hehe, hello Cheerleader =)

    Anyway, that’s quite a change of Review, doing a Perf.

    Nice nonetheless, I guess we just hit the spot on your favorite song as well as mine.

    And the one you linked for the Video, H!F subbed that perf to… Whenw e first started, that’s like the first thing we released.

  2. The first time I ever heard How Do You Like Japan? was also from a concert, but mine was from the Rainbow Seven tour. It remains a favorite to this day.

    *In the meantime, tries to scrub out images of you as a cheerleader from my mind with Brain Bleach*

    I think I’m going to need another eight gallons of bleach…

  3. SC – I didn’t realise there was a subbed performance of the earlier version. That’s something I’ll have to hunt down now.

    Pex – Just 8?

  4. Oh, that’s just for the first coat, you see. Like paint, it’ll need a good two or three or twelve coats before it’s all over with… 😀

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