C-ute – Bye Bye Bye! PV

The pv for C-ute’s next single is now on Dohhh UP! Someone has uploaded it to Youtube so here it is…

The single has a more disco feel to it than any of their previous singles. It’s less my type of music than Forever Love was but still seems to have enough of a hook to it to grab the attention a bit. It’s seems okay. It’s a bit stereotypically H!P though. Something C-ute seem to have been able to avoid a lot up to now. Maybe it’ll grow on me more after a few more listens. The pv is all silver clothes and dancing and the girls look attractive enough. It’s a shame Kanna isn’t there though. Also they really should have put Maimi in shorts. I mean it’s worked so often in the past. 😀 But no this time Umeda gets to wear them. Couldn’t they afford two pairs? I mean sheesh. I demand my Maimi in shorts fix.



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