Random Pictures & Observations


Mini Ai in a mini skirt. Is there anything cuter in H!P the world?


The two most kawaii girls in the history of…well…history.


The two most kawaii girls in the history of history with two friends.


One of the two most kawaii girls in the history of history being really kawaii.

What if Yossie turned evil?


So in that pic I think Yossie has been turned down by some guy. So she decided to make herself more girlie to appeal to him. She also broke into his apartment and boiled his bunny…just to let him know how much she loves him and so he knows not to turn her down again.


And here is where she goes the opposite way and comes over all vampish. Which kind of works for me. Either that or she’s doing an impression of Madonna!


Umm…when did Nakajima become a housewife? I knew Maimi was making a movie, I just didn’t realise it was a Japanese remake of The Stepford Wives.


Or is she making Reservoir C-ute? I wonder which one’s undercover? I reckon Suzuki. Really she’s spying for Buono.


Impure thoughts, impure thoughts, impure thoughts, IMPURE THOUGHTS, IMPURE THOUGHTS…oh I’ve been a bad boy. A VERY BAD BOY. Oh I need punishing. 😀


And yet from the same photoshoot, with Takahashi all I want to do is buy her things and make her laugh and, you know…marry her.


The photosets to accompany Morning Musume’s ninth album (well 10th if you include their covers album) are very appealing indeed. Especially Lovely’s pics.


It’s Mini Ai again. She needs to get photographed next to Yaguchi and quick. Otherwise she’ll start getting a complex! I apologise in no way for the abundance of Lovely pics in this post. There can never be enough Lovely.


Mitsui is growing up just fine. I think she looks very appealing in those shots.


Someone put all nine pics together. Whoever it was deserves some kind of reward. Quite a montage.


Two of the cutest Linlin pics I’ve seen.


Hands! Kanna go get a room or something. 😉


Maasa shows off a new side from her pb. For the record she was also the sensei in Yorosen this week. I probably won’t review it but she did a brilliant job and reminded me of a young Kaori for some reason. Well worth watching, especially if you like your idols playing table tennis against each other.

Anyway my most recent acquisition is this Kanna sports towel (that you can’t get wet). I never thought I’d buy a sports towel as I didn’t see the point of them. However when the opportunity came to get Kanna’s at a decent price I couldn’t resist. Actually although I wouldn’t want to pay full price for one they are quite good. More like a close to life-size poster than anything else.


Scans time. The Miyabi card from Buono 2…


The random partial scan of the post is from the Aruiteru photobook…


Beautiful pics, all of them. You just can’t beat that Lovely smile though.


15 responses to “Random Pictures & Observations

  1. Not review Yorosen?!? Hast thou gone mad?!? 😛

    Seriously though, wasn’t this the last week or something? It’d be a shame not to be able to read your weekly review, even if it probably is pretty uneventful. As I was watching the subbed version yesterday, I just knew you were going to take issue with the “Crybaby Ai-chan” nickname when it came time to do the review.

    Oh well, the barrage of pretty pics makes up for it somewhat. Gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Was this the last week of Yorosen? I didn’t think it was? Well it was good but only when compared to Yorosen’s usual standards. Which is a bit like saying having a bird crap on your head is good compared to having 10 birds crap on your head. Maasa was funny though. She’s the next Kaori.

  3. I think there was supposed to be one more week with Mai teaching English, but somebody in the Yorosen thread on H!O said it had been cancelled? Pretty sure that’s what I read, don’t know how accurate it is thought…

  4. Ah it turns out the final week was going to be Hagiwara Mai on English. Which of course would have been great for us English speakers. Unfortunately that’s been cancelled and replaced with a highlights package. The highlights package is still being presented by Hagiwara Mai though. Although it seems a shame she doesn’t get a topic of her own. Did any other girls miss out?

    As for what a highlights week on Yorosen is going to be like…the mind boggles.

  5. Gosh, Ai-chan is soooo ‘Lovely’ in those dark outfits and in Aruiteru. Sayu is so sexy there.

    Oh, morningtime. Impure thoughts? You’re sooo naugthy there! ;D

    Eh!? It looks like I have a rival here on marrying Ai-chan! Hehe. XP

  6. Well I’ve never been that into Mikitty. In fact my favourite thing she ever did was dress as a pigeon in those Hello Morning sketches. However I’ll scan her pics at some stage and put them up.

    Lovely is mine! Nobody else can marry her.

  7. Morningtime you are so right,Konkon & Ai-chan are the cutest things ever along with gaki-san & mako-chan,as well as momo-chan,koha-chan,kame-chan & maimai! BTW,Ai-chan’s my favorite morning musume member also! If I were a dude,I would so want to marry ai-chan!

  8. Amber – can’t argue with any of that. Especially the Ai and Konkon being the cutest things ever bit. 😀

    Amy – Mikitty (and Yossie) now scanned and uploaded.

  9. To be honest, I really am surprised that she’s going to be married. I mean, all this time, I was looking at her (and any other J-pop idols) as someone who’ll always be ‘available’. But I simply just can’t accept that she’s ‘available’ no more. *sob*

    Aren’t you worried if someone marries Ai-chan someday and the guy’s not you, morningtime? Hehe 😀

    And yeah, Mikitty can smile real good. There’s so much pv to give for examples.

  10. Lovely is marrying nobody but me. Well even if she does there’s always Konkon. After Konkon then there’s Rika and Nacchi and Reina and Kanna (when she’s old enough) and Mano Eri and…

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