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Paul at Hello!Blog has recently put up his annual poll. I think this will be the first time I’ve taken part and as such I thought I may as well share my ranking here. What’s different about the poll this year is that it includes the whole of H!P and you only pick your top ten. This makes things fiendishly difficult. So far when I’ve ranked the Morning Musume members past and present I’ve used the American Wota ranker. The difference being that you can have ties using that. Hence last time I had four number ones. With Paul’s poll this is not an option so the time has come to split up my favourites. This is a bit like advanced mathematics.  We’re talking about infinitely small fractions dividing members. Anyway the list is done and I’m left feeling not better, not worse, just…empty. Konkon I’m sorry. Likewise Yaguchi and Kaori. Will they ever forgive me?


So it’s official. Takahashi Ai is my number one. For she is perfect in every way. Funny, cute, kind, sweet, energetic, a good singer, a good dancer, pretty and she has a cute accent. To be fair the only thing splitting her and Konno is that Konno is more like me. She is the quiet type. She is just as cute and sweet as Takahashi and also has an intelligence that is attractive too. However I think it’s the difference between Takahashi’s personality and my own that makes her my number one. Konno is a bit more like me…only cuter and Japanese. Oh and a singer. Well you get the drift anyway. Both are beautiful personalities with exceptionally kawaii looks. Both are wonderful. But only one can be number one and I choose Takahashi as my wife.Yaguchi comes third due to her irreverent humour, her energetic personality and her beautiful and caring heart. Aww. Fourth is Kaori. A beautiful woman with a classy air. I love her solo works and count her first solo album as one of the best albums to be associated with H!P (even though it wasn’t actually a H!P release). Looking back at old Hello! Morning episodes I am really struck by her beauty. She could look really special just in jeans and a shirt. Mind you when everyone else is wearing baseball caps the wrong way round and tracksuits that’s not hard. 😀 Then there’s her Utaban appearances. She was always the star of that show. Apparently she’s doing a solo show soon. I’m so happy to know she’s continuing her career. Although I wish it was under happier circumstances. Anyway really the top four are all very close in my affections.

Rika is a surprise climber to five. I always loved her as the Hello! Morning host, as Charmy Ishikawa, as leader of Biyuden, as a member of Ongaku Gatas, as a cute footballer in Gatas Brilhantes H.P. and of course as a member of Morning Musume. Now we get her Angry side too. On top of all that she was fun to watch in Yoyo Girl Cop. She has a beautiful face, a cute voice and seems like a caring person. Also she’s got a great sense of humour. Witness her self-effacing moments as host on Hello!Morning. Did I mention her sex appeal too? No? Well she has plenty. Being cute and sexy will always make someone a bit special. Next is Koharu, surprisingly climbing past Reina. What can I say? Koharu’s sheer enthusiasm and total crack-headed lack of self-awareness just brightens my day. To watch her tearing into the Haromoni studio, screaming all the way like some meths addicted loony with attention deficit disorder, all just to do another boring memory test is to watch someone you must love. Add her burgeoning looks to her genki spirit and the village captain is a great idol. I mean she livened up Haromini and then livened up Yorosen. She deserves a medal. This leaves Sexy Cat at seven. A shocking drop for someone who I still like just as much as I ever did. Reina’s cheeky humour and pretty yet unique looks make her a very appealing feline indeed. She is the sex appeal in Morning Musume. She has the best photobooks too. Her Yankii personality and clothes style are a big part of her appeal. Her cute eyes (has having a wonky eye ever looked so attractive?) just add to her allure. I get the feeling there’s just so much more to come from her too. She’s still so young!

At number eight is one of the old guard. Nacchi. She of the never changing smile. The best soloist H!P ever had. Despite the odd scandal Nacchi has continued to be the most musically successful ex Morning Musume member. The hit singles still keep coming and the quality hasn’t dropped. Also you can’t help but be won over by her always cute looks and her professional but still fun attitude. She’s still cute too. Then if you look at her photobooks there’s a surprisingly sexy Nacchi just waiting to burst out. 😀 Talking of sexuality at number nine it’s Yui. The funnest, sexiest, most flirty H!P girl ever. Now I love Biyuden so that gives her appeal anyway. But she also was the heart of  the movie in Yoyo Girl Cop, putting in a great performance as the bullied schoolgirl. I wish I could see her doing more acting. Mind you I wish I could hear her doing more singing. Flirty, sexy, cute, funny and let’s face it she’s well proportioned for a H!P girl. Yes I have a spot for her and it ain’t soft. 😉 Finally at number ten is C-ute’s cutie Kanna Arihara. Basically I like her because she’s cute. What’s wrong with that? She seems sweet. Sometimes, like when you have a really strong craving for chocolate, that’s just what you need. I hope she comes back soon.

Spare a thought for those who just missed out on a top ten finish though. Poor Yuko, who was such a good leader of Morning Musume and who was always funny on Hello! Morning. She had some good solo singles too, even if they weren’t of the type that troubles the charts. Despite recently having stylists who do awful things to her she’s also a very attractive woman. Also just missing out is Sigh Yummy who truth be told could wrap me round her little finger so easily. Cute and sexy. What a potent mix. Momoko Tsugunaga also is unlucky to not make the top ten. My favourite Buono and Berryz member. Her humour and energy is just so refreshing. She’s the Koharu of those groups and I love her all the more for it. Finally Mano Erina could easily have made the top ten. I love all her singles so far and she’s undeniably a well brought up and very cute young girl. I’m sure in another year with even more exposure under her belt she’d have been impossible to overlook. She’s the future Queen of H!P you know.

So just ten…hard isn’t it? But what do I think of the groups when looked at seperately?

Morning Musume*




Berryz Koubou


I’ll stop there. For Gatas it’d be Konno, Rika, Satoda, Yossie, Arisa (who is getting cuter by the day) and then any one from three in any order really. For the Shugo’s Yuuka is clearly number one as she’s really adorably cute and was in High-King. I have no opinions on the others. Nor do I have an opinion on Milky Way excepting Koharu. With Melon Kinenbi I don’t know enough about them to choose a favourite. Although I’m always taken by Megumi in glasses (in my dreams). 😀 Shibata is the best looking though. Ice Creamusume I have no opinions on except that Youko is quite cute, PeiPei quite striking and ShenShen was very hot before she hacked all her hair off. Well okay not all of it. I mean she didn’t do a Britney. But certainly now it’s more pudding-bowled she doesn’t quite look as good. I have no idea about any of their personalities though. As for the ‘soloists’…well most of them aren’t really. Even so Miyoshi is the one who I haven’t yet mentioned anywhere here who deserves a mention. Rika had the fame and Yui the ummfront. Erika seemed to get overlooked a bit because of that. Even in Yoyo Girl Cop she was not much more than girl-virtually-in-a-coma-in-a-wheelchair. Even so she’s beautiful and really deserves more love. I’d be exceptionally happy to see more from her.

On a side note, even though I’ve never really listened to their music, when I looked at the images chosen for Melon Kinenbi…down boy. Woof. 😀

* I like them all, including Eri. It’s tough choosing on the order past number four.


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