Official Blogs

Charmy over at Renai☆Project recently gave me this link. What is it? It’s Iida Kaori’s new official blog. It’s great to see yet another H!P member or ex-member blogging. Anyway hopefully at some stage we may get treated to some translations from somewhere. If not we can just enjoy the pictures (although there aren’t that many yet). My favourite is currently on page five and is of Kaori drinking what appears to be a pint of lager. I expected her to be more of a wine drinker. I wish I could repost the picture here but it seems you can’t save them and I’m not sure in which folder on my computer the file will be.

Spurred on by this latest blog I decided to introduce a new link section on the right side of this page. It’s for all the official blogs. If I’ve missed anyone out please let me know.


5 responses to “Official Blogs

  1. Ah. Thanks a lot. I’ll add hers to the list. I’m really pleased that so many members are now blogging. I didn’t even realise Satoda was until I saw her blog as number 1 on the Oricon site. Number 1 is pretty good going. I mean Boa is only number 6.

  2. I’ve added a few more blogs to the official blog list. Hangry & Angry are now there and Melon Kinenbi too. Also there’s an English translated Shokotan blog. Okay she’s not H!P but she is equally great.

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