Tanaka Reina Alo-Hello Random Pics

Amyrulez was saying on her blog that she doesn’t think Reina’s photobooks are that good. My shock! So to prove her wrong here is a small selection of my favourite pics from her best photobook, Alo-Hello…



11 responses to “Tanaka Reina Alo-Hello Random Pics

  1. So far, I have a photobook from Risa, Aichan, Eri, Sayaka Ichii (hey, Himalia had one and they’re kinda rare, so I thought, why not), and two each from Mari and Yuko. Reina is next on my list. The pics you’ve shown above are pretty cool (LOVE the Reina/Bag of Fritos pic!), but the one I’ve got my eye on is Very Reina. She has some lovely, elaborate outfits in that one, and that purple and gold bikini looks simply delicious on her!

  2. Btw, did you know that your tag reads Musuem instead of Musume? Is there a story behind that, or was it just a typo…?

  3. That was me rushing to finish the post before I went out to my parent’s golden wedding anniversary meal.

    *Slaps forehead*

    So it was a typo and there’s a story behind it. 😀

  4. Okay, okay, I lost there. These are definitely nice. And notice that all of the pictures you posted up here aren’t in bikinis, except for the last one? As I was saying, I ONLY dislike her in bikinis. Other attires (like the rest shown) are indeed nice on her.

    And one more, I’m a ‘he’. Hehe 🙂

  5. Well if you will call yourself Amy! 😉

    Anyway even the bikini one, it’s still Reina’s own unique attitude and cute face. I mean you can take the girl out of a yankii background but you can’t take the yankii out the girl. 😀

  6. Well Amy is traditionally a girls name. At least in this country. But you’re right. It’s wrong to presume.

    How could you change your mind on Reina? Just look at that bike pic. Just look at the tartan skirt pics. I wish girls in this country had Reina style.

    *Drifts off wistfully*

    Hmm…Reina should have her own clothes line. I mean she should have her own fashion label, not a line to hang clothes on.

  7. haha, no, you’re right. Of course, by using a girl’s name, it’s not surprising if people thought me as a girl. Hey, no worries, you’re not the first one. 😉

    Er… where did you said you’re from? I’m sure you’re not from Malaysia, and I also wish the same thing, but it’s just not possible to happen here.

    Agree with that fashion label. Hey, it’s a cool thought, you know. Honestly. Hmm…

    *start thinking of Reinya doing catwalks*…

  8. Well I’m from England. It’s a long way from Reina style. I look at Japanese girls and they can have some great clothes. Also cosplay looks like fun. There’s nothing much like that here.

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