Yorosen! Weak Week 24 subbed (well partly)

Yes H!F have once again subbed Yorosen. Well sort of. Sadly this is the final week and as so Hagiwara Mai looks over some of the ‘highlights’ of the previous 23 weeks. Originally she was supposed to be teaching English which would have been far better but never mind. As this is a repeats show only Mai’s comments have been subbed. But really that doesn’t affect the enjoyment of the episodes.

So there’s no classroom this week. Just poor Mai on her own in a recording booth. Episode one runs through memorable entrances and shows Reina, Takahashi, Risako and Momoko. Of Momoko Mai says…


Momoko isn’t usually the sexy type but in that dress I think the term fits.

Up next is Koharu being as endearingly crack-headed as always.


Well that was show one. Did you like it? This is kind of like a dvd commentary, only on tv. Mai doesn’t really have that much to say and I’m not sure this is going to work at all.

Show two looks at the battles which was arguably when Yorosen became more interesting. So we get clips of Kusumi wrestling, Maimi spinning and from last week Maasa ping pong-ing…


And, umm…that was show two. Hmm.

Show three is the action scenes. I’m not kidding. So onto show four and it’s classic moments. I’m not kidding. Momoko seems to be doing well out the week. She featured heavily in show three and is shown again here.


No wonder she’s smiling. She seems to have been about 25% of the entertainment Yorosen provided (I reckon Kusumi was about 25% as well. Where would we be if all members were more…normal? A lot less entertained that’s for sure).

At the end of the show at least we get Mano looking cute…



Show five is unaired footage. Look it’s Mitsui with a cute puppy. Aww


She can come to live with me. So can the pup.


I could beat that…with idols. I could pat at least 54 in one day. As long as Lovely wasn’t one of them or I’d just end up patting her. Who’s a cute Ai-chan? Hmm? You are. Yes you are. Come here. Aww. Good girl. Who’s the cutest? Yes you are. Wanna choccy drop? Come and sit on my lap. I think I’d better stop there for the sake of decency! 😀

Ahem moving on and the other unaired scene is Sayumi being ignored by little boys on the train. I can’t help feeling that bigger boys would be only too happy to have her attention!


Grab me. Sayumi GRAB ME!

And that’s it. A lacklustre week to end a lacklustre show on. To be honest I think they should have stuck with the original intention of having Mai teach English. She’d have got her chance as the sensei and the final week would have at least held a bit more interest. Ah well. With apologies for the lack of humour this is Morningtime saying bye bye to Yorosen. I hope all the H!P members get a new show soon. It’s going to be strange not getting a weekly fix of H!P. So bye bye indeed. Come back soon. But like a worker who is off ill please wait until you are better before returning. I love the H!P members but I hope if they do return with a new show that the production team are a whole lot more inventive.


One last thing. Special thanks to Hello!Fansubs for all their hard work. Arigatou.


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