Morningtime is 1

Yes it’s been a year to the day since this blog started. I started it on April Fool’s Day? Yes. And now I can exclusively reveal that this has all been one big April Fool. You see really I dislike Japanese idol groups. The girls are annoying and the music is awful. Oh okay not really (excepting Aya). But yes, one year. So join me as I celebrate one year of fun, frolics and fornication frivolity. I’ll be joined by many special guests. They’re arriving now. Look it’s Takahashi Ai, recently voted Morningtime’s favourite H!P girl…


Well aloha to you. The future Mrs Morningtime looks lovely as ever. I have to admit I’ve been spending far too much time looking at her pics recently. It’s causing me vision problems. Yes the doctor has diagnosed me with Takahashi Ai strain.

Oh look also just arriving is my ideal best friend Konkon…


A present? For me? Oh Konno you shouldn’t have. What is it? A boxset of all Matsuura’s singles? Really YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE. But I forgive you because you’re so kawaii.

Meanwhile Yaguchi’s already here…


So pretty. I have to admit we don’t always get on that well. I spent 30 minutes a few months ago telling her my complaints and at the end she just told me to hurry up and please give her the directions she was asking for. So I told her the way to Iceland and then she left. Bloody idols. One minute they want you to tell them your complaints and several years later they don’t want to know.

Johnson’s just turned up too and she looks stunning…


Seriously Johnson is one of the most attractive members H!P ever had. She could score a home run with me anytime.

Charmy has turned up with one of Melon Kinenbi and they’re dressed as schoolgirls. I say! Minxes…


Oh and apparently Mexico’s number one Koharu impersonator has just turned up too…


The real Koharu couldn’t make it so she’s speaking via video link up…


Now here’s Reina arriving with Sayumi…


Ah those silly girls. I asked for fish nets as I wanted to go fishing tomorrow. They always get the wrong end of the stick.

Oh and finding time in her busy schedule to make a brief appearance it’s Natsumi. Yes, as the latest Morning Musume single says, there’s always time for a Nacchi cameo…


Sticking up for the Biyuden girls it’s Okada Yui. Just as Edwyn Collins sang, I’ve never met a girl like Yui before…


A birthday kiss? For my blog? Oh you shouldn’tmmmmmmmmmmffffslurp. Tongue too? Minx.

Who’s next to arrive? Why it’s Hopalong Cassidy.


Well don’t stand around. Come in. Take the weight off your feet. Help yourself to the buffet. There’s lots of meat and there’s vegetables too. Look there’s cucumbers, bunions, lettuce…what? Why are you crying?

Aww look it’s Mano. Ain’t she pretty?


She’s the future Queen of H!P you know. I’ve copyrighted that. You’ll all be using it soon…maybe.

Niigaki says she has a present for me. It’s in the bedroom…


Just what I wanted…new pillows.

Back downstairs Linlin’s been getting fruity preparing the food…


There were bananas but they seem to have vanished. Oh…


Meanwhile arriving just in time for the entertainment it’s Shokotan…


Hmm…I may well miss the entertainment. I have other things on my mind. Talking of entertainment let the music begin. First up, for one night only, it’s Sakura Morningtime…


And now a special duet. It’s Prince with his 1980’s hit Purple Reina…


I think Reina is taller. Up next Sayumi has a special song for me…


Sexy Blog? What a great song.

Seriously though. One year old. I really had no idea when I started this blog what I’d actually do with it. What do you mean I still don’t? Cheek! I’ve enjoyed doing it and I’m glad I started. It’s a chance to spew gibberish out directly from my head into the eternal vastness of cyberspace. Sometimes it reaches like-minded nutters individuals and it’s always great to find such people. After all it’s not as if there are that many H!P followers here in the UK.

So one year. 224 posts. Loads of picspam. Lots of Ai-chan. Plenty of sighing over Yummy. Plenty of people searching for Sigh Yummy (she’s the most searched for with over 3000 hits for her name in one form or another). Hopefully some chuckles too. I’d like to thank everyone who’s ever left a comment. Comments are always so appreciated. Hits don’t mean that much as you never know if people found what they were looking for or liked what they found instead. When there are comments you know at least someone is reading. So thanks. I wonder if I can keep going for another year? If so I’m sure I’ll still be spouting gibberish and fancying Lovely in another 365 days. I’ll also be continuing to follow the ex-Elder Club members. I hope it’s a good year for them. I think breaking free of H!P could give them a new lease of life. So to finish off here’s Country Musume…


Doh. They’ve done the same as Reina and Sayumi. I guess I’m not going fishing tomorrow. Still those legs…that’s what I call a happy birthday.


20 responses to “Morningtime is 1

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  2. Happy Birthday Morningtime!
    I’m a fan in the UK too!
    i do read! and i love!

    i wish you and the furute mrs morningtime well in your next year together. xD

    never fail to get a laugh from me.
    keep up the good work m’kay? ^^

  3. Kooky it’s never too late to join the party. I mean even if the party’s over you can just kick-start a new one. 😉

    Amy thanks. I’ll try my best to keep on going. Although I have to admit that the longer I go on the more I struggle to think of crap puns. Of course some would say..good!

    Hexi thanks a lot. Both Mrs Morningtime and myself will have a great year. She just doesn’t know it yet. I’m thinking of having the marriage ceremony in Hawaii. 😀

  4. I’m sure you’ll charm her. or convince her to believe she’s actually betrothed to you.

    i brought drinks. >w<
    all girl threesome? XD

  5. also cut out “i bag sayu” before the yossie thing

    gah! what a fail of a comment that was.

    *goes and sulks in a corner*

    feel free to delete any or all of these. ><

  6. @ morningtime: Fortunately, none of ’em are craps! To me, at least… 🙂

    @ Hexi2008: Don’t worry Hexi, morningtime’s a nice guy. He wouldn’t delete any of your comments. 🙂

  7. Congratulations on your first year’s worth of Awesome! And hopefully, it is but the first of many…

  8. Hexi you bag Sayu? But you want Yossie too? They are interesting opposites in terms of personality.

    Amy you’re right I wouldn’t delete a comment…or would I? *Evil grin* Nah I wouldn’t.

    Pex thanks. I hope I can continue thinking of things to say. But now that there’s no weekly Haromoni or Yorosen style H!P programme on tv what am I gonna do? 😮

  9. You could always track down every single episode of Hello Morning and do reviews of them in order starting with the very first one. I would say that the lack of subtitled versions of most episodes would be something of a hindrance, but heck, you never let what was actually going on interfere with a good story before… 😉

  10. Pex no chance! I think it’d kill me!

    Paul thanks a lot. Thanks for the latest poll as well by the way. I really liked the whole layout. It was bloody difficult though. 😀

  11. Hexi I want Sayu too but I don’t think Lovely will let me.

    Sacredcultivator – well I can’t promise anything. I guess it depends what the 2nd anniversary release is. Also it depends on whether I’m around or not. Still I look forward to seeing what it is.

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