Mano Erina – Hajimete no Keiken pv

Mano Erina’s next single Hajimete no Keiken will be released on May 20 2009. The pv has been put up on Dohhh Up (and therefore some kind soul has posted it to Youtube)…

There’s very much a summer theme running through the pv this time.  Plus Mano is not alone. For starters Kamei is there to lend her support. Look…


Hmm…Kamei is smaller in real life isn’t she?

Mano looks cute of course…


This time we get to see her dancing and there’s even backing dancers…


There’s still keyboard playing though…


And cute close-ups…


Mano shows plenty of heart…


And the outlook is sunny…


Plus a new H!P group is formed. Yes it’s Shaved Icemusume…


Finally there’s a really cute smile at the end…


So far I’ve liked all her singles and there’s enough here to suggest I’ll like this one as well. Having said that I do think musically it doesn’t sound quite as polished as I’d like. It’s a poppier song than most of her previous ones. Unfortunately it’s that tinny type of pop H!P does so often. Nevertheless that worked with Lucky Aura so there’s nothing to say it can’t work again. Although Lucky Aura did have a bit more oomph. I’d just love to hear ‘proper instruments’ used. Mano above everyone else would benefit from that. After all her first single wasn’t called ManoYamahakeyboard was it? Even so I think this song, while not being her best single, will still be another worthy addition to her growing collection. It’s catchy enough and should suit a play or two during the summer months. When she finally gets an album it should be pretty strong quality throughout based on her singles so far. Until then if you take this song and add it to her others you’ll have a pretty decent mini-album in your collection. Sorted!


2 responses to “Mano Erina – Hajimete no Keiken pv

  1. Hmm… It’s kinda nice. But she still lacks the ‘x-factor’. I’ll give her another chance. See, this is my problem with Manoeri: just when I’m about too give up on her, she offers something promising, and I ended up hoping from her, again…

    Anyway, morningtime. Could you give me your e-mel add? I have a favour to ask, if you wouldn’t mind that. XP

  2. Ah I like her music. It’s different to the usual H!P stuff but that’s a good thing. There’s no reason why it can’t be different. We already have MM, C-ute, Berryz and Buono all doing their type of music and we’ve had Nacchi and Aya doing their solo stuff. Mano is like a totally different type of idol.

    Also she’s very cute which is no bad thing.

    As for the e-mail…are you a member of any forums? I don’t like giving my e-mail out on here. I don’t mind being contacted by e-mail but there’s too many spammers around to publish the actual address on a public board.

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