Kusumi Koharu Kirarin Revolution Best Of

Today is my birthday and to ‘celebrate’ I’d purchased Morning Musume’s Platinum 9 and Kusumi Koharu’s Kirarin Krevolution Kbest Kof cd’s from YesAsia. They came on Monday but I didn’t open the parcel until today. Yes I am that sad. Well it just didn’t seem right to open it before the day itself.

Anyway the point of this post is to picspam through Kusumi’s back catalogue.


Even though it’s not been that long Kusumi looks so different in the earlier pv’s. Slightly less polished maybe. Koi☆Kana starts off proceedings and sets the tone of joyful bouncing and strange clothes very well. So far so good. Up next is Balalaika.


Oh god I think I’m having a bad trip. I don’t even do drugs. I think the medication I’m on is affecting me. Obviously there are no drumming bears. THERE ARE NO DRUMMING BEARS. Okay, breathe deep and they’ll go away. Just breathe deep. Long, deep breaths.


Ah, just Koharu. Phew. She looks so young here doesn’t she?


THERE ARE NO CLOWNS. Breathe deep. Deep breaths. In and out. There’s just Koharu. Just Koharu.


Ah. Just young Koharu. Just say no to drugs kids. Just say no.



So next up it’s the song that does what it says in the title. Happy☆


Suddenly Koharu is looking really pretty. Maybe it’s the make-up or the hair. Either way the cuteness factor is suddenly times ten. The song is a slice of bubblegum pop and is as uplifting and fun as a song called Happy☆ should be.


That’s right Koharu. You keep an eye out for dancing, drumming bears and clowns.

The fourth song is my personal favourite, Chance! I just love the way she lets the dress down and how great she looks in it. The song is just pure glee.


Pure bubblegum pop perfection from a perfect pop princess.

The fifth pv is that strange beast Papancake.


I can’t quite put my finger on why but this is my least favourite of Koharu’s six out and out solo efforts. That goes for the pv too.


THERE ARE NO BEA…oh wait. I think those ones are okay.

The final solo pv is for Happy☆Happy Sunday! This, like Happy☆, does exactly what the title suggests. It’s catchy, fun and very cute. Just like Koharu.


Just more perfect bubblegum pop.

So onto the non-solo efforts and first up, man the barricades, all hands at the ready, for god’s sake load the guns. No wait, it’s too late. It’s got through. Yes it’s Hana wo Pu~n! Hana wo Pu~n! Hana Hana Hana Hana Hana wo PUUUUU~N!


Arrrrggghh. THERE ARE NO DANCING…actually what the French Connection UK are those…those…things?

I don’t think I’ver ever managed to listen to that song all the way through. I believe it’s actually been banned from use during wartime as it contravenes NATO codes on torture. It’s a war crime waiting to happen.

Futari wa NS happily avoids such sanity doubting tactics. Kusumi looks rather pretty in her white dress and the kid is surprisingly quite good. It’s not as good as solo Koharu though.


Who needs a set when you can just, you know…not use one?

The ninth pv takes us to the Milky Way with Anataboshi. Where I come from a Milky Way is a sweet treat you can give your kids to eat between meals without ruining their appetite. This song is quite similar. It’s another Balalaika only with the scary dancing, drumming bears and clowns replaced by two idols.


I like the star shaped Tambourines too.

So it’s time for the final pv, Tan Tan Taan! This is the best non-solo Koharu song. It’s got a different, slightly less hyper, calmer but still poppy sound to it. They’ve also added headsets to the mix. That makes a big difference…to the people trying to flog merchandise. It’s a good song to finish the dvd on.


Kusumi Koharu I salute you. You’ve managed to make crack-headed exuberance attractive and strangely, but perhaps fittingly, addictive. Now where can I find a decent psychiatrist? There’s these bears you see…


16 responses to “Kusumi Koharu Kirarin Revolution Best Of

  1. This is entertaining! 😀 But in a ridiculous sort of way. ;P It’s really colourful, btw.

    Anyway, happy birthday, Morningtime!!! \(^o^)/

  2. A clown is your friend…

    A clown will not bite you and throw you in the basement…

    The drumming bears totally would, though.

    Anyways, Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  3. They had headsets in Anataboshi too. ^^

    i just wish they hadn’t shoved kitacchin into those trousers…… i think that’s kitahara….. cause Yuu is the yellow one…… right???

    have you seen the clip someone made of the balalaika pv but with pedo bear in instead? hahahahaha

    i hate that song. Y_Y

  4. P.S: good choice on the favourite. I’m actually going to be making that transforming dress! X.x it will kill me.

  5. They had the headsets in Anataboshi…oh. Shows how much attention I have. *Slaps forehead*

    That dress doesn’t seem like the easiest thing to make. Although the actual red dress part of it (as opposed to the colourful pre-transformation look) is actually very attractive.

  6. You
    I enjoy this blog so much.
    Don’t worry. The bears and clowns only come out outside of the tv/computer if you’re into the crack…

  7. Thanks Isilwentari. Glad you enjoy the blog.

    Bears and clowns don’t come out? Really? Frankly I think they’re a horror film waiting to happen. Two killer clowns, two killer drumming and dancing bears and a mad idol singing chirpy songs while you get slaughtered. It’s like something from Stephen King if Stephen King was Japanese.

  8. Junkmail Droid: “Are you scared? Scared to come to the Tsunku Circus?”

    Lovely!Doc: “You’re not afraid of clowns, are you, Morning?”

    Morningtime: “Course not. They’re well creepy, that’s all…”

  9. btw,Papancake was released on my birthday & i agree with you,It’s probably my least favorite kirarin song.I loved the cracktastic pv though.

  10. For some reason I don’t like the pv as much as her other solo ones. Maybe that’s just because I don’t like the song as much. Either way it’s definitely not Kusumi as Kusumi is always fun to watch.

  11. yeah,I’m just a sucker for cracktastic pvs though.
    I dont’ like the song as much as her other songs though.

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