Happy Birthday Mano

April 11th is Mano Erina’s 18th birthday. If you didn’t know that then you should use this site. It’s great. You can also list the members by order of height. Go on, you know you want to. I was surprised by who is the tallest. Anyway back to Mano. 18? Already? She still seems so young. Anyway the future Queen of H!P (copyright Morningtime) continues to provide unique musical entertainment for the masses. The masses perhaps haven’t noticed enough yet but they will eventually. So to celebrate her birthday here’s a clip of her performing Lucky Aura from her ManoGuam dvd…

Weird huh?

Also here’s a clip of her appearing a few months back on Saturday 10 Minutes Live where she sings Lucky Aura and Manopiano. I think she performs these songs really well. It’s a very cute but also very adept performance. Two things to watch out for…

1. The couple emoting at 7:37. I just think “aww bless them”.

2. The guy looking at his watch at 8:05. I mean the show is only ten minutes long. If you had something better to be doing or somewhere you really had to get to, why did you bother coming here?

Finally some picspam. Thanks to whoever uploaded this set of pics. I think I got them from Musume Central.


Eighteen pics for her eighteenth birthday.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this. You know she has a really cute persona and is pretty too? Of course you do. We all know that. But…great legs! There I said it. Beyond the cute factor and the pretty face there’s a very nice figure. Mano in shorts could be the next big H!P look. It’d be up there with Maimi in shorts. 😀


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