Happy 2nd Birthday H!F

Hello!Fansubs celebrated it’s second birthday on Sunday just gone. As a non-Japanese speaker I obviously get a lot of enjoyment from the various subbing groups out there. There are many such groups and each one gives lots of pleasure so thank you one and all. Anyway H!F are now two and to celebrate I think Sacredcultivator locked all the subbers in a sweat shop and made them work 20 hours a day (with four hours overtime) for about two months. The sheer wealth of stuff released over Sunday and Monday is mind boggling. If you want to download any of the releases go to the tracker here. Amongst the many things subbed are Kusumi Koharu’s Happy Happy Sunday pv which of course is great. We also got three Utaban’s (one with Country Musume ni Konkon to Fujimoto, one with Nochiura Natsumi and one with the shuffle units from 2003. The shuffle unit sub being part one of a two part Utaban shuffles special, the second part of which was already subbed). We then got the Shinshun Morning Musume special which was the follow up to that wonderful Hawaii battle show. That latter sub is possibly one of the last big tv shows that needed subbing. The Hawaii battle had already been subbed, that 13 members together Christmas special had been subbed, the idiot girl and sports girl tests had been subbed and the precursor to them (that strange tour thing with the same bloke whose name escapes me) had also already been subbed. So the subbing of the Shinshun show (try saying that three times when drunk) means the filling of a big tv special-sized gap in the library of all English speaking Morning Musume fans.

But that was all just on Sunday. For Monday H!F had even more releases. We have been treated to four Hello!Morning episodes. You can never have enough of these subbed so that’s great. Of the four we get both Nacchi’s graduation special and Kaori’s. If you look at my top ten of H!P just down the page (the Hello!Blog poll) you’ll see both members in my top ten so Morningtime is happy. We also then got the first and second parts of the Hello!Morning 5th Anniversary specials. That’s one hell of a release schedule for two days. If you’re a fan of old Morning Musume it’s a great treat. Watching the Shinshun special and seeing Kaori, Nacchi, the wonderful Yaguchi and all those ‘new’ members like Rika and Yossie was a real blast from the past. For me Yaguchi was the star of the show. So charismatic. I haven’t had a chance to watch all the Hello!Morning’s yet but again seeing such people as Nacchi and Kaori (without whom there’d be no MM and thus no 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th generations and also probably no H!F, no Morningtime and a lot less other forums and blogs out there) will be a treat.

So thank you H!F. That must have taken a hell of a lot of work and for what reward? Presumably just the joy of helping get Hello!Project out into the wider world. Something you’ve been doing so well for two years now. Congratulations and a belated happy birthday!


One response to “Happy 2nd Birthday H!F

  1. Thanks for the Review =)

    Yeah we at H!F spoiled all our Supporters and from the comments they said we should have MORE Anniversaries lol… I don’t think we’re gonna be able to top this one, but we’ll always have something good to release for special occasions.

    And thanks for being a dedicated Blogger of our Releases, as it’s great to see blogs written ABOUT us, and not just releases (Unsubbed stuff), that’s good to but I mean, there are MANY of those, and so few that actually blog about a Group and their Works (Fansubs)

    So huge thanks from H!F to you.

    And yes I enslave… Worked my Staff for MONTHS to get those all done, as I knew it’d be one HELL of a surprise.

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