Hangry&Angry New Single = Picspam

Hangry&Angry released a download only single recently. It’s called Sadistic Dance and you can hear a preview at their MySpace page. If you liked their mini-album then chances are you’ll like this too. I did and I do (if you get my drift. And if you do get my drift then congratulations. Not many people do). The single is now available on iTunes here in the UK so chances are it’s available on iTunes everywhere else too. Rumour has it that at the Q&A session during their recent Sakura-Con appearance they announced an album coming later in the year too. If this is correct then it’s brilliant news. Their mini-album was excellent but being only a mini-album it was also way too short. It really whetted the appetite for a full length album. Anyway to celebrate the new single (and hopefully the confirmed news of a full album to come) here is some good old-fashioned Morningtime style picspam. I particularly like the pictures with the Hangry & Angry shadows. Funny and cool.


Random booklet scan of the post is of course the Hangry&Angry Kill Me Kiss Me booklet. Well what else is there? Not a lot yet but there’s the hope of more to come.



9 responses to “Hangry&Angry New Single = Picspam

  1. oh i so hope they release another album! a proper one i mean. Kill me Kiss Me was waaaaaay too short!
    i need my Yossie fix!
    hopefully they’ll make some kind of announcment about whether they’ll come to the UK soon.
    i need to go.

  2. Ah Hexi if they came to the UK…that’d make me unbelievably happy.

    I want another album, a full-length one, so much. The quality of the mini-album was so high.

  3. Hello I am very new to wordpress. So new in fact I signed up just so I could comment on your blog post. Anyway I wanted to say that I agree completely with your comment about Sadistic Dance. Angelia & Romantic ni Violence used to be tied as my favorite song but Sadistic Dance has taken Angelia’s place. As for the comment about them releasing a new album this fall the did say that yes.
    I was at the Sakura-Con personally. Sitting in the third row back from Hangry & Angry. Their Manager/Handler Diaz who was there, also said she would pose the idea to UFA of them doing an official Hangry & Angry photobook as well. Since everyone at the Q&A session stressed that we would really love to see one.

    P.S. it is nice to meet a fellow Hangry & Angry fan

  4. Hi Ezterrell. Welcome to WordPress.

    A new album will be very welcome. Hopefully it’ll be full length. As for a photobook, well that’d be a good bonus. I’d say given the strong visual style of the fashion label and given that Yossie and Rika are very popular anyway, that a photobook would be a win-win situation for everyone involved. It’d be a great way for the fashion label to promote it’s goods and seeing just Rika and Yossie together in a photobook would be a first for their long-time fans. I hadn’t heard that a pb had been suggested. I hope it goes ahead. Either way I’m really glad that it seems there’ll be more music to come.

  5. Someone asked at the Q&A session if they were going to make a PB. To which Diaz said there waasn’t currently any plans. Then she asked how many of us wanted to see one made. At that point everyone started started screaming for a PB. Also Rika and Hitomi both said they would like to make one also. So Diaz said she would pose the Idea to make one since the fans want one so badly.
    You are very correct though that it would be a win-win situation for everyone. The fashion label would be able to showcase a lot of their clothing to the american fans that way.
    I also plan on going to the Anime Expo in L.A. come July to see Morning Musume. So I will let ppl know how that goes as well.

  6. It could be a good year for western H!P fans. I hope these two American appearances lead to more in the future for both America and Europe.

  7. Ah you lucky people in America. Dammit UFA! We want H!P. we should set up a campaign morningtime. XD

  8. Totally. I’m demanding a H!P world tour starting in Asia and finishing in my living room. The final show is just Takahashi Ai and an audience of one mind you.

    Really though dare we dream? The fact that the Buono appearance in Sweden was cancelled felt like a real body blow even though I wasn’t going. It felt like here was an exciting opportunity to show H!P that there were plenty of fans in Europe then the event gets cancelled due to poor sales. Still hope springs eternal.

  9. Well even though I live in the US I will help out and put in my voice for all the European fans. If you guys start a campaign count me in.

    PS morningtime

    I know what you mean about Takahashi. Except I want Takahashi, Tanaka, Michishige, Goto, Ishikawa, Fujimoto, Niigaki, LinLin, Abe, Nakazawa, Konno, Okada, Satoda, and Matsuura. Well I guess Yaguchi too. She is just the right height for a drink holder. lol j/k Yaguchi-san

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