Michishige Sayumi Sousou photobook video subbed

SMF have subbed the photobook video to Sigh Yummy’s photobook Sousou. They have their own unofficial Sayumi fansite and you can get summaries of her radio shows there as well as magazine translations and so on. If you are a fan of the gorgeous one I suggest you check the link out. Anyway for the photobook video there are two formats available. Xvid is here and h.264 is here. I have already talked of the photobook itself in an earlier post here. So straight onto the vid…


Sayumi is an exceptionally attractive girl. Really this video could raise your blood pressure enormously. You really need to have good self control or the consequences could be dire.


Exactly Sayumi. Exactly.

Anyway there are lots of beautiful scenes…


Sayumi’s clothes style in her pb’s is always so beautiful. Of course it helps that what’s under the clothes is beautiful too. Sayumi has the face of an angel and the figure of a temptress.


I think it’s far too late for that. Everybody knows you have a beautiful figure.



So the shoot goes on…


And that was just day one. In fact with a running time of more than 25 minutes this photobook video is guaranteed to:

A. Make you fall (even more) in love with Sigh Yummy.

B. Raise your blood pressure.

C. Make you feel quite incredibly peaceful and relaxed.

Hmm…those last two points seem to contradict each other but it’s true nevertheless. So onwards to day two which starts with a morning shoot…


It certainly is now.


Good morning indeed! And the day just gets better…


Sayumi in pigtails is so cute. Mind you Sayumi looks cute in anything. She’s a princess.


Don’t worry. You’ll still be beautiful even after midnight. Can I see you after midnight? No. No of course not. Silly of me to ask. Let’s just continue enjoying the breathtaking pictures…


The location changes for the second half of the shoot. However despite all the beautiful scenery in the background of these pictures it’s hard to take your eyes of the beautiful person with the beautiful and fun personality at the forefront.


Okay, okay and yes definitely.


It’s weird. Sayumi makes me so weak. I think her personality is funny, kind and beautiful. If she wasn’t a singer I could see her being a kindergarten teacher. She has that personality full of fun, warmth, caring and she has a love of young kids. She’s a really beautiful personality and has such a beautiful figure too. With an angelic face as well she is someone I both adore and lust after. She is a real beauty. Yet she didn’t even make my H!P top ten.


I know. The person who I have the biggest weakness for, not even in my top ten. But she will always seem special. So more caps to make up for my shocking, regrettable decision…


So that’s day three over with. What an amazing three days. Just one more left.


So do I. Oh so do I!


Simply spellbinding.


Always Sigh Yummy. Always. So to end with, a jump…



5 responses to “Michishige Sayumi Sousou photobook video subbed

  1. Gosh, I was just looking at some of the first bikini photos you have up there, before I realized that I couldn’t take it any longer and scrolled down right into this box.

    To put it simple: I can’t stand Sayu in bikinis, maybe that’s why I have no photobooks of her. I think, at least Reinya is better.

    Oh, shit! She jumped in bikini?!!!


  2. Why can’t you stand her in bikinis? Because she’s too hot? Or do you not like her so much? To me she’s a nosebleed certainty. She looks really beautiful in anything and when in a bikini she just looks incredibly…fresh. A really strong beauty.

  3. To me, there are some girls who look good in bikinis, while some others don’t. Sayu is cute and I like her for that, but she’s not my type of bikini-girl. Just like what I think of Reinya. She’s cute and all that, but I don’t really like watching her in bikinis.

    To be honest, I don’t really like girls in bikinis at all! XP But sometimes, yeah, sometimes… you get the picture. We’re boys, so… yeah…

    Wanna know my type of bikini-girl? On top of the list, Eri! Second… umm… none actually. Maybe Maki Goto! ;P

  4. A lot of people seem to mention Eri in bikinis. I guess I’m not that interested in her so haven’t really noticed too much. I do have one pb of hers though, the Love Hello one, but I honestly can’t even remember the bikini shots in it. All I remember is her shorter hair (she’s so much cuter with short hair) and some pics with her in a school where she is wearing a short skirt and looking good. Although the best pics I’ve seen of her she had even shorter hair. This is my favourite ever Kamei pic…

    If she still looked like that I’d probably have paid her more attention!

  5. She does look cuter with short hair, but I think the long one she has today symbolize her as a more mature girl, like what she mentioned in her 20Dreams DVD. But her attitude, gee, that doesn’t change a bit.

    Gosh, morningtime. That’s a kinda naughty Eri. I like that. 😀 Thanks! Oh, don’t worry, if you’re hoping to see a short-hair Eri, just pray hard that Koha will sneak into her room with a pair of scissors tonight. ;P

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