H!P 2009 Winter Hello! Pro Award ’09 – Kusumi Koharu

So I’m watching the Elder’s swansong concert. It’s going quite well. The opening song, that My Asia one, was good. I liked how the Elders arrived part way through. I mean make an entrance, have an impact. Ongaku Gatas were good too. Always great to see Konno. Those Shugo Egg thingys were okay. Maeda is cute so it’s all good. Fast forward through the enka singer because frankly I plan to buy the dvd eventually so I’ll watch the concert in full then. I’ll just go for the stuff I’m more into as it’s late and I won’t get to watch the whole thing tonight as it is. All okay. From the opening credits I’ve been looking forward to seeing Kusumi solo (I’m looking forward to a lot but I’m really in a Kusumi mood tonight for some reason).


Look it’s Kusumi in her Happy Happy Sunday costume. I wanna see. I wanna see. I wanna see. Now. Now. NOW.

So yeah Kusumi…anyway Yuko does a solo and seems a bit teary already. I get the feeling it’ll be a good and emotional concert for everyone, including me (sniff). Then it’s Kusumi…



There’s two little kids there.


The cameras focus more on them than they do Kusumi. I mean they are miming along and they don’t even have mics. Why? Why bother miming along? Stop it it’s annoying. Why are you there? Stop dancing. That’s Kusumi’s dance. Cut back to Kusumi. Stop it!


Okay so considering my previous post I’m not even sure if Kusumi is singing live or not* but even so…


Well I feel better for getting that off my chest. You know sometimes it’s late and you really have nothing better to do than spam your own blog.

* Actually she so isn’t singing live.


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