So just who is the worst singer?

I think in some ways it’s unfair to listen to microphone rips from live shows and then declare whether someone has the voice of a tortured cat or not. After all it’s hot, the shows are long, the clothes are probably restrictive, the girls are tired, they are also dancing energetically for several hours, doing more than one performance sometimes as well, etc. So with that in mind let’s just do it anyway. Yes H!P wotas have long argued over who is truly the worst singer in H!P. It seems to come down to two members, the wonderfully crackheaded, happy, adorable loony Kusumi Koharu and the beautiful, seemingly air-headed, kawaii, USA-chan peace urging Michishige Sayumi. In order to find out just who is the best at being the worst lets listen to these two Naichau Kamo audio rips.

First up is Kusumi…

Next is Sayumi…

For me it’s actually quite close. I’m going to say Sayumi though. Either way, I can’t explain it but for some reason I kind of feel sorry for both of them. I also like them even more for struggling along with such happy, genki attitudes. I think it’s also only fair to mention that these mic rips aren’t that great a quality. Even Takahashi, who has a far better voice, doesn’t sound that great when you listen to hers. Although she is clearly a much stronger and tuneful singer…

I’m sure from the audience, with the music playing the sound is totally different. Anyway a poll…

Remember this is just a bit of fun. I actually adore both members. I just think it’s interesting and slightly comic listening to the rips. It’s a pity it’s not a song where they have a bit more input though.


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