Morning Musume – Syouganai Yumeoibito pv

The pv for Morning Musume’s next single (released 13 May) is now up on Youtube. Sadly I can’t say after a few listens that the song sounds that good though. It’s an interesting change of style for the pv however. In it Morning Musume seem to go back to college. I can’t think of anything pithy to say right now but I get the feeling that I should be able to. Anyway I’d just like a good new upbeat MM single. I know we had Pepper Keibu a while ago but really apart from that the last few singles have been a bit angsty. Also the music here fails to catch the ears in terms of the actual sound and the tune seems a bit nondescript. All of which pains me as I consider Morning Musume my favourite H!P group. C-ute seem to be having more fun these days though. At least the line distribution is a bit more varied here than has been the case recently.


Looking at the members individually I really love Mitsui’s hair. There I said it. Mitsui’s looking cute.


Sayumi looks lovely in her dress too though.


Koharu is probably just glad that her jacket isn’t pink.


Reina’s a lumberjack and she’s okay. She watches tv all night and she works all day.


Junjun looks like an American high school student. Linlin looks like his girlfriend.


Niigaki and Eri don’t make much of an impression on me. Except Niigaki’s hair looks great.


Lovely doesn’t suit denim that much. She still looks lovely though.


A very different looking Morning Musume there. Although somehow Sayumi looks the least different and probably the prettiest.


5 responses to “Morning Musume – Syouganai Yumeoibito pv

  1. I really wanna say something here, but I seem unable to express a word.

    I think this is the most ‘difficult’ single I’ve heard. I mean, I’m usually able to say “I like it” to a single if I do and the way other if I don’t. But this one, it’s good. But there’s something missing. So I can’t say much right now.

    But I can say that Ai-chan, Eri, Mitsii, Reinya are definitely looking good in here. =)

  2. I find the single a bit underwhelming. C-ute are definitely winning the singles battles in H!P right now. C-ute girls have more fun it seems. 😛 I’m just longing for a good upbeat MM single. Like Love Machine was. Like Renai Revolution 21 was. Like Souda, Mr Moonlight, The Peace, etc, were.

  3. Yeah, I agree with C-ute right now. But I think what Morning Musume is doing right now is kinda appropriate for their appearance. I mean, they are somewhat the eldest group in H!P. So maybe Tsunku give the serious songs for them, while C-ute and others take the happy-happy type. Hmm… I miss those songs too, actually….


  4. I think they have always had a mixture of serious and fun songs. Morning Coffee, Furusato, Do It Now!, etc, were all more mature songs. But they still had plenty of fun upbeat songs too. I think that balance is missing a bit right now. Which is a shame because in many ways the group appears younger than it ever has. All the members are youthful in their personalities.

    In the past they had the likes of Yuko, Kaori (even when she was young she didn’t seem it), Yasuda, Yossie and Fujimoto who were all more…if not serious then mature types. They were more mature personalities even if their ages weren’t that different to the current line-up’s ages. At the moment the oldest is Ai-chan and she seems really beautifully young for her age. I think now more than ever they should get fun, upbeat songs. Not all the time but at least some of the time.

    Having said all that if they could produce a slower song that was as good as Aruiteru I wouldn’t be complaining. I guess I’m just disappointed with the new single.

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