Takahashi is number 1 – it’s official

You may remember the Hello!Blog top 10 poll that was put up a few weeks ago. Well if you do the results are now in. Look here for the full list.

Takahashi Ai came in first with Airi and Reina taking second and third. I’m made up Ai is in top spot. She completely deserves it. The most popular (ex)Elder Club member was Fujimoto Miki in 11th place which just goes to show wrong people can be sometimes. There’s six current MM members in the top 10 and the lowest MM member of all was poor Linlin down in 28th. Mind you Mitsui was 26th so there’s not much in it. Poor Konkon is down in 21st which should be a crime really. It’s not really a surprise but I’m most disappointed by the lack of love for Kaori. Not only was she 36th (just ahead of Yuko in 37th) but she was beaten by two Shugo Chara Eggs who have only just plopped out the hen 5 minutes ago. The shame!

Anyway over three and a half thousand people voted which is a great result. Well done to Paul for organising the poll. Collating the results must have been a nightmare.

Anyway here are two pics of Ai-chan receiving her award from Yuko Nakazawa. Apparently the winner gets to be leader of Hello!Project.



4 responses to “Takahashi is number 1 – it’s official

  1. When I found out ai-chan was in the top spot,i was extremely super happy! she deserves that spot & I always knew that she was going to win!

  2. Same as you, morningtime. I thought the number of fans who thought Ai-chan is boring is higher than that who thought Ai-chan is lovely. Such a wonderful result from the poll.


  3. Well I think people who complain are often more vocal than those who are happy. Maybe it seems like people are always calling her boring but really it’s probably just a few who think that. I mean how can someone who looks constantly surprised be boring? 😀

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