Latest picspam

I had a few more pics scanned so I thought it was time to picspam the blog again.


I absolutely love the blue dresses pics. It’s great to see MM looking classy.


A completely random bit of fruit there.

Well that was the scans but going back to the blue dresses look…


Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. LOVELY. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. GORGEOUS!

Ahem…sorry. I get carried away by Ai-chan. Hmm…that’s a nice thought. Anyway on with the pics…


It seems Nakajima is a fan of the UK. With Buono often sporting British flags as well I’d like to hereby announce the Morningtime adopt-an-idol scheme. Yes if you are a cute young Japanese idol and you would like a home in the UK then please just contact Morningtime. Terms and conditions apply.*


Oh hi there. Oh please don’t mind me. Just you carry on listening to your music. I’ll just sit here quietly. Very quietly. Looking at you? Why would I be looking at you? Silly. I don’t suppose you want adopting?


Oh hi there. Oh please don’t mind me. Just you carry on listening to your music while wearing a bikini. I’ll just sit here with my legs crossed. I don’t suppose you want a new home in the UK?


This picture just seems wrong. Let’s not go there. But if Momoko has a baby in a few months and it’s pink we all know something very bad happened. Very bad.

Kanna has a message for all her haters…


You tell them girl.

I love the silver and pink look from C-ute’s latest single…



Can I be the seventh member? I’d like to squeeze in. I think right in the middle between Maimi and Saki would be best. 😀

Talking of C-ute I don’t normally notice Airi that often (even though I love Buono) but I do love her look for the latest single. I think it’s the hair…


Whereas with Saki it’s the big and cute smile…


Anyway some Yummy…


Wow. That’s all. Just…wow.


WOW. That’s all. Just…WOW.

Now some Lovely…


I like the way that pose just says look at my face. I will. It’s exceptionally cute. You can see her face in this pic too..


There’s no word yet on whether she got the part of Joseph though.

You can never have too much Koharu…


Reina has just landed the part of the young Bet Lynch in upcoming movie Rovers Return to the Future.


In this film (which is a ‘reimagining’ of the life of Coronation Street’s most popular landlady) Bet Lynch suddenly finds herself going backwards in time due to the time machine Hillman Hunter car invented by mad scientist Alec Gilroy. Bet meets her younger self and needs to stop her smoking and drinking in public while underage. If she fails her younger self won’t be able to grow up and become an idol landlady of a pub. In a surprise move it has been announced that in the past Bet had a younger sister who was addicted to crack. There’s no word yet on who will play the part oh who am I kidding here’s a picture of Koharu…


The booklet scan of the post is Kusumi’s second album. Here we have the cd booklet and dvd booklet…


* Your idol status may be repossessed if you cannot keep up with the hits. Offer is only open to idols born between 1980 and 1996. Nobody called Aya Matsuura can apply. The ability to roll your head around and make orgasmic noises while eating is required. Singing ability is less important unless over 18 in which case it becomes more important year on year. The ability to be poked fun at on Utaban is an advantage but is no longer an essential. This job will involve bikini wear. Oh and lots of massage oil.


5 responses to “Latest picspam

  1. Airi is cute (no pun intended), but those two are my favorites.

    Interesting pervy side note – There is a town in the mountains of NC (the state I live in) called Mount Airy. Amusingly, there is a car dealer from there who advertises on our local television networks. Since discovering C-ute, I haven’t been able to watch a Mt. Airy Suzuki commercial with a straight face…

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