Shoko Nakagawa – Big Bang

Shokotan has become my non-H!P Takahashi Ai. Even though this blog has concentrated solely on H!P so far I’m not against looking further afield. Recently I  purchased Shokotan’s Big Bang cd/dvd. So this post is my first totally non-H!P one. I’ll start with a link to an interview she did with the Japan Times from January 2009. The interview is printed in English here. It’s a good interview and shows a lot of Shokotan’s internal beauty.

I don’t really review music as I can never find the words I’m looking for. However Shokotan is more of a rock chick than her cute, nerdy and fun image would suggest. Her music is very solid and I’ll let the pv clip do the talking. Yes this post will mainly be picspam. So onto the dvd that comes with the Big Bang cd.


The cd comes in a thick case which took me by surprise. I’m used to those thin cases these days. Anyway on the dvd you get the pv to Calling Location, some very strange pv to a song (Are Sand Dollars a Little Strange? is it’s translated title I believe) that is a bonus track on the album and then two making of’s. Calling Location is a good song and the pv certainly makes an impact. Here is the pv…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Below are some caps…


Quite a striking start. The pv intersperses new footage with various promotional appearances. In this shopping mall appearance she sure knows how to grab the attention…


Well it must get hot in those places. So on with the pv…


Strawberries! 😀


DO NOT PUT THE CAT IN YOUR MOUTH! Bad Shokotan. BAD! Don’t even think about it.


Yes that pv makes a big bang with me (sorry!) As for the other pv…


Quite what it’s all about is beyond me. I don’t know enough I guess. The guy on the right looks like the Japanese Mr Bronson which amuses me no end though. Anyway this pv makes Koharu seem normal. Yes it’s that odd.

The two making of’s are fun enough.


The dvd comes to 14 minutes overall so not too bad. Taken with the cd (which is a strong collection of songs anyway) I think this was a worthwhile purchase. It’s not my only Shokotan purchase however. I have her last album Magic Time heading my way as well as her Shoko Fantasy dvd so expect more Shokotan in the coming weeks.

Anyway some scans…



The singles from Big Bang were Snow Tears…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And Sky-Blue Days which I can’t find a video for sadly. Anyway to end with here is a link to YesAsia’s Shoko products. She has a new single called Egao no Hana out on 29th April.


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