Shoko Nakagawa – Shoko Fantasy dvd

On to the second of my three planned Shokotan posts and this time it’s her bizarre and fun 2006 dvd Shoko Fantasy. I get easily amused but the fact that the company that produced the dvd is called Liverpool and that’s also the name of the nearest English city to me did make me chuckle. Especially as the dvd had a sticker on the front saying “Liverpool special price”. Makes me wish there was a shop in Liverpool selling this kind of stuff. Anyway the dvd is a strange but captivating mix of photo shoot and strange fantasy story. The plot has Shoko on a photo shoot (hence the photo shoot elements) where she falls asleep on a coach and keeps dreaming of a bizarre fantasy world. So this’ll be a picspam post then. 😀

So the first scene is a photo shoot in a field with a bikini and some balloons. This is shot in a slightly more pervy way than H!P dvd’s would be but is still fun and sexy more than sexual. As is the rest of the dvd.


Hmm…she’s not from Liverpool. If she was it’d hurt my ears when she opens her mouth. Also she’d have a false suntan. I can say these things. I’m from Merseyside too. My family are from Liverpool. This is an informed opinion. Seriously. Nobody from Liverpool looks as beautiful as Shokotan. Well nobody I’ve met yet anyway. And if you are from Liverpool and you do look more beautiful please just send your name, address, telephone number and at least five cosplay pictures to Morningtime, Not-at-all-dodgy Productions, P.O. Box 777, Merseyside. If you can open your mouth and not sound like Charlie from those old Charlie Says public information films I’ll get right back to you.


After the photo shoot we get a sleeping scene on a coach…


Then it’s onto the fantasy. Which is all a bit Xena only cuter…


I won’t explain the plot (it’s actually easy to follow even though it’s bizarre). Shokotan plays more than one part though…


Anyway back to some more photo shoot stuff…


Then back to the fantasy…


Then back to the coach…


Then a sizzling (despite the weather looking crappy) bikini shoot…


Back to the fantasy and a strange figure has turned up…


Next we get a brief section where Shoko talks…


Do not put the cat in your mouth! Don’t even think about it. Bad Shokotan…actually maybe that one wouldn’t be so bad.

But back to the shoot and a strangely sexy and beautiful pussycat has turned up…


I’d like a cat.


Really…I want a cat.


Not just any cat obviously.


I want that cat. In fact this is one time it would be okay to put a cat in your mouth. 😉



Yes it’s fair to say that’s my favourite part of the dvd. Meanwhile Shokotan is sleeping again…


And the weather looks crappy still but now I want a hammock…


Meanwhile back in the fantasy (well the other one) things are getting weird (well more weird)…


However Shokotan is jolted back awake. She’s still on the coach…


Exiting the coach she finds that the fantasy world seems to have crossed over…


I told you this dvd was a bit more pervy than a H!P dvd. Don’t worry though it’s all been done in such a way that it’s sexy and fun rather than leering and uncomfortable. Anyway time for the final confrontation between good idol and evil…


Then Shokotan is woken up…


The main part of the dvd is just over 30 minutes but there are also bonus features that come to another 20 minutes. First up more talking from Shokotan from the same section as earlier. This lasts for around five minutes…


Then there’s a behind the scenes section that lasts for about 15 minutes…


The dvd is very sexy in parts but is fun and kooky. So we get to see both the feminine (or should that be feline?) side of Shoko as well as her more geeky (or should that be cool? It’s cool. Yes cool. She’s great after all so it must be cool) side. The dvd features lots of bikini and cosplaying yet is sweet and quirky. In short it’s charming. It was well worth the purchase. Now I need to find me a cat…


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