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So as I sit here absent-mindedly munching on not-Pocky (it basically is. It’s licensed by Glico after all. It’s also half price in Tesco at the moment. *Munch*) and wondering what to have for my tea a thought suddenly occurred to me. What if I made a post based on the top 20 most-played songs on my mp3 player? There’s bound to be some H!P stuff in there and I’ve struggled to find anything H!P related to write about recently.


Oh sorry. I’ll put the Poc…Mikado away.


Anyway a little over a year ago I got a new mp3 player. Over the past year and a half I’ve become increasingly obsessed by H!P. So has it eclipsed all else? Well since I tend to have my mp3 player on random play, no. But even so there’s plenty of H!P on my player so surely the top 20 will be H!P heavy.

So the list:

1.Pop Musik – M. The first single I ever bought and still a classic quite frankly. I found the pv…oops…music video for this. It’s awful in a great (or should that be crap?) early 80’s way.

2. Killer on the Loose – Thin Lizzy. It was a double A side and was great. However the front cover to the single used to scare the crap out of me. My brothers knew this so always made sure it was at the front of my singles rack each night. I’d always notice just after I’d got into bed. *Cries*


=3. M Factor -M. The B-side to Pop Musik.

=3. Blockbuster – The Sweet. Probably popularised by it’s use in Life On Mars but I had this single courtesy of an older brother back when I was a nipper.

4. Cha Cha Cha – Takahashi Ai. So Ai, the most popular Musume of all, Ai who won the Hello!Blog top ten poll is the first H!P-ster to enter my chart.


Now and forever. Anyway baby, get on my cadillac.

I never get bored of watching and listening to that.

5. Misbeaten – Rocket from the Crypt. Some good old fashioned 1990’s San Diego rock.

6. Whiskey in the Jar – Thin Lizzy. Strangely there’s only two thin Lizzy songs I actually really like (The Boys Are Back In Town is very overrated).

7. Bang Bang – B.A. Robertson. Okay the second single I ever bought and embarrassing but still strangely enjoyable. I guess I’ve been on a real nostalgia trip during the past few months.

8. Kings of the Wild Frontier – Adam & the Ants. From the first album I ever owned (Pinky & Perky don’t count). Like I said, nostalgia trip.

9. Wings of A Dove – Madness. It’s just so joyous.

10. Cherbourg no Amagasa – Iida Kaori. A beautiful song from a beautiful album (Osavurio ~Ai wa Matte Kurenai~). Strictly speaking it’s not H!P either. Umm…why do I have this blog again? 😀

So no Morning Musume in the top ten? In fact no official H!P stuff at all? My shock.

11. Renai Revolution 21 – Morning Musume. Ah that’s better. My favourite MM song. I’m quite surprised it’s not higher.

12. Osavurio ~Ai wa Matte Kurenai~ – Iida Kaori. Seriously, it’s a beautiful album. This is a beautiful song.

13. Yoshite! Yoshite! – Hitomi Yoshizawa. This is one of the fanclub singles. Morning Musume back when the line-up had ten members from Yuko to the fourth gen released a 10 cd set of singles. Yossie’s was probably the best although Yuko’sYu.u.wa.ku comes close. Anyway the only clip I could find was this original pv.

14. How Do You Like This Japan? – Morning Musume. One of my favourite album tracks. Subbed by H!F twice. It’s got a fun style to it. I just can’t resist. I also love the Engrish at the beginning.

15. Underground – David Bowie. I loved Bowie as a kid. Aladdin Sane was the first album I ever bought with my own money. For some reason, despite loving the 70’s stuff the most, I always had a weakness for this great Labyrinth related single.

16. Single-Bilingual – Pet Shop Boys. About the only song of theirs I really like. The rest I can take or leave.

17. Mademoiselle Juliette – Alizée. When it comes to foreign singers who aren’t Japanese then Alizée is my number one. I love this song and the video is endearingly a little odd. Anyway isn’t she gorgeous? Yes. Yes she is.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

18. Forever Love – C-ute. The reason there’s only one C-ute song in the list is that I only got into them a little while ago. Shocking I know. This time next year I’m sure there’ll be more.

19. Yu.u.wa.ku – Yuko Nakazawa. The fanclub solo single and as good a song as any of her own solo singles.

20. Renai Rider – Buono. Buono are low in the list. That’s probably more to do with loving watching their pv’s though. Why just listen when you can watch as well? Actually that might explain the lack of H!P in the top ten. I definitely spend more time listening to H!P than other stuff but I tend to watch as well. The Morning Musume pv’s double dvd that came out about a year and a half ago has been watched countless times. Likewise the Biyuden pv collection (their last single must be close to being in the top 20 though). Meanwhile there have also been countless views of the subbed Buono, C-ute and to a lesser extent Berryz pv’s I have on my computer. Anyway I love Buono and this is my favourite single.

Hmm…looking back that’s kind of a weird mix. For some reason in the past year or so I’ve been listening to loads of stuff from my childhood. I’m quite surprised given that, that there’s no Billy Idol in there. Come to think of it the classic 70’s disco track Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas has been listened to far too often as well. Hmm…that’d make a great Berryz Koubou single. It’d rival Dschinghis Khan I reckon. 😀


7 responses to “Top 20

  1. Unless it was just your preference for linkages to YouTube, you can just use H!F’s stuff, unless the typesets weren’t to your liking, or YouTube just ruined them. =P

  2. Actually I’m finding that a lot of Youtube users have disabled embedding on their pv’s. In the end I took the approach of find a pv that will let me embed and just use that. It actually took me a lot longer than planned to do the post because I wasn’t intending to link videos at all originally. Until I decided that nobody will know half of what I’m talking about so I may as well give them a chance of finding out what I’m talking about. But yeah I’ll be happy to use H!F versions in future. I did use your sub of How Do You Like This Japan?

    I guess I should upload vids to Youtube myself instead of using other people’s uploads. But if the pv’s are already up it seems like a lot of time wasted.

  3. Lol, agreed, as there are quite a few devoted fans that upload all our stuff, MewLea14 is one, but she concentrates on Buono!/BK/C-ute stuff mainly.

    And yeah forgot about the embed option ><

  4. My playlist: 1-Hapi hapi Sunday
    3- Aruiteru-Momusu
    4-Green Day-Redundant

    P.S. Momusu songs are not accepted as a norm in my country LOL ^^

  5. Where are you from? H!P is pretty much unheard of where I am. I’d love to be able to walk into a shop and buy H!P goods.

    Oh and Koha at number one = good taste.

  6. I am from malaysia. My taste for Koha music has welcomed taunts like ‘childish’, ‘high-school girl lover’ etc etc… XD

  7. Ah yeah well I keep my H!P music taste well hidden. People can be quick to judge stuff they don’t understand. It’s like a knee-jerk reaction to anything different to what they are used to. Really annoying.

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