Thoughts on an old ‘scandal’

Someone on Hello!Online has been ‘bumping’ these old pictures of what appears to be Kanna Arihara hugging somebody in public who isn’t Suzuki Airi. These pics come from mid 2008 and so it’s not a new scandal and has already all blown over. However personally I’m shocked.


Seriously…that’s a guy. Also what is she wearing? Dungarees? So Kanna is out wearing dungarees and hugging a guy? This is wrong. We all know she should be out wearing dungarees and hugging Suzuki…while Suzuki desperately tries to get away. This is shocking stuff. It should definitely have been a bigger story. That’s a guy. I mean…really. Still the fact it all blew over just goes to show that H!P don’t seem to care so much about scandals these days. After all there was also that Miyabi Natsuyaki scandal last summer too. Although to be fair with that one the reason no action was taken was probably because nobody in H!P, including Tsunku, could remember which one of the Berryz she was. I mean unless your Momoko or that object of Pedobear’s affections Risako who’d know who is who in that group? 😉

I apologise for the frivolous nature of this post. I think I’m suffering from insomnia. Or maybe I’ve just been suffering trying to find things to write about with there being no weekly dose of H!P tv to laugh at criticise review. I’m missing a weekly dose of H!P tv. I need to see the idols being inactive on tv. It makes me feel like my life is so much more busy than theirs if they can spend so much time watching videos of other people or sitting in a classroom listening to boring history lessons. What’s a wota to do?


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