Tsunku – Shabekuri 007 subbed

So HPS have subbed this seven minute Tsunku tv appearance from 20 April 2009. It’s available here. It’s basically Tsunku talking about some H!P members while some other guys mention who they’d most like to date. Then it’s announced a new Tsunku discovery is in the audience and the guys need to pick her out.

So Tsunku enters in front of a huge golden penis (or bullet. Possibly bullet)…


Note the British flags in the background. Something to do with the 007 theme maybe?


A board showing some of the H!P members…


There’s then a bit of a talk from Tsunku about what he looks for in an idol. Then one of the others says…


The guys then start picking their favourites…


Oh good choice.


Oh…bad choice.


Oh a decent choice. Certainly a solid performer both in talent and looks.


Excellent choice. She’s so cute.


That’s what I said. Yes. YES!


No. NO!


No she doesn’t. She always looks like she’s been slapped in the face with a wet kipper. So moody looking.


😮 Tsunku says she’s a sadist? Harsh? But she always seemed so…hahahahaha. Actually…yeah that’s totally believable.

Anyway it turns out that in the audience is an idol that Tsunku has signed. Can the guys spot her? Well they bring their choices onto the studio floor…


Well she’s too old.


And she’s too…well anyway…


Oh we have a contender.


Oh we have a star in the making. It has to be her. Surely?


Come on it has to be. Oh please. She’s so pretty. Even if she had a voice like fingernails on a blackboard that hasn’t stopped some other H!P members being successful (and we all know who they are. Right?) Please be her.

So did any of the guys manage to find her? Yes…


Oh. Aww. But the other one…come on. She’s just so…cute.


Oh well she’s cute enough. But the other one was cuter.


But the other one’s was stronger. Well I guess life has it’s crushing disappointments. Anyway what does Tsunku know? I mean what’s Tsunku ever done for us? 😉

2 responses to “Tsunku – Shabekuri 007 subbed

  1. It’s something to do with ‘potential’ i gez… like when choosing bonzai, expert tends to choose plain over ‘ready for display’. The same…looks of takahashi before and after, mitsui before and after..
    ..so that Tsunku can be proud that he really ‘produce’ and not just put an ‘artist’ tag.

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