Bikini Bonanza

With Maimi recently having released her pb 17 I thought “what better time to look at bad bikini’s in H!P photobooks?”


What you want from a bikini is to make your breasts into a really unflattering shape. That Maimi bikini really does the job well.


Another thing you want with a bikini is to take someone very beautiful (and Abe is very beautiful) and make her look like she’s fashioned a bikini top out of an old tea cosy.


Denim is just very odd looking. Doesn’t sound very comfortable either. I mean you’d need some nipple cream or something.


Again an unflattering top mixed this time with an unflattering pattern.


Cute girl and nice bottoms in terms of style and length. That pattern is just horrible though.


Ouch. What rough material. Nipple cream, nipple cream, nipple cream. That again is tea cosy material.


Stunning girl. Beautiful figure. Beautiful face. Also a beautiful personality. However do not adjust the vertical hold.


Stunning girl. Beautiful figure. beautiful face. Also a beautiful personality. For some reason though she’s decided to wear a pattern you’d more expect to find on a table mat in an old granny’s house.


Nice girl. Great figure. Cute face. Again though that’s a granny’s place mat kind of design.


What you want to do with a bikini is give the feeling of roughness. Like if you touched me there you’d find my breasts really coarse. Eri’s bikini does the job perfectly.


I’m sorry but wtf are you wearing? That top is just ugly in terms of style and pattern.


I think Maimi would like that top.


That looks like it was made from the material from a 1980’s truck driver’s shirt.


Okay I think we have a winner. That’s just…awful.

So there you have it. Some really not very nice bikinis on (mostly very attractive) girls. I really suffered to make this post. I mean I hope you appreciate all that I had to go through to find these pictures. The sheer number of pictures of attractive girls in bikinis I had to look through to find these was a really tough job. In fact I think it’s affected my eyes. I think I’m going blind. Anyway I think the last pic has to go to the Queen of the unflattering bikini. So here is a really badly shaped bikini…


That truly is just exceptionally unflattering. The big top and the huge bottoms combine to make an attractive girl as unshapely as possible.

I’ve got to say though that the vast majority of bikini pics are far better looking than these. Maybe one day I’ll ‘suffer’ some more to make a great bikini pics post. Well I’ll happily suffer if it makes people happy. No don’t worry about me I’ll be fine. Really. No don’t try and stop me. It must be done. Just not today. I think I need a lie down. 😉


14 responses to “Bikini Bonanza

  1. Ah well when it comes to their bodies she’s certainly up there with the best. She is beautiful. What I wouldn’t do to see her do another pb with Sayumi. Angels 2 would be the sequel to end all sequels. 😀

  2. Sayu is a lil bit flat-chested. RIka-chan has a big butt and her tan makes her hot. I can barely go through her bikini photos without getting all steamed up.

  3. Yeah but Sayumi, even though she’s a different shape, is still hot. Plus personality wise I see them as like older sister and younger sister. 😉

  4. I have been there but only for pics. It’s better to talk privately using Yahoo!Messenger because it is instant messaging so that I do not have to reload the page.. ^^

  5. Yeah i bet you really suffered………

    That first Risako one really is dreadful. you need a big bust to pull something like that off. and wider shoulders…….

    but i like Nono’s! it’s got bows on it. nothing yells Nono more than bows! >w<
    ergo: no need for nipple cream

  6. gah why does wordpress chop out half my comments?

    the nipple cream thing was about rikas pink bikini and how all bikini tops are lined. :S

  7. Kooky – Tsuji is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Never mind her bikini. 😀

    Hexi yeah I’d guess they’d be lined. But I mean are they lined thick enough? Anyway it just looks uncomfortable. Is that the image to give off? Like associating breasts with roughness? Now when I think of Rika’s breasts I just think ow. That’s just not right. I should be thinking soft, supple thoughts like when I think of Sayumi’s and…I should stop now.

  8. Personally those pics you posted of Rika in the pink bikini are some of my most favorite pics of her. Even in the sexiest bikini pics I have seen of her though I have a hard time being drawn away from her eyes. Especially after seeing her eyes light up at something that happened at the Sakura-Con autograph signing.
    I think I will do a photo blog about my favorite close up pics of various H!P members. Watch for it, but do give me some time. Cause I am gonna have to go through thousands of pics. I have over 5000 different pics of Takahashi alone. That includes wallpaper backgrounds. Thankfully I already know exactly which one to pick of her. Just a matter of finding it on my external HDD. lol

  9. For me the pink bikini is good in terms of style and I have no problems with the colour. Also Rika’s figure and skin complexion always make her look good in these types of shots. It’s just the material I don’t like the look of.

    What I do like about her in terms of official pictures is that she can have quite a moody look sometimes which gives a sultry air. Then other times there’s this big energetic smile. I’ve never had too firm a handle on just what her personality is really like though. I just get the feeling that more so than anyone else there’s a big difference between the official H!P promoted Rika Ishikawa and the real everyday Rika Ishikawa. I find it hard to explain. Certainly there’s more to her than meets the eye.

  10. well after meeting her in person I can say that the Rika in Hangry & Angry is much closer to the real Rika than they portrayed her in H!P. Se said that herself pretty much at the Q&A in Seattle. Someone actually asked if we would ever see a Hangry & Charmy. Her response was that she isn’t Charmy. She is Angry. She has apparently taken quite well to the whole goth loli scene as well. I think the goth loli look suits her real personality. Also the punk look fits Hitomi’s personality very well.

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