Haromoni@ 30 March 2008 subbed

Let’s do the time warp again. It’s just a jump to the left and then a step on the head of the memory test to the right. With your hands on your hips kick the memory test all night. Oh god the tedium drives me insaAaAaaane. Let’s do the time warp again.

Actually that’s very unfair. You see this old episode of Haromoni has been subbed by MMIF. Two admins of an Indonisian H!P forum appear on the show leading to this sub being made, albeit a year late. So what do we get? Well frankly a nosebleed from the word go…


My god don’t they look sparkling? I mean really just beautiful. Check Reina out…


Reina at her best. 😀

Anyway during the show we get the usual GakiKame clip but without all that how many takes stuff…


It worked so much better without the quiz. Afterwards it just became boring and less impressive once you knew it took 200 takes or whatever. Moving on we also get some cute kittens which leads to some humour afterwards…


So why no star from Eri?


She was cute back then. They all were. So…shining.

Later we get some nutter rolling a frying pan while looking really angry. The look of disgust on the girls faces afterwards seems to suggest they aren’t impressed with brute force and anger. I like them all the more…


No I don’t think they will. However since his ‘act’ seems to revolve around saying “is that all you’ve got” Koharu has a great put-down…


Yes that’s all he got. No stars. 😀


Harsh? Yes. Justified? Yes. Funny? Doubly so. Well done Koha. 😀

Anyway onto our friends from Indonesia.


Wow check out Gaki. Is it just me or did all the members seem so much more dazzling a year ago? I mean they still look good now but back then…well maybe we didn’t appreciate it enough at the time but Haromoni@ certainly gave them good make-up and hair. At least some of the time. Anyway a quiz. Just where is Indonesia?


Well I guess geography isn’t a big subject at idol school. Also Linlin was technically right. You can’t argue with that. Hmm…idol school…I wonder how one applies to be a teacher at such a place? 😀 I could be a tennis coach or something. I mean physical education is very important if being an idol means all those long concerts and so much dancing. Plus tennis coach seems to be the type of job that means you get to sleep with your students. Well that’s physical education isn’t it? 😉 But back to the show…



Lovely is so lovely isn’t she? This is a multiple choice question. Your choices are…

A. Yes.

B. God yes.

C. Truly her divine spirit guides us all through these dark days. She is a shining beacon of love in a world full of hate. Her beauty and her grace is mankind’s salvation. Only Audrey Hepburn or possibly Grace Kelly could come close when it comes to sheer heavenly radiance. All hail Ai-chan. For her warmth, her compassion and her ever loving heart mixed with her exceptional beauty will heal the sick and even make Mondays seem okay. She has wisdom beyond her years and innocence beyond her wisdom. An angelic glow surrounds her and all those whose lives she touches. Purity, beauty, charm and love all emanate from her heavenly being. An angel walks among us. Her parents called her Ai. We call her Lovely.*

Ahem. Onwards…the next clip takes us to another foreign country. This time it’s…


It’s not Hawaii Sayumi. Have another go…


Right. I’m just going outside to catch me some rays.


Right it turns out Sayumi was wrong. I think I’m now suffering from hypothermia. Onwards and we get some Detective Reina. Ah how nostalgic


The final section can only mean one thing. Yes it’s the memory test. And who do we think of when we think of the memory test? Well I tend to think of my mother back when I was a little boy. I find those memories of being three or four when the world seems so safe and full of loving help me to escape the horror of the memory test. However the other person we think of is…


Mitsui has to memorise the flags…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…huh? What? Umm…sorry I think I dozed off. Anyway Mitsui has to memorise the flags of coun…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…huh? What? Oh yeah anyway Mitsui…my god she looks adorable…


Thankfully this time the test doesn’t take that long. So there we have it. A blast from the not too distant past. This has actually made me really nostalgic for Haromoni@. I think I need medical help. Well a psychiatrist at the very least. Really though seeing these girls looking so great has really perked me up. 😀 Yes some of the Moutube vids could be boring at times but seeing the girls and, thanks to MMIF, getting to see all their humour more than makes up for it. Also a weekly dose of Morning Musume was so enjoyable. With Yorosen being shared between three groups it’s actually been quite a while since we had a regular weekly dose of Morning Musume. I for one miss that badly. Okay we all know Haromoni@ could be boring at times and it seems such a shame that this line-up wasn’t made more of on tv. I mean these girls are dazzling in their beauty and you just know there’s all that untapped energy and potential. Not to mention humour (both intentional and unintentional). Even so Haromoni@ was a hell of a lot better than nothing and really quite a bit better than most of us made out at the time. Download the vid and decide for yourself. MMIF have done a good job at the subbing and as a very nice bonus the file is really good quality. Thanks MMIF.

* The correct answer is C.


15 responses to “Haromoni@ 30 March 2008 subbed

  1. Thanx for showing the link to this video on Hello! Online. I’m downloading it rite now. I was searching for this on youtube and couldn’t find it… XD

  2. And don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone? 😉

    I still miss HM@, and now we don’t even have Yorosen…I wish they’d do another regular show of some variety (okay, a variety show)…

  3. MiracleGirl – Probably it’s not been put on Youtube yet. Normally stuff appears there a little while after H!O. Anyway you’re welcome. I think this show has been subbed well and it’s nice to see another subbing group around.

    Pex – Yeah we need a variety show. Hello!Morning became a bit stale towards the end but the format was still the right one for the members. Plus there was always the room to bring in Elder Club members like Nacchi and Yuko as well as others like Yui & Miyoshi. Imagine such a show now with C-ute and Berryz being just the right age to hold their own too. Towards the end of Yorosen I loved seeing some cross-pollination like throwing Sayumi in with C-ute or the show Junjun did with the Berryz. There’s untapped potential there.

  4. I love them…^^ But I think old generation is more fun^^ who are your favourite members I wonder. Sayu?

  5. Well of the current members Takahashi is my number one. Followed by Koharu, Reina and Sayumi. I like all the current members though. Of the ex members I adore Konkon, Yaguchi and Kaori. I also really like Nacchi and Rika too. Throw in Yuko and that’s probably all my most favourite Morning Musume members current and ex listed.

  6. Koharu is no.1 followed by Ai-chan of course. I dont dislike any member. I wish Yossie is still around and the feud between RIka and Mikitty is what I miss the most.

  7. To be honest even though she’s a good singer I don’t really miss Fujimoto. There’s not that many people in H!P I dislike but she’s one I come close to disliking (along with Aya Matsuura). She always seemed to have a moodier, more cynical attitude and I prefer the sweeter or more fun types.

    I do miss Rika though. Hangry&Angry are good but I miss seeing the more traditional Rika. I’m a big fan of Biyuden. Ongaku Gatas have had their moments too (mainly their three singles). She was also really funny as the host of Hello!Morning. I hope Up-Front give her plenty to do over the coming years.

    Oh and I doubt there’s really a Moutube. I think that was just their punny way of introducing the clips.

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