Happy 22nd Birthday Konno Asami

Konkon is 22 on 7th May. So happy birthday to the kawaii one. To celebrate here’s some clips and pics. First up from Best Shot volume 3 we have this solo song Papa ni Niteiru Kare…

Next up is a clip from Konkon’s Alo-Hello dvd. This has been subbed in it’s entirety by H!F. This particular clip I have chosen because it shows Konkon at her absolute cutest. I’ll just say one word and that’s “Bambi”…

Now we have the Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto pv Shining Itoshiki Anata. Even though Miki takes lead vocals Konno is exceptionally cute in this pv. The flying on the bed scene is adorable…

Up next here is the Konkon close up version of the Ongaku Gatas single Come Together. It’s full of Konkon’s own unique brand of extreme cuteness…

For the final clip what better way to celebrate Konkon’s birthday than with a clip of her eating? There’s no better way. Konno is the cutest eater around. To that end here is a really sweet Ayaka’s Surprise English Lesson…

Konkon is so exceptionally, adorably cute. She just gets cuter and cuter. Anyway in time honoured happy birthday post fashion here are some pics. Twenty-two for her 22nd birthday (I’ll totally be ignoring Yuko’s birthday when it comes. I won’t have enough upload space left)…


3 responses to “Happy 22nd Birthday Konno Asami

  1. Happy 22nd birhday,The freakin adorable one!
    best wishes to konkon
    and don’t worry m,I’ll get my b-day post up.

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