Bikini Bonanza 2 – Sigh…Yummy

As mentioned in my previous bikini post some redressing of the balance was needed. It’s all very well skitting at bad bikinis but if that overlooks the far greater in number good bikinis it’s simply unfair. With that in mind I simply had to do a follow up post showing good bikinis in all their glory. You understand that right? So onwards on a journey of discovery to the island of H!P where every day is sunny (even when it’s clearly pissing down) and all the girls are beautiful (except in the case of that Alo-Hello Sakura Gumi and Otome Gumi pb where Kago Ai was there too). So some pics…


With bikinis you want things simple but beautiful. Nobody pulls off simple but beautiful better than Michishige Sayumi. Simple colours, simple design and simple beautiful girl.


Here again we have beautiful but simple designs in simple colours. Just a plain white or black can make one heck of an impression. Plus bikinis go well with water so it’s always a good idea to get one wet at some stage.


It’s important when on a beach to remember that bikinis make more of an impression when you have removed your outer layer of clothing. Therefore always remember to do this. If you then make a series of cute poses while smiling the impact will be multiplied by roughly 20 times.


A bikini top that has a little frill is a surefire way to catch the eye of any would-be suiters or Japanese pop moguls. In these pics we see that simple approach pay off wonders.

sixthgen (2)sixthgen (7)sixthgen (82)sixthgen (83)

The final lesson to learn is that you will make far more of an impression if you bring along two friends and make sure they are wearing really quite visually upsetting bikinis. If you then stand apart from them all eyes will peel to you and victory is yours.

So there we have it. Some great bikinis that show the wonders of simplicity when matched with a great body.

What? You want to see more? Okay…


There you go. What? You want to see some different models? Tsk. Well alright then…


Again a simple bikini design and colour scheme mixed with a drop dead gorgeous singer will equal instant love.


Again here we see more of that ‘simple design equals timeless beauty’ formula. But sometimes patterns can work too. For instance…


Simple yet patterned yet stunning. Simple but plain still works best though…


Okay other models are available…


Again a simple look. However do remember to remove outer garments before entering the water.


Again a simple design only this time on a female body builder. However sometimes something completely different can work…

Turtle016Turtle021 (2)

However plain with a twist works well too. Here we have a plain colour with some interesting neck action…


Those last 4 Kamei pics are some of my favourite of hers.

Some more good bikinis…


On very rare occasions flowery patterns do work but should only be attempted if you really know what you are doing…

Rika Ishikawa Happy102Rika Ishikawa Happy107Rika Ishikawa Happy109-110Rika Ishikawa Happy116

It also works if you go plain and bring two friends along…


Oh and patterns can work on rare occasions if you happen to be both young cute and with other young and cute people…

Alo oh aloOh hi uAlothereHand signs ahoy

Finally any pattern at all would work if your name happens to be Konno Asami…


So there you have it. I hope that goes some way to redressing the balance. I would like to assure you that no idols were harmed during the making of this post but that one blogger suffered a sore wrist (through clicking through so many pics). I’ll leave you however with a final picture of the bikini Queen. This picture shows that even a simple design with a polka dot effect can work well if you happen to be incredibly and adorably pretty…


Kawaii times infinity.


13 responses to “Bikini Bonanza 2 – Sigh…Yummy

  1. Sounds like a good day. Seriously though these pictures make you feel good to be alive. That mixture of physical beauty and inner beauty is completely captivating.

  2. you have it so hard morningtime, flicking through a bazillion bikini pics and trying to write an entertaining post. XD can you stand up? XD
    you do choose the ones who look best in a bikini i have to say. it makes me sad that we never got any real bikini shots of yossie……. everyone else got them. even Aibon! Y_Y

  3. I know…all those pictures. It was hard. I mean it. Really it was. Ooer, etc. 😀

    Yossie’s pb’s went for a more individualistic style. I’d guess that’s what Yossie wanted. I mean if you look at the Otome Gumi & Sakura Gumi Alo-Hello pb or the Alo-Hello 2 pb you can see she wasn’t interested in going for the bikini approach. Yossie’s always had her own thing going on.

  4. Rika has bikini shots. a whole lot of them too. all as mouth watering as the first. but the most we got of yossie bikini shots was alo hello 2, and yes, they were yummy but no in what you’d call…. abundance. >w< moar….

  5. Hexi – Well unless the Hangry&Angry clothes line does bikinis (an odd thought but actually it’d be great) I doubt we’ll be getting Yossie bikini shots anytime soon. I guess you will just have to use your imagination…I’m sure you’ll manage. 😉

    Miraclechild – There are plenty of Rika bikini shots around. However sadly none of her mud-wrestling with Miki Fujimoto. Personally I see that as an opportunity wasted. The old H!P sports days would have been far livelier with a mud-wrestling competition and some beach volleyball. I think they should bring the H!P sports days back and move them to Hawaii. I’d be first in the queue for the dvd.

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  7. I very rarely dig out my Nacchi PBs and I always forget what an amazing body she has. Seriously she’s amazing in a bikini!
    Fingers crossed I’ll get my Ayaya Alo Hello DVD in the post tonight, don’t know what it is but I’ve been gagging to see Ayaya in a bikini the past week or so lol.

    And as for Yossie, she looked awesome in the bikini shots from Alo Hello 2, I never thought she’d look that hot in a bikini how wrong i was.

  8. Paul – I’ve only got the one Nacchi pb but it is surprising how sexy she can be. I guess she doesn’t usually have that kind of image…which makes it even better.

    I think Yossie gets better with age. She seems to get more attractive as time goes on. I’m hopeful for a Hangry&Angry pb. I think that could have the potential to be very visually striking.

    IW – You know the most clicked link today has been a picture of Ai and Aika in bikinis. Normally I’d hope that’s more because of Ai but today there’s a little part of me hoping it’s more because of Aika. 😀

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