Morning Musume subbed pv – Shouganai Yumeoibito

Morning Musume’s latest single Shouganai Yumeoibito is released on 13 May. The pv has been subbed already by new subbing group Omame-Fansub (well new to me at least). Anyway the pv…

I have to say having listened to this a few times I’m really disappointed. The song is boring. Although I consider Morning Musume my favourite H!P group it’s becoming more a case of my favourite past H!P group. Of their last half dozen singles (from Onna ni Sachi Are) not one of them approaches their best work. C-ute seem to be reigning over them in recent times. Even Berryz Koubou who aren’t a group I particularly follow have had two better singles in the past two years (Dschinghis Khan and Dakishimete Dakishimete. In fact I’m waiting for Dakishimete Dakishimete’s cd+dvd version to come in the post).

My interest in Morning Musume is becoming more and more an interest in just the members. Takahashi is number one H!P girl ever for me. My adoration knows no bounds. In fact I’m eagerly awaiting her next photobook which I’ve already preordered from YesAsia. I also really like Koharu’s smack-headed exuberance and insanity, Sayumi’s humour and overall pinkness, Reina’s yankii attitude, Junjun’s banana eating skills (make of that what you will but honestly there’s no need to be so dirty minded. I just marvel at her ability to eat loads of them. I eat one and I’m full for hours), Mitsui’s strange mix of cuteness and insecurity (I think. Well maybe she’s insecure. Something still doesn’t quite gel) and I’ve even had erotic dreams about Linlin on two seperate ocassions in the past year…which I at least have the decency to find somewhat disturbing. She’s just too nice to see in an erotic way. It’s just so wrong. But yeah I definitely like the individual members more than most of C-ute, Buono or whoever. I just wish that musically they were treated less like the elder group and more like a group whose age range is 15 to 22. I know Morning Musume as a name has been going 11 years now but these members aren’t much different in age to C-ute’s and Berryz Koubou’s. If the younger groups get fun songs why can’t MM every now and again? The only thing approaching fun has been Pepper Keibu and I did like it but not as much as the vast majority of their singles prior to Onna Ni Sachi Are. The fact is I’ve continued supporting them. I have the latest album and actually that does have some good moments. It seems quite a solid album. I have also purchased all their recent singles, albeit some only from iTunes. I can’t see myself purchasing this one at all. If I do purchase it I’ll do it through iTunes and even then I’ll only be doing it to show British support to H!P. That doesn’t really seem like the right reason to buy something though.

I do seem to be in the minority however. Others seem to like this song a lot. A less kind side of me wonders how much of that is related to an unwillingness to criticise H!P’s biggest group? But hey it’s all a matter of opinion. My opinion is that Morning Musume are being treated like they are in their late 20’s just because their stature within H!P gives them an artificially inflated age. They’ve been going so long and are the parent group so they have to be given songs like Naichau Kamo and Resonant Blue to show how much more mature they are. But the members are younger than that. The odd song like that would be good. Variety is important. But variety seems to be missing now. In recent times C-ute have produced the better works. C-ute are treated to a much more vibrant set of styles. They have a more fun image now. Morning Musume should have some of that too. They are not embittered late 20-somethings. Frankly the next single should make you want to dance around the room like a loony. If it doesn’t then that’s such a waste. It’d be a bit like giving these vibrant, funny, sparkling young women a tv show and making them sit around being lectured on Prime Ministers of Japan or whatever. Yeah like that’d ever happen.


5 responses to “Morning Musume subbed pv – Shouganai Yumeoibito

  1. Morning Musume’s singlles have always been different than other gorups’. I would say C-ute has good songs but still has too little personality to go far. I think this single is nowhere from MM’s best but this is what you get when the composer is the same composer in alll of their singles. I thought it was decent enough.

  2. Whereas I think the personalities in C-ute aren’t yet as developed or as interesting as Morning Musume’s, taking things from a musical perspective only, they have had the better singles recently.

    If you listen to MM’s singles since they started you’ll find so many different styles. Recently though to me it’s all much of a muchness.

  3. Yes I agree that C-ute singles are definitely better. Yes I know that MM’s singles have been different from each other. But dont you think Tsunku is heavily depended on producing a different sound and no matter how talented he is, it’s hard to keep producing the goodies?

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  5. Miraclechild – yes I do think it’s hard for one man to carry on doing so much. Although I think my main problem with recent singles has been the music rather than the lyrics. In terms of writing the music either some old blood needs bringing back or some fresh blood needs introducing.

    International Wota – So…I’m reviewing other blogs now it seems? Ha. Your days are numbered. Who’ll need IW when MTW (MorningTimeWota) is here? Actually yeah I was not aware of Mayuge Madness.

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