Morning Musume Official MySpace Page

So it seems MM now have an official MySpace page. It’s here. Thank god it’s not Facebook. I can’t stand that site. Anyway there’s also a video contest at MySpace. The winner will be judged by Tsunku and MM themselves during the Anime Expo 2009. If you want to enter you need to make an OPV for the song 3, 2, 1 Breakin’ Out (the b side to their latest single). All the details you need are on their MySpace page. I won’t be entering myself but it looks like a lot of fun. There’s a whole load of special footage you can download of the MM members in order to make the pv. Look here’s Lovely dancing to a green backdrop…


There’s solo dance movies, a group dance movie and solo close-up movies you can download plus lots of other movies too. It’s your chance to direct Morning Musume! Think of the fun you can have. You can make that Linlin-centred pv you’ve always dreamed of or totally remove the 8th gen if that’s more your thing. Although if you do that you certainly won’t win and the girls will cry. So don’t. Anyway here’s an example of the close-up movies…


I have to say even though there’s no sound to the movies it’s entertaining to watch the girls. Especially Reina and Takahashi. Their personalities really leap out. Okay I have no idea why they all had to be dressed so badly (or why Mitsui needed a cap on under her hoodie, the little vandal) but they are fun to watch nevertheless. Takahashi is as lovely as ever. Even in a silly cap how can you fail to be won over by that Lovely smile?


Meanwhile according to Hello!Online’s Twitter page Shouganai Yumeoibito debuted at number 1 on the Oricon chart after the first day of sales. It sold 23,039 copies. Even though I don’t particularly like the song that much I’d be really pleased if they actually had the number 1 spot at the end of the first week. Another number 1 would be more than overdue. It would also be Lovely’s first as leader which personally would make it a great thing.


15 responses to “Morning Musume Official MySpace Page

  1. That picture of Gaki makes her look all fluffy and cute, like you’d stroke her and she’d make some kind of adorable animal noise. she always seemed like a Guinea Pig to me…. “whoop!”
    JunJun is a leopard.
    Mittsi looks so cute too. but whoever styled her needs to get that hoddies over caps spell “Vandal” Not “idol” Y_Y

  2. DOn’t be so harsh on Mittsi lol I love the look she has in this, the hat and hoodie thing makes her look sooo cute yet a tiny bit on the cool side. Although when I look at that still of her above it reminds me of Pefold, oh crumbs!

  3. Oh sure Mitsui looks cute. But when you try and talk to her next thing you know you’re on the ground having been kicked in the knackers. Then her and Eri are putting the boots in while Reina laughingly videos it on her mobile. I know. I’ve read the headlines in the Daily Mail.

    Mitsui is cute though. People don’t seem to realise it.

    Umm…who is Pefold?

    I get the feeling Hexi wants to play with Gaki while she sits on her lap. *Whistles innocently*

  4. Lol, Pefold….i mean penfold, something about her expression in that pic.

    Haha, it doesn’t sound that bad, i’d normally have to pay for that ;p

  5. Paul – Oh…Penfold! I should have got that from the “oh crumbs” comment. Does that make Ai Dangermouse? I now rather worryingly see Kusumi doing a great Stiletto impression. She’s tall and thin. I reckon she could do it.

    SC – Some nice touches there. I have no editing skills (or software) whatsoever so I won’t be taking part. I still think it’s a fun little competition though. My pv would just be the Ai Close-Up version however so I don’t think the judges are missing that much! 😀

  6. Hehe yeah my editing skills are very very basic. And hmm seems they are going by the MySpace Video version, which is sad as the quality is much worse than YouTubes.

  7. I’d love to play with GakiPiggy while she was sitting in my lap. give me SayuBunny and MittsiKitty and i’d be in heaven.
    there’s a REASON i work in a pet shop!! XD


  8. What animal is Koharu then?
    LinLin is a snake….. not as cuddly as the rest of them but still kinda cool. ><
    Kamei is obvious. Lol @ “own kind” XD

  9. Koharu is…an enigma? A hare? Actually how about a raccoon? I saw some in a zoo once. They were noisy as hell and pretty fast. They also spent the whole time play-fighting each other. They seemed pretty mental. A bit like the most crack-headed animals in the animal kingdom.

  10. lol! isn’t an enigma like a phenomenon? do you mean Echidna?? actually yeah, she’s like a raccoon… or maybe even a Possum? skunk? no. ><
    i was thinknig maybe a Zebra Finch. forever darting around like crazy and never shutting up. and they have a really annoying song as well. well, not song as such but they’re really screechy. bit obscure though maybe?

    Sorry Koha

  11. ^Yups, another blogger notified me about that, 9:04, they didn’t watch it all the way through, but happy they chose mine to watch of greenscreen.

    If the other memebers don’t pic another green screen video, I am happy they chose mine ^^

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