Niigaki Risa walks past Universe’s biggest Dalek


Eri finds love with own kind

Turtle Love022Turtle Love023

Nakajima Saki creates new anime series

Saki Scared

The Adventures of Miss Pedobear to start in the Autumn on TV Tokyo. Friends of Saki say room sharing with Kanna gave her the inspiration. The long nights Saki and Airi would lie awake looking for signs of movement from Kanna’s bed gave rise to this new creative outlet. Kanna approaching them in the night saying she’s lonely and wants a cuddle, the wondering hands and the lack of sleep all helped to create this Tim Burtonesque nightmare world.

Reina asks if anyone wants to taste the rainbow?


H!P say it will take at least a year to process all the applications.

Calls for H!P to take action as Eri gets her leg over twice


Wimbledon organisers unveil plan to make this year’s tournament the best yet


Following break-up heartache Eri finds love again


Morningtime’s identity is finally revealed


Competition time. Hidden in this picture is a Japanese idol. Can you spot her?


New Japanese Hand Car Wash opens to rave reviews


Queues run for miles. Traffic chaos expected to run into fourth day.

Best bus journey in the world uncovered


Premier League goalkeepers preparations criticised


Players accused of not concentrating enough on the match ahead.

Maasa’s May Madness.

Awesome Maasa has cheekily replaced one of Berryz Koubou in this picture. Can you guess which one? First correct entry out of the hat wins a prize.*

Maasa Madness

*Prize not yet confirmed.**

Yossie’s evil hair stylist strikes again

Yossie terrorYossie terror0

Evil clothes stylist also sought.

Niigaki reveals bedhead nightmare

Bedhead64Bedhead65Bedhead016Bedhead heaven

Wota’s demand she gets even more sleep…and takes more photos.

New H!P cloning experiment unveiled


Older wota’s said to be really pleased with the results.

World recession blamed on H!P photobook budget cuts


Critics say that’s taking things a bit too far. Kanna says “Can I have a photobook with Airi please? PLEEEEASE?”

Best tram journeys in the world unveiled


Sexy Cat unveils baby photos


Sexy Cat unveils sexy photos

Sexy Cat017Sexy Cat019Sexy Cat020Sexy Cat021

Following positive reaction to the Wimbledon announcement, organisers of the US Open unveil plans to make their tournament that bit more genki


Graduated H!P members living in fear as evil stylist strikes again

Evil stylistEvil stylist 2

Sports News.

Organisers of the Australian Open say they will not be outdone


Finally the weather…

Turned out nice again123Nice021Look053Look050Nice017Heavens008

The outlook is very fine indeed and will peak later with a small shower to follow…and if you think that’s smutty that’s entirely your mind.

** There is no prize.


7 responses to “Headlines

  1. Chinami!!

    where’s my non-existent prize??

    XD i’d actually consider going to wimbeldon if Sayu and Gaki were taking part >w<

  2. I’d camp out overnight for tickets.

    Oh your non-existent prize has been sent by Unicorn Express, the UK’s leading non-existent parcel delivery service. Your prize is Aya Matsuura’s talent.

  3. I can now exclusively reveal that Charmy Risuzu is the winner of the ‘spot the idol’ competition. It was of course the watermelon in the middle. She was part of the original Watermelon Kinenbi before being dropped when Tsunku decided to take the group in a different direction. One name change later the group debuted to some kind of acclaim possibly.

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