Berryz Koubou’s Fab New Image

So as part of the pre-publicity for Berryz Koubou’s forthcoming single Seishun Bus Guide/Rival (due out 3rd June) a new pic has been released showing their outfits for the Seishun pv…

The Berryzels

Well the first thing to say is that at least they have a different look here. From what I’ve seen of the covers for the single they are all dressed the same as with the Dakishimete Dakishimete single which looks kind of like not much effort was being put in. The second thing to mention though is those suits and especially Momoko in hers. She’s…a Beatle. It’s Paul McMomoney. She’s sure got a ticket to ride. It’ll be a magical mystery bus tour then. I think this is a sure sign that Tsunku’s love of The Beatles has finally made him do a Beatles/Hello!Project crossover album. Yes Morningtime is Proud to announce the release of the Sgt. Tsunku’s Lonely Idols Club Band album by the H!Ples. This exciting new release features songs merged from Beatles & H!P tracks, songs inspired by The Beatles music, songs inspired by the post-Beatles careers of John, Paul and George* and in an interesting new move some tracks featuring a selection of H!P fans under the group name The Wotas. All in a two cd special release. There’s also a dvd with selected pv’s. But you can’t order this in the shops. Oh no. Please send cheques or credit card details to Morningtime and this H!PTel special release can be yours for the special introductory Japanese music price of just £27 (plus £3 p+p). So let’s take a look at that track-listing in full…

Lovely Me DoTakahashi Ai with MC Gaki. Ai’s call for love inspired by the song Love Me Do. MC Gaki talks all over the beginning and end for no reason whatsoever but it sounds quite nice so that’s okay then.

Hold Me TightKanna Arihara. The song from The Beatles second album ‘With The Beatles’ performed by Kanna. The dvd features a special pv for this song featuring Kanna and Suzuki Airi. Well it features Kanna chasing Suzuki Airi. Reviewers have said the pv resembles the end of those old Benny Hill shows more than anything else.

Money (That’s What I Want)Yuko Nakazawa. Also from ‘With The Beatles’.

I Wanna Be Your ManYoshizawa Hitomi. Again a straight-forward and self-explanatory track from the second Beatles album. Ogawa Makoto makes a surprise appearance in the pv.

And I Love HerKanna Arihara. The first song covered from ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and Kanna makes a surprise second appearance. Again there’s a pv and this time it seems to be set in a courtroom. Airi looks really pissed off during it.

Ai’ll Cry InsteadNiigaki Risa. Inspired by ‘I’ll Cry Instead’ Niigaki sings this song about how the leader of H!P seems to spend more time crying than even the Eggs do.

Mr. MoonlightMorning Musume. The MM members do this song merging The Beatles Mr. Moonlight from their ‘Beatles For Sale’ album with the MM song of virtually the same name.

Eight Days A WeekHello!Project. Inspired by The Beatles song of the same name the entire H!P collective sing this song detailing their weekly schedule working for H!P. Everyone looks tired during the pv and Reina looks like she needs a few hot dinners.

Help! 1965 versionEcomoni. The Beatles tune with the Ecomoni lyrics. Oddly catchy.

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love AwayYajima Maimi. Maimi gives some advice to Kanna.

I Need YouKanna Arihara. Kanna ignores the advice from Maimi. Airi looks even more pissed off during this pv.

Another GirlUmeda Erika. Erika now tries to advise Kanna to look away from H!P if she wants a love life.

You’re Going To Lose That GirlNatsuyaki Miyabi. Now Miyabi tries to advise Kanna on appropriate behaviour. The inclusion of this song means that most of the first side of the Beatles ‘Help!’ album has been used for inspiration on this cd. Aren’t Beatles song titles repetitive? I mean the whole album seems to be love this and girl that. Sheesh.

Act NaturallyIida Kaori. Kaori tries to advise Kanna on her behaviour in future.

It’s Only LoveKanna Arihara. This whole section of the cd is being seen by some critics as a brave move into making songs inspired by The Beatles into a musical telling a story. It’s a bit like Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds but more tragic they say. Other critics however say these songs are far too believable to be simply a musical and in fact hint at something a bit more disturbing.

You Like Me Too MuchSuzuki Airi. Airi lets Kanna know it can never happen and please stop now.

Tell Me What You SeeYajima Maimi. The pv features Maimi’s on the phone to a worried Airi.

I’ve Just Seen A FaceSuzuki Airi. The pv features Suzuki at home giving her side of the phone conversation with Maimi.

YesterdayKanna Arihara. The pv features Kanna behind bars. This would seem to end ‘the musical’ and cd one. The Beatles Help! album has featured heavily huh?

When I’m Sixty-FourThe Wotas. Disc two starts with the first song to feature the H!P fans. This song, inspired by The Beatles song of the same name and using the same music, looks fifteen years into the future.

Lovely EaterKonno Asami. Inspired by Lovely Rita this track gives Konno a rare solo. She also provides the background munching sounds.

You Won’t See Me – Maeda Yuki. A song about unwanted anonymity.

Kiiroi Submarine de BOOM BOOM BOOM Abe Natsumi and Yasuda Kei. Self-explanatory merging of songs.

Sgt. Tsunku’s Lonely Idols Club BandHello!Project & Tsunku.

Without You Without YuiOkada Yui.

Good Morning Good MorningMorning Musume & Morning Musume OG. The current MM line-up plus all the ex MM members still in H!P come together for this cover version.

All You Need Is LovelyThe Wotas. Self-explanatory and true.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Da Di Du De Do Da Di!Yuko Nakazawa, Abe Natsumi, Iida Kaori, Yaguchi Mari and Yasuda Kei. The remaining first and second generationers perform this cross between The Beatles ‘The Beatles’ album track and MM’s ‘Second Morning’ track. Sting has picked up on this and wants to merge it with his Police song De Doo Doo Doo De Da Da Da. Human rights activists have begged him to reconsider if only for the sake of people who suffer with dyslexia. Not to mention people who suffer from good hearing or good musical taste who don’t want to hear anything from Sting ever again.

Back in the U.S.S.R.Yaguchi Mari and Yasuda Kei. The pv features Yaguchi and Yasuda being blindfolded and then dumped in Russia. They then have one day to do something really boring before being returned home.

While Mai’s Guitar Gently WeepsOngaku Gatas. Satoda Mai performs the guitar while Miki, Konkon and Rika sing and the others do handclaps so they don’t feel left out. The pv mainly features close-up’s of Mai, Konkon, Rika and Miki solo one at a time followed by very brief clips of the other four together all desperately trying to get noticed.

Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My MonkeyNiigaki Risa with Monkey Takahashi Ai. This time Risa takes the lead while Ai does pointless monkey noises in the background…just to see how Gaki likes having someone pointlessly chattering over her song.

Iroppoi Onna Sexy SadieSatoda Mai, Rika Ishikawa and Reina Tanaka. A cross between a Country Musume song and a Beatles song.

Renai Revolution 121Morning Musume. Revolution 1 and Renai Revolution 21 merge together and just how many song titles has Tsunku ripped off from The Beatles anyway?

Come TogetherOngaku Gatas. Self-explanatory merging of two songs. Quite where Tsunku got the title for his song from is anyones guess.

You Never Give Me Your MoneyYuko Nakazawa. Breaking up is hard to do but if the guy isn’t wealthy enough it has to happen in this Yuko solo song.

Uwaki na Honey PieSatoda Mai, Konno Asami and Fujimoto Miki. Cross between Honey Pie and the Country Musume single. Quite where Tsunku gets his song titles from is anyones guess.

She Came In Through The Bathroom WindowSuzuki Airi. The pv features Airi explaining to the police how the recently escaped Kanna Arihara had broken into her apartment.

Ai, Me, Mine, MaimiTakahashi Ai with Yajima Maimi. Inspired by I Me Mine from the ‘Let It Be’ album and the title of Maimi’s radio show.

Let It BEBerryz Koubou. A cross between The Beatles song of virtually the same spelling and the Berryz song BE which is spelt entirely in capital letters as is H!P’s random way.

Give The Pipes Of Peace! A ChanceYasuda Kei. 30 second spoken word plea about the next song on the album begging people not to press the skip button.

Pipes of The Peace! (Instrumental) – Yasuda Kei. The first post Beatles song covered features a cross between Paul McCartney’s Pipes of Peace and the MM song The Peace! entirely performed on the flute by Yasuda Kei.

Got My Mai Set On YouC-ute & Berryz Koubou. C-ute’s youngest member Hagiwara challenges Berryz Koubou to an arm-wrestling contest. The rest of C-ute reckon she can take on everyone. Berryz reckon otherwise.

Junior’s FarmCountry Egg Musume. The first song ever performed by Tsunku’s new Egg unit.

We All Stand Together All For One And One For AllHello!Project. The entire collective together again for this merging of songs. Final track on the album.

* Ringo didn’t have a post-Beatles career unless you call drunkenly narrating Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends in some way having ‘a career’.


9 responses to “Berryz Koubou’s Fab New Image

  1. OMG it so is!!
    it’s Sergant Berryz Lonely Hearts Club!!! XD

    they look like japanese male cheer leaders…… not the best look they’ve been given. although it IS for an anime. plenty of cross dressing and the such like in anime…. O-o

  2. Actually I think Miyabi is like a later George Harrison in an early Beatles suit. I only just noticed.

    Anyway yeah not their best look. But it’s amused me so that’s okay. 😀

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  5. A~h! your writing here is so creative and funny~!! Great play on the song titles and I ~♥~ The Beatles so much too! =) Tsunku has long showed his Beatles inspiration in his songwriting but now we have more physical proof!…(^q^)

    Arigatou ne~…you have me a great *smile* today~ (*´∀`*)

  6. What a terrific post. Vintage stuff! If only it were true – I’m still disappointed Beatles fan Tsunku didn’t name Momusu’s 9th album “Renai Revolution No. 9” – it seemed so obvious. Oh well, bring on the Fab Eight!

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