Morning Musume at number 1

Various online blogs such as Hello!Online and Musume Central are reporting that MM have got the weekly number 1 spot for their latest single Shouganai Yumeoibito. It’s also been reported on Yahoo Japan. This is their first number 1 since Aruiteru back in 2006 (which I love but so many other people don’t seem to). Now while I don’t particularly like this latest single that much (but so many other people do seem to) I’m made up that MM have another number 1. I’m especially happy because it’s their first with Ai-chan as the leader. She deserves it as do the rest. In terms of sales figures it’s sold forty-seven and a half thousand which is slightly less than Resonant Blue (which only got to number 3). Even so in the long run it’ll be it’s chart position that people remember and a number 1 is something well worth celebrating. 😀 There’s still life in Morning Musume yet!

Golden 1


One response to “Morning Musume at number 1

  1. I am not suprised. The lyrics are better than previous ones. Many girls can relate to it especially if they are involved with people their own age.

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