Berryz Koubou – Rival pv

The pv for the other half of Berryz Koubou’s double A side single, Rival, is now up on Dohhh Up! Whoever is responsible for the wonderfully-named Konno Asami Blogspot has upped it to Youtube.

So what’s the pv like? Well obviously H!P spent the budget on the Seishun Bus Guide pv…well they certainly didn’t spend it on the set.


There’s plenty of leg on show…and I’m pretty sure in that last pic there’s an upskirt shot too if you look carefully.* Not that I’d be looking carefully obviously…3 minutes and 13 seconds in I think.  Musically I prefer Seishun Bus Guide but this song is okay. I don’t really see it as single material though. But the pv gives everyone their moments to shine and is fun enough. Horrendously cheap looking however. Somehow I think I’ll be watching the cross-dressing fun more often than this but all the members do look as cute as ever so I’m not complaining. I’ll be buying the single for Seishun Bus Guide. Maybe there’ll be some who’ll buy it for Rival instead. If that’s the case it’s good business!

* Competition time. Correctly guess which Berryz member is flashing in that last pic and win a prize. The prize, which is imaginary, will be some more of Aya’s talent.

3 responses to “Berryz Koubou – Rival pv

  1. Maasa! I win again!!!!


    i like this song bette rthan seishun bus guide. although the PV is funnier for that. but i prefer the clothes and the theme for this one. it’s like koi wa hustle!

  2. Eeeeh well I prefer the Seishun Bus Guide single. So the decision to have two singles on the one release is probably a good one then! A stroke of marketing good sense.

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