Takahashi Ai – Watashi photobook preview

So while I’m eagerly anticipating the release of Ai-chan’s next pb here’s a quick look at the making of dvd that comes with it (thanks to the good old Hello-Online tracker). I have to say I was really looking forward to the pb before but now frankly I’m salivating. Lovely looks just adorable. Not to mention beautiful, hot, sexy, funny, cute and of course lovely.


It’s thigh-chan


Hi. Would you like to come and look at my non-existent puppies?


And now for the highlight…


I is dead! I really hope there are a heck of a lot of pictures of Ai wearing those clothes in the pb. In fact the whole pb could be just pics of Ai in those clothes and I wouldn’t complain. In fact I’d be ecstatic. Anyway to continue…


Finally some pictures that have surfaced…

CheekyCheeky 2GreenGreen1PolkaPolka1Blue bikiniTakawowwyBluebikTakalovelybraOne-legged wonderAiskirtThighchanCheekyfront

You do realise that this is going to be the best photobook ever right? I’m glad I preordered now. I guess I’ll have to preorder her Alo-Hello 2 dvd as well. Actually I wonder what that will be called? There’s no official title yet. Anyway this is going to be Lovely heaven. Please support Takahashi and buy the pb and/or dvd if you can. You know it’ll be worth every penny.


8 responses to “Takahashi Ai – Watashi photobook preview

  1. They arrested Takahashi for being lovely without a license. Apparently she needed a permit first.

    Ai-chan is sexy but exceptionally cute at the same time. Ai-chan is perfect.

  2. LOL 100% agree. She’s too perfect for me. So I would choose a girl like Koha who has so many imperfections. ^^

  3. I agree too, she’s amazing to look at and watch, but if I could date a memeber a Momusu, it would be Eri. She just seems goofy and down to earth.

    ANyway where is that pic with the cops from? ANd the grocery store? is that Hawaii? Cuz it’s definitely America! I thought for a sec it was NYC, but someone would have told me she was here, right?!?

  4. It’s Hawaii. Her latest photobook and her forthcoming dvd were shot there. I’m hoping for some English speaking in the dvd. She’s always cute when she tries to speak English.

  5. there’s something to be said about long tops and very short skirts with boots i have to say.
    i don’t like Ai but she does that look very well. *nod*

  6. You don’t like Ai? You don’t huh? Stop babbling. Pull yourself together. You’re not making sense woman. Right take two sleeping tablets, drink a bottle of wine and then go to bed. Come tomorrow morning everything will seem different and we’ll never mention this ‘episode’ again.

    Don’t like Ai indeed. 😉

    Short skirts with boots are always a guaranteed success. It’s a definite big impact.

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