Dear Morningtime

Yes it’s the section that gives YOU the chance to see what you want on my blog.*

Dear Morningtime, I would really like to see a gif of Okada Yui mentally scarring some of Berryz Koubou by doing a sexy pose. Can you fix it for me? Yours sincerely, Ed Wood. Poughkeepsie, New York.

Of course I can provide such stimulation Ed. Here is Yui doing just that from Hello!Morning episode 343. Enjoy…


Dear Morningtime, can you please print a picture of Reina Tanaka doing a yankii squat while accompanied by a dog that seems to be wearing some kind of scarf? Yours, Edward Woodward. Croydon, England.

No problem at all Edward. Hope this is what you were after…

Why the tie

Dear Morningtime, I would like to see the outcome of an experiment to turn Linlin into an older and uglier western singer. Can you oblige? Thanks. Edward Woodwoodwould. 1970’s, punchline.

Edward this experiment has already been carried out. The results are disturbing to say the least…

Dear Morningtime, I wonder if you can post a picture of Konno Asami doing a tough pose while wearing inappropriately pink clothing? Yours in anticipation, Robert McCall. New York City, United States of America. If you’re in trouble call me.

Hi Robert. I’ll bare in mind your offer of help. Anyway here you go. Konno doing tough…


Frankly if Konno wants to get tough with me she’s more than welcome to. I think it’d be quite enjoyable.

Dear Morningtime, I would like to see a picture that implies that by following Takahashi, Sayumi and Eri back to their place you could have a night of foursome frolics. Yours in erotic anticipation, The Faceman. Somewhere in America, can’t tell you more than that. To cut a long story short we’re wanted for a crime we didn’t commit and frankly if you’re really in trouble then call us, we’re far better. We’ve got a van and if you’ve got a garage we can rustle up an armoured vehicle in just under an hour.

Hi Face. Sadly I haven’t got a garage so I can’t take you up on your offer. But it’s okay because a guy called David Banner has just popped round looking to do oddjobs and he reckons he can help me. Anyway as for your picture request I hope this is the kind of thing you were looking for. I think it would be one hell of a night…


Dear Morningtime, thanks for the oddjobs. I hope you can forgive me for the damage I caused to your fence. I’m still a little green. Anyway can you please show me a picture of someone grabbing the breasts of someone else while they go red-faced? If a third person could be grabbing the first person too this would be even better. Yours in need of pleasant dreams, Dr David Banner. Travelling down a road near you to sad piano music, America.

David it’s my pleasure to provide you with the pictoral stimulation you require. I hope this picture of Yossie grabbing Sayumi while Reina holds on tight is what you were looking for. Yossie has her hands firmly where she wants them and Sayumi’s cheeks are clearly red. Reina is pressed in close too though. All in all it’s the leaving present Yossie wanted. You can see it in her coy smile…

Kanashimi gropelight

Dear Morningtime, Am I alone? Yours, Doctor John Smith. Dubai.

John, if that is your real name, no. No you are not alone. There is one other. I ran when I found out. I won’t reveal her identity I’ll just reiterate, I ran…

Sayumi Rani clue

Dear Morningtime, I would like to make a Hello!Project cake. As the foremost expert on bizarre H!P interests I wondered if you might have any suggestions? Yours, Delia Smith. Norwich, England.

Well Delia if you want cakey cakey CAKEY just like Yaguchi did that time on Ayaka’s Surprise English lesson I’d suggest the best ingredient is the Yukka from an Egg. Once you have Maeda your owna cakea (as a stereotypical Italian chef might say) you might like to put it with your favourite ingredients from other foods for a lovely feast suitable for a High-King. Hope this helps…


Dear Morningtime, I would like to see evidence of Fujimoto Miki advertising something plainly bad for you under the guise of staying healthy. Yours in anticipatory disgust, Delia. Derbyshire, England.

Hello Delia and welcome to my blog. I have just the thing here. It’s a picture of Miki with a clown…


Oh…I’m sorry there seems to have been a mistake. That’s the wrong picture. Hold on…


There. In this fabulous pic you can see Miki Fujimoto and Satoda Mai dressed as footballers while advertising both fast food fat kids favourite McDonalds and the number one tooth rotter for the unhealthy generation Coca Cola. A quite splendid bit of dodgy marketing. You could almost believe they were real footballers.

Well that’s all I have time for right now. Join me again sometime in the future where I may well be posting lots of pictures of uniforms as a follow up to my bikini posts. Alternatively I may decide that considering H!P mainly does the school variety the jail time isn’t worth it and so instead I’ll just stick to salivating over Takahashi’s latest pb (oh hurry up and arrive. I know it was only released yesterday but even so I want my Lovely fix).

*Providing YOU are a figment of my imagination and part of my childhood.


24 responses to “Dear Morningtime

  1. Oi! I already posted two pics of Aya in that post. One of her with Miki and one with Reina. Oh wait…sorry my mistake. There was just the one with Miki. Reina’s partner has more talent…and is better dressed.

  2. I love your little Doctor Who jokes!
    Great to find something like that on a MM blog xD

  3. Privatelaugh – Yeah I grew up with the show so I can’t help it. 😀

    Pex – that picture is just wrong. Very very wrong. McDonalds food is so not healthy. After all Mai and Miki play for Ongaku Gatas not Ongaku Fatass.

  4. dear morningtime, I wished the photos are put in a different page so that I dont have to load all of them everytime I visit this site. But I love your blog still!!!

  5. Sorry about that Miraclechild. I guess if someone is on dial-up it would be a slow page to load. However I prefer the visual type of blog. I don’t think a blog works so well when you have to click a link to bring a post up on a different page.

  6. hahahahahahahahahaha!
    i love the “Maeda you owna cakea”. XD

    Dear Morningtime,
    where did you go to become so funny? i want to go there too!!!

    I totally vote for a bad/good uniforms post! Gatas uniforms comes under the FAIL category. yucky yucky orange. ><

  7. I went to Hell and back. It gave me a healthy cynicism with an underlying touching optimism. I am in fact an optimistic pessimistic cynical innocent longing for a better world. I think I have both Yossie’s devil and Takahashi’s angel at my shoulders egging me on in different directions. It gets very confusing sometimes. Anyway I wouldn’t suggest going to Hell in order to be like me. Just join the Civil Service and you’ll be bonkers in no time.

    Ah the uniforms post will have to go ahead at some stage. I just need to find some photos of the Hello All-Stars shoot. I think Yuko in a school uniform would have to go in a category entitled ‘completely inappropriate’.

    The Gatas kit isn’t the best. I do love Konno’s Navy blue goalkeepers kit though.

  8. also: poor susan boyle. if she was young and pretty no one would look twice at her. XD but she really does look like an old LinLin….. XD please tell me you have a picture of her pulling that face too. XD

  9. I’ve seen pictures of Linlin doing just that but I can’t find them. It’s not fair! It’s totally a Linlin expression. I reckon one of the making of vids might hold the clue. Linlin is always messing about during the making of’s.

  10. “I don’t think a blog works so well when you have to click a link to bring a post up on a different page.”

    I might be terribly wrong, but somehow I feel that this line is directed to my blog. 😛 But I’m not feeling offended or any sort of that. At least I know that some people do dislike the changes I did. 🙂

    So, what do I want from you morningtime… hmm… you’re blog is just great. Can’t ask more than this. Just keep writing and you know there’s someone here supporting you, although I don’t always leave a comment recently. 🙂

  11. Well it doesn’t bother me how you have your blog. I don’t personally mind clicking on links. However there’s always the chance of not clicking on one because the title isn’t something that interests me. Then I could miss a good post. With so many blogs out there it would be easy to do. Whereas when you bring up all the posts at once then you will at least scan through the posts. However I think this is most beneficial for people who have never visited before. They might suddenly get interested while scanning through the blog.

    Thanks for the compliments!

  12. i always skip past links. i keep kicking myself for not knowing how to embed videos into my blog.
    but i got really badly fooled around april fool’s day by he said momo was graduating from berryz and i believed him like the idiot i was becuase i couldn’t be bothere to click the link. XD

  13. Dear morningtime,I would like to see an experiment of the most gorgeous girl in the world turn into a handsome man,please comply this task.
    love,your fellow mate in ai-chan worshiping,

  14. Hexi – Embedding isn’t too hard depending on the site you use and the site the video is on. If it’s Youtube you only have to paste the address into your upload video section thingy. And I can’t put it any more technically than that!

    Kooky – A man? No! Ai-chan is a lady and she’s mine. Mine I tell you. You’ll just have to watch Ribbon no Kishi and dream instead. 😉

  15. you guys need to get onto that right now.
    and actually there is a video of Ai going to the takarazuka (?!) theatre and being turned into a guy there.
    you can hardly tell it’s her!
    but i suppose that’s what you get from professional “crossdressers”
    i’ll try to find the link…..

  16. yeah. it is a little disturbing……… suits her somehow though. like doing the prince in ribbon no kishi suited her.
    Gaki was good in both musicals too. i should finish watching cinderella. ><

  17. I liked Cinders. Takahashi was good in the final scene. I prefer her as a female quite frankly. For some reason in that clip above she seems like a creepy posh western child from the early 1900’s. Some kind of bizarre Tim Burtonesque German kid or something. It’d make a good horror movie. Imagine that kid following you around. I like you…be my friend. *Shudders*

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