(Ex) H!P Girls part 22 – Yoshizawa Hitomi

To continue my series of posts on the members of H!P (and completely ignore any ‘graduations’. Well once a H!P girl always a H!P girl) it’s time to move onto one of the first people I got into when I discovered H!P. Yes it’s Yossie’s turn. It’s strange that it’s taken this long to post about her but for whatever reason as I discovered more about H!P I discovered others I had more of a reaction to. That’s not to say I ever stopped liking Yossie. Yossie is a huge personality within H!P. It’s just that the likes of Ai-chan and co fill my heart in ways the more boyish Yossie can’t.

But Yossie’s personality is huge and her style is unique in H!P. It’s hard to find anyone else quite like her. If you look at her pb’s you see her individuality clear and strong. If you watch old Hello!Morning episodes you see her humour bursting out. In fact her humour is probably the sharpest in H!P. Some people say Makoto was the funniest but really Yossie had the personality to really find humour in conversations and situations. To me she was easily the most verbally humorous. When it comes to looks she has her own boyish charms. She’s a tomboy type but still attractive. She’s the kind of person who you’d love to hang out with as a friend but secretly you’d quite fancy. The mixture of personality and androgynous good looks is unique.

Then there’s her leadership. Takahashi has said that prior to becoming leader Yossie was a lone-wolf. Perhaps that’s why she was actually such a good leader. She knew who she was and really had the inner strength that comes with that. When she suddenly became leader she was already emotionally secure and independent. Actually the perfect credentials to be the figurehead. H!P has more than it’s fair share of cutesy types (which I certainly have nothing against. I adore them) but where are the stronger types? Junjun seems to have the type of humour and drive to take on that kind of role if the chance comes but really there seem few others. It’s a shame really. H!P used to have the likes of Kaori, Yuko, Yaguchi (who despite looking cute was very verbally able to stand up for herself), Yasuda, Yossie and Miki. Whereas I like the girlier types more I still realise that these people enriched H!P. They made it far stronger. Gave it more variety and flavour.

At least with Yossie we still get new music. Hangry&Angry (and hopefully still Ongaku Gatas) show there’s life after Morning Musume for her. Plus with tv appearances under her belt it would seem she’s got a decent future ahead of her. But H!P at the moment seems almost too homogeneous. It’s missing an alternative take on life. A different attitude. And Alo-Hello 3 was totally missing someone pig-headedly ignoring common sense and ordering a taxi. That is one of my favourite Yossie moments. One of the funniest moments in Alo-Hello 2 sees Niigaki Risa desperately phoning Fujimoto Miki to try and get her to persuade Yossie to listen to common sense. It seemed the lone-wolf was back that day. It was funny. When I think of Alo-Hello 3 I think of beautiful girls in bikinis being adorable. But amongst beach volleyball, races, cooking, surfing and meeting the sealife I can’t think of any real moments of humour. What humour there normally is is that girlish daft type. The sort of thing H!P does really well (think of Sayumi) but the likes of Yossie and Miki would cut through with a knife. That’s needed sometimes to keep a better balance. It’s easy to overlook Yossie when there’s all those beautiful young girls in H!P but once she’s left you realise that the contrast was important. It kept everything on a more even keel. It gave H!P somehow more of a firm standing. A stronger image.

Well Yossie has left but she’s continuing and with Rika. A great combination. Plus of course we are left with all the work she did in H!P. Musically my favourite bit of Yossie is actually her fanclub cd song Yoshite Yoshite. It’s the best of the ten fanclub songs produced (closely followed by Yuko’s song Yu.u.wa.ku). The song is quite surprising in it’s style but that shows Yossie’s versatility perfectly. However H!P is of course more than just music. So alongside that there’s plenty of great Hello!Morning moments, Utaban moments (her jealousy over Yasuda’s constant ribbing at the hands of Ishibashi especially), and of course the pv’s where Yossie has had stand-out moments. Most notably her wooing of Makoto in Mr. Moonlight where her personality really started to develop. However with the pv’s the best Yossie moments for me are in one of the best Morning Musume pv’s of all…Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari. Yossie was the best thing about that pv. Whether it’s kissing Makoto or her brilliant facial and hand expressions during her own bit Yossie was the stand-out member (the same is true for the Panic Train version where she almost misses her cue for her section yet at that same moment still delivers the best performance of the pv). Her humour and individuality shone through. Being the best in a pv where everyone got their chance to shine is no mean feat. But give Yossie a moment and she always took it and made it her own. Normally through a combination of wit, charm, confidence and unique physical presence. As an idol personality she’s a one-off. H!P really benefited from that.

Anyway as per usual some pics…


^ Note the sweary gloves ^

747883859004Yossy (04)Yossy (05)Yossy (08)Yossy (09)Yossy (11)Yossy (13)Yossy (39)Yossy (40)Yossy (47)Yossy (48)Yossy (53)Yossy (62)YoswhiteYos10You areYosskullCome YossieHangrygirlYossie glamYossiekan


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