Morningtime’s Guide To Uniforms

I like a girl in uniform. So sang The Pipettes. And why not? But what makes a good uniform pic? Well the answer to that depends on the model. As the majority of H!P singers are not called Yuko Nakazawa young you can mostly break things down into three sections. They are sports, leisure and education. So first off sports.

Ah the summer is coming. That can only mean one thing. Yes the Wimbledon championships will soon be upon us. All of Britain will unite to cheer on Andy Murray all the way to a quarter-final exit or maybe even the semi’s if he really wants to give everyone false hope. But if you want to see tennis where you’ll be happy no matter what the outcome you need to turn to the H!P Open. Round one gave us an exciting tie between Risako and Sayumi. Sayumi coming out the cutest in the end. I think the skirt and hair helped the naturally better looking MM member seal the victory…


There was also a victory for Sexy Cat during the evening game…

Anyone for tennis Reinaimg20080830081023392img20080830081017277

Meanwhile the Japanese national rugby team has unveiled it’s newest member. Yes as they keep getting beaten they have decided to draft in someone who doesn’t mind being in a tight corner…

ERI - (8)13

However more news coverage has surrounded the unveiling of the H!P baseball team Ongaku Batass…

img20060328100014tsugunaga_momoko_momo16_051tsugunaga_momoko_momo16_052img20060328115751Tongueimg20060328183720420px-Ufa_rakuten_060329_konnoAi EaglesSayEaglesReina EaglesSaki EaglesKanna EaglesAiri EaglesErika EaglesMaimi EaglesMiyoshi EaglesYuiEaglesBaseball just got interesting

Oh…hi you. Is that the manager of the H!P baseball team? I’m the manager of the Morningtime baseball team. I was wondering if I could draft in a few of your players? Especially numbers 37, 18, 77, 1 and 9? Oh and Miyoshi too please. I can’t quite make out her number. Don’t worry they won’t get injured. I don’t plan to play them, just play with them. Hello? Hello? He hung up. How rude.

Despite that impressive baseball team I see the H!P basketball team is also jumping for joy…


Not to be outdone the lacrosse (I think) team has been practising hard. Although as it’s made up of one member I can’t see them winning many games even if that member is extremely lively…


Of course the Americans long ago realised that all their sports are really boring. To disguise this fact they introduced to the world the concept of the cheerleader. H!P takes this concept and gives you a nosebleed…


One sport that doesn’t need cheerleaders is football (proper football. Otherwise known as soccer in some countries). Here H!P really comes into it’s own. Yes the main kit is an ugly orange colour such as a colour-blind person or someone who subliminally wants to advertise Fanta might dream up. However the goalkeepers kit is great and is filled out nicely by the exceptionally cute idol wearing it…

Konno_Asami_761konno01 (2)KKKKKK1Gatas truthNot footballkkk action

Although the darker colour works well with anybody…


I actually really like that kit. I even like the touch of pink. It’s so much better than the orange one. I’d love that to be the main kit. However I don’t know what that would mean for the goalkeepers kit. The back-up one is grey and just isn’t as good as the dark one. If forced to wear one you may have to sit and contemplate your bad look/luck…


I guess if you’re cute enough it works. Although no matter how cute you are wearing all pink may be a challenge too far…

Pink not good

Or maybe not. I think Konkon is the only one who could pull that look off.

There is a light blue outfield kit that works okay…

BluegatasBluegatas1Manu blue gatasBluegataskit

But a darker blue does work better though. Little Gatas have a better kit…

MomogatasLittle Saki

With Momoko in there it must definitely have been little Gatas.

The orange kit is just a horrible colour. Plus as a fan you couldn’t wear it casually as it wouldn’t match anything. Even the cutest young idols struggle to make it seem fashionable…

ManogatasSaki gatas

In fact so bad is the kit you may be forced to take firm action to take the attention away from it…

OrangeAww huggy

Anyway moving away from football it’s a fact that a lot of footballers like to play golf in their spare time although this isn’t so much a sport as a waste of a nice walk…

Yossy (57)

But it’s not just in sport where you can keep fit. There are other leisure time pursuits that do the job just as well. The more refined young lady yearns to be a ballerina…


Whereas the less ladylike type prefers to knock seven shades of Aya out of you with a stick…

ERI - (27)79

The modern girl needs self defence though. Therefore H!P are proud to announce the not at all sexist martial art Kickbrushing. Yes you can defend yourself and do the sweeping up duties at the same time…


The dafter and more exaggeratedly cutesy type of idol prefers more general childlike activities such as you’d find in a children’s playground. And yes I do want to play. Very much so…


Of course life isn’t all leisure. Oh no. And H!P is here to ensure that young people don’t abandon their education. Therefore to encourage people to continue to learn and apply themselves H!P ensure that almost all their photobooks or promotional pictures relate to education. You can break this down into two sections. There’s the official type of look and there’s the unofficial it-just-looks-a-bit-like-a-school-uniform look. First the latter…


As you can see here we have the worlds number one cute idol wearing grey socks, a tartanesque skirt and a white shirt. Not strictly speaking a uniform at all but it alludes to one. And very appealing it is too. I’d certainly like to help educate her that’s for sure. Want more proof?


You can’t spell kawaii without Ai!


The lack of a tie or bow or any educational setting in those pictures means to me again it is alluding to education but in a subtle way. You can be minding your own business, idolly idly dreaming of your favourite goalkeeper and then suddenly it hits you…people need education. Yes if you are young and you see these pics you know instinctively that you should get educated at once. I look at these pics and know instinctively that I should teach. Really I should. I mean it…stop looking at me like that.

Of course there are occasions when the hint fails due to blandness…


Cute girl but boring pictures. Try jumping up and down or smiling a lot more…


Better but still lacking a certain something. I think it’s called a background.

What works better is an outfit that stops short of badges or ties but gives a studying atmosphere through the use of desks or books…


A lovely look. I’d be happy to arrange some one on one tutoring. I mean that literally…one ON one.

The use of a checked skirt and a bag gives off a similar impression…


By and large however (that’s an expression, not how I like my women. I prefer bi and petite) H!P mainly does the out and out uniform. This can take on many guises from the plainly ugly…


To the slightly off look. These following pictures give an impression of someone wanting to play cricket rather than get educated. It’s a misfire. Cricket is after all the only sport played in the UK that could rival American sports for sheer level of tedium. Plus of course it’s a dirty sport. I still recall to this day a commentator once saying “and the batsman’s holding the bowlers willy”. Oh sure the batsman was called Holding and the bowler was called Willy but it’s still filth as far as I’m concerned. Anyway those pics…

The batsmans holding the bowlers willyYou are outimg20060417040410img20060417040411tsugunaga_momoko_momo16_055tsugunaga_momoko_momo16_056

Even those you can normally trust can let you down when it comes to fashion…


She’s still super cute though.

The other slightly off educational look is the you-voiced-the-anime-so-you-can-bloody-well-wear-it look. Also known as the Kusumi…

img20070304153512img20070304153531AnimePink abominationAnime1Anime2

That look should be dreadful but due to the crack-headed cuteness of Koharu it’s just about acceptable.

Another look that is partly pleasing yet still on some level a failure is the proper uniform but with bow style…


The worst outfit however is the sailor girl look…


The outfit that works best has that one important ingredient. If it involves a tie you have hit gold. This look is known as Yossie’s twilight present…

TwilightTwilight 2KTKT M Y KReiNiiTakKT Reina TakahashiKT S YKT Yimg20070503194252img20070503194558img20070503194607SayAiAiyosyosgamAiliveReinakanaSayumikanasnapshot20080720032943snapshot20080720035852

Yes the tie look works well. Even when it’s short…

Kanna cd3Kanna cd301K-awaiiK-awaii1

If you put a tie and a bow next to each other you see how much better the tie is…

Buono 4Buono groupimg20090506120507659

Although if the uniform is a really horrendously ugly colour a tie is of bugger all use…

Ugly colourUgly kit 2

By the way when did Airi’s head shrink to normal size?

So there we have it. Morningtime’s guide to H!P uniforms. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you happen to be on dial-up I can only apologise. If you would like any one on one mentoring just get in touch. I’m always happy to lend a helping hand. Education is very important after all and whether it’s sport, other forms of physical education or just mental stimulation I always like to get stuck in and see what comes from it. 😉


9 responses to “Morningtime’s Guide To Uniforms

  1. *gasp*slap* how can you NOT like the sailor collar look?? it’s so moe i think i’m gonna have one of those anime nosebleeds. *spurtfalloverbackwards*
    except koharu. it really does not suit her at all. but there are very little things that suit koharu, apart from the P9Disco outfits and the colour red.
    lol @ airi’s head.

  2. I guess I’ve just never gotten the sailor look. The traditional western style look is so much better.

    Koharu’s stand-out image is the red dress from the Chance pv. She looks great in that. She makes a mean baseball player though. When dressed as one she looks the part. Whether in reality she has the hand-eye coordination to swing a bat without falling over is another thing entirely.

  3. lol! you can almost see her spinning around a couple times.
    but the uniform is red too.
    my favourite outfit of hers is from the MAy/June page of the 2009 calendar. she looks awesome in that dress. ><

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  5. There’s a Russian Wota blog? That’s great. I mean I know International Wota are supposed to be international but it’s always great to find more fans. здравствулте! добро пожаловать. 😀

  6. Hi! Thank you =) Yes, there is a small community of russian H!P fans. We’ve got 3 active members in Moscow, 5-6 in St.Petersburg and nearly 20 in other cities. But we’re doing our best =)
    Russian Wota – is my own project but maybe you saw references to your blog from – that’s russian H!P portal. I’m writing news for it and using your information sometimes (with the link to the sourse of course =)
    And by the way – this post with uniforms is awesome =))

  7. Hi Krisyushka. Thanks for the comment. This post is one I enjoyed making. It was worth spending the hours looking through so many pictures to select just the right ones. 😀

    Looking at it seems a good source of information. I just learned something from the site as I hadn’t known C-ute had a best of cd coming!

  8. Tnx, i’m trying to to support the news line actual ) My 2nd profession is a journalist so i’m having fun while searching news =))
    I saw other picspam posts (e.g. Bikini post =))) it seems like it should take a lot of time to upload all those pics. I admire your patience =))

  9. Well uploading the pics takes a while. Looking through the pics in the first place is enjoyable though. Working towards making the post is the fun part. Actually making the post is where it becomes a bit like work. 😛 But it’s all worth it in the end to be able to share the H!P members beauty with others.

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