H!P Girls part 23 – Kanna Arihara

The first C-ute member I’m covering is my favourite C-ute member. I just don’t get all the hate for her on some forums. But then I guess that’s the nature of the net. For me it doesn’t matter if there’s someone not to my taste in a group as long as that doesn’t hurt the music. Now personally I love Sayumi but if someone said they didn’t like her because her voice wasn’t good enough I’d understand that. However complaining about someone’s membership of a group for other reasons seems way too harsh. With Kanna I’ve seen a lot of negative comments but no real reasons why. There seem to be a lot of people who dislike her but can’t express their reasons in a sensible way (and no saying “lesbian” isn’t a sensible reason). To me I’m not too bothered if there are one or two H!P members who aren’t to my tastes because there’s so many that are and those one or two that aren’t can’t affect my enjoyment of the others. You can’t please everybody all of the time so you really have to learn to live with that.

Anyway Kanna is cute. There I said it. Cute! Okay she can sometimes give off an impression of being maybe a bit insecure but not everyone can be super confident. And a lack of confidence isn’t a crime. In fact I think her seeming clingyness is actually as much a show of heart towards others as it is a need for some kind of show of love back. You can’t say she’s a cold-hearted person that’s for sure. She seems a very emotional person. I don’t mean in a troublesome way. I mean she’s a heart on her sleeve type. I like that. You know a lot of her heart because of it. Anyway H!P should have many different types of personalities within it so I think there’s plenty of room for Kanna.

For me I started likeng Kanna as I started getting into C-ute which was only with the release of Forever Love. Her toothy smile in the pv coupled with her unfortunate Rupert the Bear clothes really made her stand out (great suits in that pv, shame about the other clothes). Her smile reminded me of the Dr Teeth character from the Muppets…which is great. Then through watching through previous pv’s I loved her in Tokaikko Junjō. In fact she was the second best thing in that pv after Maimi’s legs. Maimi’s legs are the best thing about every C-ute pv. However whereas I love Maimi’s legs I love Kanna’s everything. Hence this post being about Kanna and not Maimi (although a Maimi one will come eventually. It may even contain pictures of the upper half of her body as that’s quite nice too). Kanna just has some special uniqueness in her looks and personality that appeals to me. I like her as a performer whether that’s concerts, pv’s, tv shows or fanclub dvd’s.

She has as much right to be an idol as anyone else. Her voice is good enough, she’s cute and she’s funny too. Yeah I don’t get why she’s so disliked. I mean someone has to be the least popular but that doesn’t mean they have to be actively disliked. I see people saying how they don’t miss her in C-ute but that overlooks the very obvious fact that in a group full of young idols you won’t miss one unless you like her. I do miss her. The music won’t suffer without her but then the music wouldn’t suffer without any member. Just look at Morning Musume. They can have people leave and still carry on strong. Any group with that many members can live with losing one. Musically C-ute wouldn’t even miss Airi as Maimi alone could carry that group. C-ute wouldn’t miss Maimi as Airi could carry the group. Lose both and someone else would have the chance to step forward and take centre stage and somebody probably would. To me what does suffer is the diversity. Kanna adds some level of unpredictability. It’s not essential but it is good to have. I really hope she returns eventually. I have no idea what having bunions is like but I’m hopeful we’ll see her back in the C-ute fold. If not she’s still had a good time with C-ute. She’s proven herself as an idol as far as I’m concerned. She’s contributed to albums, singles, live tours and tv shows (she made a cute artist on Yorosen). Well people can hate all they like. I prefer to overlook those who don’t interest me in order to enjoy all the more those that do. Kanna I do enjoy and if she does come back I’ll enjoy her all the more for this time of absence.

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