H!P Girls part 24 – Maimi’s legs

Ah Maimi’s legs. The best thing about C-ute’s pv’s. Where would the pv’s be without them? They move around so well and look so good. There’s more talent in Maimi’s legs than in the whole of Aya. Yes Maimi’s legs are a really beautiful part of a H!P girl. Okay, okay the rest of her is good too. Besides which this post is called “H!P Girls part 24”, not “H!P Girl Parts 24”.

Anyway Maimi has a good voice, can dance, is a great leader (she seems so right for the role) and has a very likeable personality too. She also has that cute eyes-shut-when-smiling thing (what is called an eye-smile I’m informed). Basically what you get with Maimi is someone who you can listen to and watch with such ease. She seems to stand out so well. For Morningtime (to speak like Reina) I find myself drawn in by her in a way the equally popular (or perhaps even more popular) Suzuki Airi can’t even hope to start to dream of. Maimi has this cheery air to her that makes her immediately captivating. She seems like a big sister to the others (and friend on equal terms with Umeda) and gives you confidence that she’d really look after the other younger members. She also at times seems calm beyond her years and yet at other times can seem every bit the 17 year old she is. I like Umeda a lot but Maimi is the perfect leader. Personally I’d like to see a few more quirks to her personality before I start claiming she’s the perfect idol but with C-ute becoming bigger and bigger I think there’ll be more opportunities now for the members to get more of their personalities across.

In terms of C-ute’s singles Maimi again and again takes the lead role. Airi is a cute girl but Maimi’s older persona gives the group more gravitas (by idol standards). In a song like Tokaikko Junjō her voice gives a far stronger and more interesting opening and closing than the more cutsey type of voice would. The C-ute members are all very young but already I could see Maimi as a solo singer. She’s certainly proved her worth in big company through her duet with Nacchi. In fact they made a great pairing. Despite the age gap (which was obviously the point of the song) they actually had a great chemistry and seemed to fit together really well. I’m a big fan of Nacchi so the fact that I think so highly of Maimi during their duet says a lot about her future potential. As it is even if 16sai no Koi Nante is the closest Maimi ever gets to getting some solo recognition it’s still a perfect little moment. She couldn’t have performed the song (or either of the pv’s) any better.

So Maimi has the looks, personality and singing and dancing talent you’d expect from a successful H!P idol. The fact that she is only seventeen and seems to have so much more to give makes you think that as good as her work has been so far the best is yet to come. I wouldn’t be surprised if in ten years time she’s had a few solo albums under her belt (which is situated just above her legs which are really nice when you think about it. I mean they are so shapely and…umm…sorry went off on a tangent there). In fact in ten years she could be singing Nacchi’s part in 16sai no Koi Nante as the older member with some other cute young idol taking her part. She could easily be the next Nacchi. That’s quite a compliment.


That’s actually a really good bikini. Really!

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7 responses to “H!P Girls part 24 – Maimi’s legs

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  2. Robotic?… there is a reason for that… she is a Dalek in a special bionic body, for they have come to “probe” deep in to us….

    tempting us with those luscious legs, those smooth hips… and that alluring voice… when we have sold our families to buy tickets to her first solo concert…

    Headlines: Saitama Super Arena Vanishes with 150000 people gone missing during concert by a H!P member. She was found in a dazed state in the centre of the empty plot… muttering ” I have you now, my darlings”

  3. If she’s a robot she’s probably a Japanese invention. They are good with technology. You’ll probably be able to buy the Maimi 2010 series in the shops soon. I should start saving up. It’ll be expensive.

  4. Expensive eh?… well worth it… but it will remind me of that time travelling japanese girl/bionic girl story.. i forgot the name… Cybergirl?… sad sad story… T-T

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