Mano Eri – Sekai wa Summer Party pv

Hello!Online have linked to the pv for Mano Erina’s next single Sekai wa Summer Party. It’s released in about 800 different versions on 29th July. Now I’m sure plenty of people will be saying that they don’t like it and [insert name of favourite idol here] should have a solo career instead but they are wrong. Yes wrong I tell you. This song is a great summery slice of idol heaven. It’s a bit different to what she’s done before but variety is good. It’s immediately catchy and the pv is fun too. The backing dancers (including cute Maeda cake Yuuka) are back and all wearing school uniforms. Life is good, summer is coming and everything is hunky dory. But people will still complain. Actually I’ve noticed the trend seems to be slag off a single and then when the next one is released slag that off too and say the previous one was better. Tsk. One thing I will say though is the music at the start reminds me of something. I thought it was maybe a cover version of You Can’t Hurry Love at first but then it morphed some other direction. Anyway enjoy (or don’t as the case may be)…


16 responses to “Mano Eri – Sekai wa Summer Party pv

  1. It’s S Club 7!! that’s what it is! i’m telling you! >w<
    Reach for the stars or whatever. XD it's not an amazing song but i actually quite like it. hade it on repeat all day.
    gotten wuite into hajimete no keiken. although it has the same werid background thing going on like with Lucky Aura. it sounds like there's a big buzzing around or something. it's odd. ^^

  2. I have no idea why but your comment was in my spam folder. Maybe it’s set up that way? I mean if I was designing a website where comments are allowed I’d make it filter all comments involving the phrase “S Club 7” straight into the junk folder. Seems sensible. 😀

    Anyway sadly I can just about remember that song and maybe your right. It certainly has that same uptempo type of style. Also H!P’s production values are still stuck in the 90’s half of the time. I can’t hear the background noise thing though.

    Though I don’t think this is Mano’s strongest single I’m still loving it. It’s just so cheery. It’d be rude not to.

  3. maybe the background noise is because i play my music pretty loud…. it’s on my stereo but still.
    i should probably stop though. i do it to tick my family off. they hate my music. XD

  4. I always listen on headphones so that no noise escapes. I always think music sounds better when it all goes straight in your ears.

    Mind you I’m surprised I’m not deaf already.

  5. also, what’s with mano and adorable animals? baby turtle and now a baby budgie. what’ll be next i wander? XD

  6. How do you know the baby is a budgie?

    You know I’m leaving that as it is. I did of course mean “how do you know the budgie is a baby” but even so that’s amused me so I’m not changing it. Sometimes my mind works wrong.

    I reckon you can’t go wrong with cute puppies or rabbits. I reckon Mano with a load of pups should be next. Of course if those backing dancers hang around for a few years she’ll end up working with a fox. It’s name will be Maeda. 😀

  7. I work in a pet shop. i can tell when budgies are babies or not. ><
    lol. how did we get back onto member's being animals again? XD

  8. hahaha

    i work in a pet shop. that’s how i know. ><
    it doesn't have the right markings on it's head to be an adult is all. ^^

    i vote for guinea pigs to be next.
    we've already had a puppy H!P PV. and Ai really did look like hers. O-o
    If Maeda is a fox, i think Kanyon is some kind of puppy. like a dachshund or a spaniel. XD
    how did we get onto the subject of H!P member animals again? X3

  9. I think the previous song was better but Mano Eri is always a breath of fresh air for me. What are the chances of finding a cute girl like her who can play the piano? Very little I tell you.

  10. I agree. Plus her music at times stands out in H!P as being something a little different. Mano has her own thing going on and I like that a lot. I’d love an album from her. She’s had six good singles so far so the album would just have to be good.

  11. Hexi – My blog keeps putting you in the spam. What did you do to piss my blog off? It never used to do it. 😛

    If guinea pigs are next I want to volunteer to be a human one. I’ll roll around on the floor for Mano happily.

  12. lol! i can see it too. ><

    i don't think i did anything to piss your blog off…..
    except maybe say something about S Club 7… but i was talking about the first few bars of the song sounding like reach for the stars. DX
    i didn't meant to offend you mr. morningtime's blog, sir.

  13. She is cute.. .and she strikes me as a perfect refined rich hime-ish character, which is kinda nice…. being talented enough to sing/dance/play instruments/ play with pets…
    I am liking this… it has been a while since i have seen such clean unadulterated cuteness … ( oi… don’t compare Eri-chan to SKerabuNANA.. she is much more upbeat than that) i hope they don’t change her image later on, she will work perfectly as the perfect indie artiste doing her own upbeat songs….

  14. I love this song more and more. I can’t wait for it’s release.

    Mano certainly has a very idolish personality. Cute and happy and pretty. I really like how her music is different to the H!P norm. Some people say it’s boring but I tend to think they just aren’t giving it a chance.

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