Nacchi Blog and Website!

Nacchi has a blog. Nacchi has a website. Nacchi has my hand in marriage. One of these statements is not true. Yes sadly I am still not married (or even engaged) to a member of H!P. Not even one of the lesser members like an Ogawa or a Yasuda. But even so rejoice and do it now for Nacchi has her own website. It’s here. Plus that website has her own blog here. Maybe this is a sign that she’ll be releasing more music in the future. Well there was no point in moving all the Elder Club members to the parent site if they weren’t going to use them. Anyway the site has a Q&A section, a profile page, a news section, a schedule of events, a link to her fanclub page and for some reason lots of wildlife. It’s a strange thing to have but it adds individuality I guess. I would like to see a lot more of the ex-Elder Club getting these kind of things. Fingers crossed!


3 responses to “Nacchi Blog and Website!

  1. You certainly do, it’s a lot of fun! Plus there are lots of MM girls to marry (check out my latest blog entry for more details) 😉

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