More Headlines

C-ute’s parenthood lesson goes wrong

Robo dance

Airi that’s not how you hold a baby.

Linlin gets sex education lesson


Linlin that’s not how you hold…actually…yeah it’s not a bad start.

Kanna accused of just making it too easy to skit at now

I'm not rising to the bait

H!P unveil new garden gnome range...

Iida winter

You can have Kaori in your garden for just 3000 yen.

Following his May defeat against Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas Ricky Hatton finds a more suitable new opponent…


However bookies make the Wonky Whacker the favourite.

Hat wearer of the year winner announced…


She’s too Sakxi for her hat.

New music style sweeps Japan…


Kaori’n’western takes the charts by storm.

Japanese government unveils new incentive to get more people into gyms


New “Five get you fit” scheme a great success. Queues now form for 30 straight miles.

As another body is found, police release an image of the person they believe is behind the recent spate of murders dubbed the eyebrow beam batterings


Police caution the public not to approach if seen. The suspect is known to be very excitable and mentally unstable. The suspect is thought to believe she can kill by shooting a beam from her eyebrows. However CCTV footage clearly show her using a bloody big spade instead.

Gerry Anderson reveals latest SuperH!Pionation tv show ThunderBerryz

Thunderbirds are goThunderSakiThunderMaasaThunderNatsuyaki

The fifth member has still not been announced but rumours have it that Linlin will be chosen for no apparent reason. ThunderBerryz Piriri to Yukou! is thought to be the new catchphrase.

Japanese chapter of the George Formby Appreciation Society has annual meeting

When I'm cleaning windows

However their tribute single When I’m Cleaning Berryz fails to chart.

Scientists state H!P have still not perfected cloning formula…

Bad Reina 1Bad Reinas

Plans to have a Reina in every group temporarily shelved.

Critics say new Japanese version of Sherlock Holmes isn’t really sticking to the spirit of the original…


There’s now four of them and they sing too. Viewing figures are a bit meh.

Sales of H!P stocking brand Pretty H!Ppy soar as new model unveiled…

Stock it to em baby

And finally some breaking news. A picture has been released showing the eyebrow beam batterer practising for her next crime…



19 responses to “More Headlines

  1. hahaha.
    i like the Reina Look-a-like. ><

    never really examined the seishun bus guide outfits before but god i feel sorry for the sucker who had to make them.
    Sattin sewn to PVC? what a hellish combination! DX


  2. ah, we see them sweating more in concerts.
    in hybrid punch it was dripping off Miyabi’s chin. *nod*

  3. LOL.. reina lookalike.. Sayu and Mano Eri looks a lil bit similiar dont u think especially with their nose…

  4. Hexi – Are you sure that was sweat and not something dripping from her nostrils? Euuuw.

    Miraclechild – I’ve never really noticed the resemblance. I’ll have to check it out. They are supposed to be friends though. I’m sure one has talked of spending time with the other. They must make for a cute pairing.

  5. ….. you’re making them out to be gross now. i should NOT have images of idols with runny noses in my head right now. stop it.

  6. Okay. All H!P members are super-human scientifically engineered idols who are perfect in every way and smell of your favourite flowers. If you lick them they taste just right (not too salty but not too bland). Plus their breath is always minty fresh.

    AKB48 members on the other hand…euuuw. All I’ll say is GERMS. 😉

  7. hahaha. so THAT’S what yossie smells of? Honey suckle?
    that shouldn’t be as easy to picture as it is…. O-o
    i’d LOVE for ANYONE to smell like honey suckle. there SO needs to be a perfume that smells like that…….

    don’t forget they don’t have any bodily functions either. did you ever watch that Utaban episode where the kids got to ask questions and one little girl ask Mari if idols farted. lol! such a funny episode.

  8. I remember that one. Yaguchi squirmed for the longest time and then went for the truth option.

    All those old Utabans were so good. They’ve probably played as big a part in making me a fan as the music has.

  9. Holy god
    I would so watch thunderberryz.
    and I do like the reina-chan look a like,she’s so cute

  10. I know same! i loved the episode when Tetekete came to be. XD
    made me laugh soooo much!
    and the Pucchi Moni one that ended up being “avoid Kei at all costs” XD

    we so need another H!P TV show. a proper one like Hello! Morning or Dokyu! or something. that’s what really helped me get to like certain members because we got to see their personalities. and also how they interacted with each other. like how they all used to take the piss out of Rika for being so up herself.
    kind of why i feel a little detatched from the current Momusu. we don’t get to see enough of their personalities.

    wow. massive post. XD

  11. Kooky – ThunderBerryz must happen. As must a revival of Fireball XL5 with C-ute.

    Hexi – We definitely need a proper tv show. If new members are ever added to Morning Musume how will we find out about their personalities? I think the tv shows played a part in smoothing over transitions in the line-up. By the time members like Nacchi had left fans were already used to the newer members and saw them as being just as much a part of the group. It gave people a chance to establish themselves. How new members would do that now I don’t know. Especially as MM don’t seem to do that many guest spots on Utabans or Music Fighters anymore. Even when they do the appearances are short and chances to shine very limited.

  12. ^Yeah that’s because they just don’t care somehow,I hope they actually did again,The mf 2.20.2009 episode is a great example of what a momusu appearance should be.

    Also,the reina doppleganger got eliminated and I’m sad because of it.

  13. Is that the Music Fighter one with the quiz hosted by Lovely? I watched that one about four times. It’s so funny. It shows just what can be done with the group.

    So NotReina got eliminated? I know nothing about it really but instinctively liked her just for her Reina Wotaness.

  14. the thing i liked best about Hello! Morning was the tricks that got played on the girls.
    so funny!
    and you definitely felt like their reactions to things either made them more loveable or strengthened their characters. ><
    Is Utaban still going?
    Momusu used to be on that like all the time!
    the Hyokori Hyoutanjima episode is hilarious too. XD

  15. Utaban is still going. I know because a recent appearance (for no apparent reason) by Tsuji has been subbed. However maybe the hosts are too old now to be doing the kind of stuff they used to do. Mind you wasn’t Ishibashi too old then? 😛

    I think Hello!Morning also gave the members a chance to show their senses of humour. Personally I think Lovely was always cruelly overlooked when it came to humour. She was funny but nobody ever seemed to think so. Oh also all the old games were great. So much better than Yorosen’s blandness.

  16. oh yeah!
    didn’t she cry when she missed a football in a penalty game?
    she actually made me laugh alot in the English lesson episode. “once upon a time” lol!
    the pucchi games were the best!
    “it flew it flew” was awesome. as watch the mouse catching one.

    the sounds that came out of Sayi’s mouth when she had to drink that stuff were hilarious!

    oh! and the “sweet cafe” episode was really funny too. >w<
    they really thought up some fun stuff…..

  17. I can see why she isn’t in Gatas. If I remember rightly she still grabbed the trolley of food anyway. 😀

    Sayu’s croaky reaction to drinking the punishment was great.

    At the same time I found a lot of the magic restaurant stuff quite boring. I think towards the end the show was starting to run on empty a bit. But I see no reason it couldn’t be revived or something similar created.

    Really without Hello!Morning there’d be no Charmy Ishikawa or Takahashi Lovely. The show even managed to make advertising the products entertaining. The Hello Pro News segments were often just so funny. Oh and Yuko too. Her persona was used for comic purposes so well.

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