Happy Birthday Kanna Arihara

Kanna Arihara is 16 on 15th June. I hope she has a good one and is on the mend. Anyway usually a birthday is just an excuse for a picspam series but since Kanna has never had a photobook and since I posted a load of pics recently anyway I thought this time I’d mainly post some vids instead. Including a subbed one I’d never seen before until I started trawling Youtube. Anyway to start off here is a solo performance of I Wish. It cuts off really suddenly but that’s the case on the fanclub event dvd it came from anyway. It’s a song she obviously likes as she also sang it on Hello Pro Hour.

Up next a five minute subbed interview clip from a C-ute dvd pamphlet that seems to date to around the time of the So Cute pb.

Oh my god. Kawaii, kawaii, kawaii, kawaii and kawaii!

Now from the same fanclub event as the first clip here is Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi.

Finally here’s a live performance of Sweets→→→Live.

I hope we see Kanna back in C-ute and feeling well again soon. Anyway here’s some picspam. Well I only said I’d mainly post some vids!

Kanna AKanna SmileKanna outdoorsKanna peace smilePeaceKanna redSingKanna HappyKanna rockKanna eyesKanna double vKanna CuteKanna TartanKanna poseKanna armsC-lassy

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