Takahashi Ai – I Subbed

So Ai-chan’s new dvd has been subbed by two groups. N!N’s is here and SacredCultivator’s H!F nearly solo effort is available via direct download here. So what do we get? Well…



Wha? Huh? Umm..sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah Lovely’s new dvd has been subbed. So what do we get? Well…



Wha? Huh?

Damn I need more resilience to her heavenly charms. Anyway the first half of the dvd is mainly the pb photoshoot. This disappoints me a bit because I consider that the reason you get a dvd with the pb. I think a dvd sold separately should really concentrate a lot more on other parts of the Hawaii trip. Even so Ai looks great during the shoot so it’s still a treat to watch. The opening scene is on the beach with the blue and white bikini. The camera must have been really really heavy as the cameraman seemed to be struggling to hold it above waist height. He also seems to be struggling to get in front of Ai-chan and so most of this portion is shot from behind…


There’s no such thing as a sand angel.


Camera…too…heavy. Must…keep…holding…up.

The next scene feature Ai on the street wearing a very short skirt and looking adorable and sexy. I actually prefer this kind of look to the more obvious bikini approach. Ai looks beautiful and sure I’d like to see a lot more flesh but that yearning is part of the appeal. I don’t need to see more but I do need to want to see more. Plus seeing someone look so gorgeous in everyday clothes is just the best thing ever…


Lucky pole.


Camera…too…heavy. Must…keep…holding…up.


Up next is that old staple the school uniform. What can I say? Schoolgirls never looked like Ai-chan when I went to school. Then again why should they have? They weren’t Japanese or 22 years of age. 😛


After some running around and dining comes some lounging by the pool. It’s been a long day and it’s really taken it’s toll…on the cameraman whose arms are starting to hurt again…


Anything I said about photobook shoots being for photobook dvd’s I take back as it’s time for the white ankle socks and purple skirt shoot. Excuse me while I faint as all the blood goes rushing to my head. I won’t say which head. Takahashi has this ability to seem very pure, look exceptionally cute and yet still be red hot at the same time. That really is unique. What’s more, it’s easy to believe in her. You don’t think it’s an act at all. You can really believe she is as lovely as she seems…


Then comes some shopping and some more bikini wear…


Camera…too…heavy. Must…keep…holding…up.


Camera…too…heavy. Must…keep…holding…up.

Anyway finally after 37 minutes we get to the non-photobook element of the dvd. Personally I’d have preferred less of the photobook and more specially shot footage. Not because I dislike the pb. I don’t. Mine came on Monday and it’s the best pb ever. It’s just that the dvd that comes with the pb is there to cover the shooting of the pb. I think a seperately released dvd should focus a lot more on other things. Nevertheless the 37 minutes just gone were great. Now it’s onto following Ai at a college for a day. Ai meets Beth who shows her around campus. The two speak in English although how much of it Ai is understanding is hard to say.


3, 2, 1, Breakin’ out! I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me.  Anyway Ai is worried…


Ai meets Beth and explains about herself…


Ai also asks a question most non-Americans have always wondered. “Why American food big sized?”


Looking at the size of that drink you can see her point. It’s Half her size. It’s the the new half-Ai sized McMorningtime milkshake. Scientists have said that if you drink just one of those a day along with a McMorningtime Half-Ai sized ready meal you will be dead within six weeks. McMorningtime meals are also available in bigger sizes for those with a more immediate death wish. There’s the Big Makotomac or the Fujimotofilet-o-fish for instance. Alternatively for those with an absolutely imperative-that-they-die-within-half-an-hour-of-eating death wish there’s the Maasapounder with cheese. But I digress. Ai gets shown around a campus and then plays some table football..


It was nice hearing her speak English a bit although she is obviously not fluent. But practice makes perfect (and she’s already perfect in so many other ways). Ai and Beth part and it’s time for a quick break as Ai lounges around in a bikini some more.  So stop! Bikini time…


Actually this might be an opportune moment for me to mention my new film. Morningtime Bond in Dr. Yes. I’m really looking forward to working with Lovely. But she needs to practice her English some more. So in preparing for her new role as Ursula Undressed in my new movie Ai takes an acting class. This is where a bunch of different people sit in a room and two take it in turns to act in front of the cameras. Ai meets the guy running the class…


Then Ai is given her script having had no time to rehearse in advance. She starts reading the script while others act it out. Her nerves get the better of her a lot here and she starts to cry. Cry-chan is doing that a lot lately. She’s a very emotional person. But I guess it takes a lot of courage to get up in front of others and act even when in your own language. Ai is having to do it in a language she still doesn’t have too good a grasp of. She’s obviously panicking a lot and your heart goes out to her…


Eventually her turn comes. She does it twice opposite two different people. Frustratingly we don’t get to see the actual takes just the ending but I think the tears fit the script anyway and on the second take it’s obvious that she’s trying to cry at the end…


Afterwards Ai is happy to have done it…


Ai has talked on this dvd about enjoying English. She also said she’d like to study abroad. In the past she’s said that she’d love to do an English-language musical. It took a lot of courage to walk into a room full of strangers, read a script in English and then act it out in front of them. Maybe this experience will help her in some way. It would be nice to think that this experience, along with meeting Beth and having a conversation with her in English (which she’d said is something she couldn’t do) will give her confidence and encouragement. Maybe it will also show her what is needed in order to advance her learning of the English language. Through doing this she’ll know a bit more about herself. It seems maybe she agrees…


So an hour with Ai-chan and was it worth it? Yes of course it was. I mean are you insane? Lovely looked amazing during the pb shoot and hearing her speaking English and watching her preparing to act was very interesting and very moving. When the acting class was finished one of the other women there went and gave Ai a goodbye hug. It reminds me of a Hello!Morning episode (I think one of the 5 year specials) where Ai, Rika and Yossie (if my memory serves me well) are watching some old woman dancing with a bottle on her head. After trying to dance that way too the three go to leave. The woman gives Ai a big hug. The others just get goodbyes. To meet Ai-chan is to love Ai-chan. She’s just so immediately adorable. This dvd is well worth watching. It’s an hour of a truly beautiful human being. That’s too rare these days.


5 responses to “Takahashi Ai – I Subbed

  1. not Ai’s biggest fan but that purple skirt and socks ensemble is to die for. where can i get a skirt like that???? XD

  2. Looking at the first three images are enough to kill me big time!

    Damn, when will I get the chance to watch this stuff? I mean, I don’t own a laptop, yet, so borrowing from others will be a bit difficult since watching ‘these’ things are a bit sensitive if someone’s around. You know what I mean…

  3. holy-

    I feel the same way as you morningtime,I’m still on the making of portion and hot dayum

    *dies happy*

  4. Hexi – it’s such a summery and sexy look and the socks for some reason just make it ten times hotter.

    Amyrulez – I don’t see it as anything sensitive as it’s nothing smutty. She’s a singer and this is her dvd showing her time in Hawaii. Seems okay to me. But if it’s a problem maybe you can download it and watch it when you get some time to yourself.

    Kooky – it’s great isn’t it? 😀 Ai is just pure beauty.

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