Berryz Kamen subtitled

It’s always good to find new subbing groups popping up and recently one that hopes to deal with the younger H!P members came along. The groups name is ICU-subs which is I presume pronounced as “I see you”. Anyway their first subbing effort centres around Berryz Kamen. I’ve seen a fair few fanclub events now and they seem to come in many varied formats. You get the occasional Hawaii trip with concert and meet and greet or maybe some solo events like those I covered in my Kanna, Maimi and Nakajima post. However one of the most interesting events I’ve seen is the one ICU have subbed.

What we get is half play and half concert. The Berryz girls play their super hero counterparts the Berryz Kamen. A group who have their own tv show that is sadly losing in the ratings to the C-utie rangers. Therefore Red Leader Maasa has called an emergency meeting. So the show begins. You can download the XviD here or the H264 here.


The plot is that the Berryz must find out why their ratings are so low. In order to do this they read letters from the fictional audience (as opposed to the real audience watching this fictional meeting about a fictional tv show in the real theatre. Confused? Good.) The Berryz then try and tackle the problems posed in the letters.  So there’s a child who has said their poses are poor. Taking it in turns three members pose while the rest check them out…


Yurina, Miyabi and Momoko are the first three. It’s funny to watch as while Yurina and Miyabi are being checked out poor Momoko is having to stand on one leg and is trying to keep still. A task made even harder because a certain blue character grabbed her as she walked past.


Anyway all the members get their turn and there’s plenty of humour involved. Then after a song (that the plot leads into) it’s onto the second letter. This time it accuses one of the Berryz of not being able to pronounce words correctly. Again there’s plenty of humour here. First up with Momoko and her lovely little look to the audience…


Momoko not known for her great pronunciation. This is followed by a tongue twister test where the members read out a very long tongue twister and are then reviewed by the others…


There’s a lot of stumbling and laughing and Momoko sounds more like Morse code than Tettekete ever did. It’s great to see the members so clearly having a good time and it really rubs off on the audience.

After another song it’s discovered that there’s a traitor in the midst. Just who could it be? Well I’m not telling but the members have a contest where they have to sing children’s songs but alternating between two songs a line at a time. Whoever makes a mistake must be the traitor…or something. Well anyway this proves more difficult than first imagined. Some members just don’t have the rhythm. There then follows more singing including a rendition of their at that time only just released single Madayade before the show ends.

What I loved about this show was the spontaneity. Sure there was a script but there were also ad-libs and lots of moments where the members were struggling not to laugh. Also the audience were lively throughout. It kind of reminded me of the better Hello!Morning skits. I think the format was a very clever one as it gave the members a chance to show of their senses of humour and still fitted in songs to the plot. It was far more enjoyable to watch than a straight fanclub gig would have been. After all the bigger gigs are there to showcase the music. It’s good that the fanclub event can showcase the personalities instead. So the posing and tongue-twister sections were fun and there was plenty of humour throughout the rest of the show. This was an entertaining hour and I say that as someone who more prefers Morning Musume, C-ute, Buono and Mano Erina to the Berryz. I do like the Berryz but I’ve found their singles far more hit and miss than the others. So when I say this was enjoyable I’m not really saying it as a fanboy. Well okay Momoko rules and I do say that as a fanboy but even so the praise I’m giving isn’t as biased as it could be with some of the other H!P groups.

To end with the members discuss the show while wearing one of the better t-shirt designs H!P have had…


I like the colours and design a lot.

So there’s a new subbing group in town and it looks like they will focus on the younger groups. By starting with a  funny fanclub event they have chosen wisely. It’s not something a lot of people would be familiar with and it had more enjoyment to watch than a million Yorosen’s could provide. It’s shown the Berryz in a very good light and the subbing, with it’s colour coded text, was very well done. Us H!P fans are spoiled when it comes to subbing. As someone who has sat through the Malaysian dvd release of Q.E.D. wondering at some of the English subtitles I’m very aware of that and very grateful for the pleasure such groups bring. So if you are a fan of Berryz Kobo and you haven’t yet seen this there are far worse things you could do with your time. Like watching Ayaya or something. So if you haven’t already then watch and enjoy. It has Momoko so you know it’s good.


2 responses to “Berryz Kamen subtitled

  1. I seriously want this to be a regular show, along with C-utie Ranger. The Berryz Kamen/C-utie Ranger Adventure Hour. It’d kick the crap out of the Power Rangers, and I say that as a fan of the old show…

    Re: Q.E.D., if you haven’t, you should avail yourself of the fansubs. I have no idea what the Malaysian DVDs were like (though from what you say, they were horrible), but I really rather enjoyed the fansubbed version.

  2. I had already watched the fansubbed versions. I just wanted a physical dvd set.

    I’d like to see the Kamen/Ranger angle used in future that’s for sure. A self-knowing tv show Monkees style would work for me. 😀

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