More pics and scans

Yes it’s time for a random pics round-up and some scans. So to start off here’s Sayumi in a bad bikini (surely a first) from the front cover of her forthcoming dvd…

Bad bikini

To be honest that’s not the best I’ve seen her looking. Normally she’s red hot. Still I’m sure the actual contents of the dvd will more than make up for any front cover disappointments.

Now here’s two from the ‘jobs you’d love to see them do just to see the chaos they’d cause’ series. Yes It’s bus guide Momoko. I reckon the bus would be in a ditch within minutes…

Bus MomokoBus Momoko 1

Cute idol in shock cuteness defeat. How could Konkon ever fail to be the cutest thing in a photo? Well…

Kawaiiii doggie

Yeah the dog won this time. But I think a rematch done today would have a very different outcome.

Everyone’s favourite crackhead has a message for those who don’t see her absolute awesome wonderfulness…

Koharu says

Now two from the ‘jobs you’d love to see them do just so you could sit there with your legs crossed trying to hide your not-technically-a-soft-spot’…

Yurina bus 1Yurina bus

Back to Koharu and you know she really can look stunning. It’s almost easy to forget there’s not a normal person in there sometimes…

Milky KMilky KK

Okay idol knowledge time. Everyone point to the cutest idol…


Wrong. You on the end in green you’re pointing the wrong way. You in pink you shouldn’t be pointing anywhere. Just stand there looking cute or alternatively just put your hand up to signify it’s you…

Yukka cuteaYukkat that

Well done. Okay now someone else have a go…


What? Me? Oh Ogawa you old flirt.

Okay now someone draw me a picture of a USA Klmadanda…

USA huh

Right…well…I have no idea what one of those is but you’re cute so you can have the points. You win. The prize is to be adopted by the person deemed to be the cutest blogger idol. The judge is Ogawa…oh… 😀 What? What do you mean that was a fix? Tsk. Oh very well we’ll appoint a new judge. How about Momoko? Yes? Okay then…


What? Me? Oh Momoko you little flirt. Right Nakkichan start packing your bags. You’re coming to the UK. Have a quick party with your friends…


Quickly audition with Maimi for a part in Abba: The Musical (Japanese version)…


Then come to the UK. But make sure you wear something suitable…



Now two from the ‘jobs you’d love to see them do just so you could sit there with your legs crossed trying to hide your really-seriously-not-really-a-soft-spot-at-all’…

Maid upMaid up to see you

I can’t let a picture post go by without some obligatory Aichan pics so here’s two…

Ai kawaiiAi side

And finally (well it was always a good enough phrase for The News At Ten) here are a few scans. First is this Platinum 9 Disc Kusumi pic…

KK Haze_0001

I love this pic. There’s something about Koharu’s expression and the way she’s holding that flower. It reminds me of…of…Morrissey. It’s The Smiths. She was genki in the haze of a crackhead hour but heaven knows she’s miserable now. Plus of course she does have a hand in glove. To those who get that joke and are groaning all I can say is I don’t owe you anything. Besides writing a post isn’t easy. These things take time. Yes I know…that joke isn’t funny anymore. Ahem. Still you can sympathise with the lyrics to Smiths songs when you like H!P. It’s not so much “I Want the One I Can’t Have”, it’s more I want the several dozen I can’t have and please, please, please let me get want I want. From Yaguchi to Koharu there’s so many beautiful H!P girls. And thinking of those two just goes to show that some girls are bigger than others. Okay, okay I know it’s over. It’s like I started something I couldn’t finish. So I’ll stop by saying that for these idols there is a light that never goes out. Actually on a totally unrelated topic (and stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before) but thinking of The Smiths they had a single called Unhappy Birthday. It’s Ayaya’s in two days. 😀

Okay enough of that nonsense (and does anyone else but me like The Smiths and H!P anyway?) It’s time for the random booklet scans of the post. C-ute dvd singles…

Forever C-ute front & backForever C-uteForever C-ute back

I love Kanna’s Rupert the Bear style. Really though the suits looked far cooler. Lots of legs on display though. Suits hide such things so it’s an ‘is the glass half full or half empty’ type of thing really.

Edo no Temari Uta II front & backEdo no Temari Uta innerEdo no Temari Uta II back

An odd image but it fits the song I guess. Kanna & Airi would share the honours for the worst hat award if it wasn’t for Chisato’s really really stupid hat. Now there have been some utterly ridiculous hats in Hello!Project over the years but that one takes the cake. Not that the cake would fit in it. Somehow Maimi looks good in anything. Although she’s spared the hat horror so that helps. On a side note I really love this song. It’s so catchy and…odd.

Namida no Iro front & backNamida no Iro innerNamida no Iro back

A great image for this pv. Nakkichan looks absolutely adorable. Cuteness personified. Presumably she’s a fan of Brad Pitt more than Guy Ritchie. Has there ever been another occasion where H!P have advertised a non-H!P related film? I doubt it. Although it’s slightly more likely than seeing Brad Pitt advertising C-ute (based on his wife he’s more likely advertise a group called S-kank). Nakki’s hat just adds to the cuteness too. Don’t you just want to give her a great big consensual and not-at-all-dodgy-honest-guv hug? Then there’s all the leg on display. Not to mention Maimi in shorts. Oh and I really like Kanna’s hair. It really suits her. Then there’s Umeda’s gangster hat. Now that’s a proper hat. Great styles from a great pv.

Tokaikko Junjo front & backTokaikko Junjo innerTokaikko Junjo back outerTokaikko Junjo back inner

So Kanna is seeking true life (I think Monty Python gave the meaning of life. Wasn’t it death or something?) Meanwhile Umeda is having an endless party. Oh and who wears short shorts? Maimi wears short shorts. We even get to see Nakkichan’s legs. I love Kanna’s boots too. Another damn good set of styles from a damn good pv.

Being a fan of H!P is such a chore isn’t it? ♥♥♥


13 responses to “More pics and scans

  1. :O sayu looks quite….average in that photo.

    Didn’t a lot of people moan about Nakki’s outfit in Namida no Iro? About her looking like a hobo or something? Hmmm…. but who cares, I’m with you, she looks amazingly good in it.

  2. i really hate those photos from Sayu’s PB actually. she looks really tired and pale and i think they could have chosen a couple of better pictures to represent the PB. unless those are the best photos (not possible) in which case how can i cancel my pre-order????

    i ❤ Nakki's hat in Namida no Iro!! how could you hate it??

    And no, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy gave the meaning of life. [big friendly letters: DON'T PANIC]
    (The original radio and TV series. NOT the horror and disgrace that was the movie)

    phew, monster comment over. XD

  3. Well all I can say is she’s a bloody cute hobo. In fact she’s probably the cutest hobo since that dog that was the littlest hobo was around.

    As for Sayumi, I had to look twice. I thought it was an old pic at first. She doesn’t seem as rosy as usual.

  4. did my comment get spammed again? how rude.
    i’m blaming it on the bad scan or something. ><
    Sayu looking pale not the spammed comment. lol!

  5. Ahem…I really need to check my spam each day. Althougg it’s only Hexi who gets chucked in there.

    I don’t know though. Sayu just looks kind of meh. her hair and expression just seem to lack vitality. I’m not sure it;s just the quality of teh scan. Well time will tell.

    No I’m sure it was Monty Python in their film The Meaning of Life. The meaning of life is death. Now the answer to life, the universe and everything may have been in Hitchhikers. 😀

  6. ah yes, the answer, not the meaning. lol! i so wanna watch Holy Grail now!! “perhaps he was dictating” XD

  7. I work with them too!! good job i’m allerigc and can’t get them out, no chance of them jumping me. XD
    i’ll also never walk alone in woods again for fear of singing minstrels following me around and having to chop down the biggest tree with some kind of seafood. XD

  8. What’s great about that film is how many different stand-out scenes there are.

    “Bring out yer dead.”

    “Here’s one.”

    “I’m not dead.”

    Allergic to rabbits? So you can never stroke Sayu? I’d like to pet her. Sit her on my lap and…err…yes well moving on.

  9. I’d say, excellent read there.
    If Kumai were a bus guide… :grins the most grinning grin possible:
    Sayumi looks kinda well… worn out…
    she should take a sabbatical… study english… with me… in Kiwiland… 🙂

  10. You want Sayumi? But you’ve already had Ogawa over there. To have two would be just plain greedy. But as long as Takahashi comes to stay with me in the UK I don’t mind. 🙂

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