Album Tracks Top 10 (Morning Musume version)

Yes it’s time for another top ten post. I love doing these kind of things. So just what are your favourite album tracks? Well mine are…

10. SHIP! TO THE FUTUREAi no Dai 6 Kan

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I just like the vibe of the song. It’s an uplifting thing.

9. Suki de x5Second Morning

Just such an untypical Morning Musume song. Even for that period of their existence. But this is a laid back, jazzy and sexy style. You’ve gotta dig it. You dig?

8. Genki+Sexy 8 Beat

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s just so…genki. Okay I apologise for the obvious pun. It is damn catchy though.

7. Nanni mo Iwazu ni I Love You4th Ikimasshoi!

Well it’s not their fault that the Biyuden version was ten times better. It’s still a great song either way. I think Biyuden’s had the better music really. It sounded better. Better instruments and better produced. Also the singing in the Biyuden version had a richer quality to it. Three sounded more powerful than thirteen. I still really like this version though despite all that.

6. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari 3Rainbow 7

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Does this count? Well yes I guess it does. The music may be the same as the single (well pretty much) but the lyrics are different and the members get to sing about themselves this time. I like that more than the single’s approach. Plus Kusumi’s bit is just so cute.

5. SONGSPLATINUM…sorry…Platinum 9 Disc.

This clip is obviously not a live version or a pv for the song. But someone has subbed the song so it’s interesting to watch anyway. Well what can I say? What a brilliant start to the 9th album. Even though I love H!P this sounds like it’s so much better produced than a lot of H!P stuff does.

4. Sayonara See You Again Adios Bye Bye Chaccha!Rainbow 7

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s just so…so…it’s…actually what is it? Well I think it’s the type of song you’d either love or hate. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. Luckily I made the entirely sensible decision to fall in love with the song with it’s beat that makes you want to dance and all it’s great solo parts. There’s this unique quality to the solo parts where it sounds like they are all really going for it. Musically it’s like nothing else I’ve ever come across. 😀

3. Help!!Ai no Dai 6 Kan

Well it’s not their fault the Ecomoni version is better. It’s still a great song. Umm…déjà vu? 😛 I just never tire of this song in any version.

2. How Do You Like This Japan?Rainbow 7

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A great start to their 7th album. Yo! Yo! Mic check, mic check, 1, 2, 1, 2. What bliss. 😀 A really good tune too. They should have called this Twinings because it’s so my cup of tea. 😉

1. Yuki Ai × Anata ≧ SukiTakahashi Ai with MC Gaki7.5 Fuyu Fuyu Morning Musume Mini!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What could beat Niigaki’s intro to How Do You Like This Japan? Well Niigaki’s intro and outro to this beautiful Takahashi song. Niigaki’s voice is perfect late-night radio host. Lovely’s voice is perfect solo singer. I just love this song. It’s perfection. I wish the video above had Niigaki’s talk bit on it. I know there is a live version where she did it but can’t remember the concert name. Anyway this song is a worthy number one. To think it comes from the same album that gave us the terrifying horror of Wa~Merry Pin Xmas! Still I guess it’s that variety that has helped keep Morning Musume at the top for over a decade.

Looking at the list I don’t think I’ve listened to the first three albums nearly enough. I need to rectify that. Oh and is anyone surprised at Lovely being my number one? No? Didn’t think so. 🙂


19 responses to “Album Tracks Top 10 (Morning Musume version)

  1. lol! the versions with charmy were always better huh? XD
    inspired by my post by any chance? XD kidding kidding.
    couldn’t help but notice it’s all momusu album stuff. >w<

  2. Everything is better with Charmy. Get some Charmy in your life today!

    Ah well I did mean top ten MM album tracks. I think I’ll edit the title of the post. If it was all H!P Goal would be up there somewhere. Unlike your post there’s no Sayu and Koha Pink. For my hearing wasn’t terribly damaged by some hitherto unknown tragic event at some previous stage in my life. 😀

  3. I notice a (disproportionate) plethora of mathiness in the titles … Genki+? Suki × 5? Yuki / Ai × Anata ≥ Suki?

    That, coupled with Tsunku♂’s propensity for inserting numerical indices into album titles, suggests something fishy is at work here.

  4. Checklist

    Genki+ – Good.

    Joshi 3 – Good.

    Sayonara See You Again – Good.

    How Do You Like Japan – Good.

    I admit I’m not as “up” on my early MM albums as I should be, so the ones you mention are probably pretty good (I’ll check the links later), but I am glad to see that four of my favorite album-only tracks are among yours as well.

    In addition to Genki+, I’m quite partial to Shanimuni Paradise (I can’t stop whistling it everytime I hear it and bouncing around the room with energy.) My favorite album-only track from Sexy 8 Beat, however, is definitely Haru Beautiful Every Day. Aika and Eri sound so sweet on that song, it’s like listening to a half-remembered song from my childhood and letting the nostalgia sweep me away. Almost Monkees-esque in a easy/breezy but almost wistful way, like Daydream Believer or something.

    I am disappointed, however, that you didn’t choose anything from Cover You. Is it because it’s a cover album and therefore not “canon”? 😉 I would definitely have put either Izakaya or Johnny e no Dengon on there, probably both, since Ai-chan and Risa do an incredible job on their respective songs. Breathtaking stuff, IMHO.

    Still, not a bad list. 🙂

  5. XD i thought i was being an idiot, came on today and realised it was “morning musume version”. thought i had been an idiot yesterday. lol!

    Rainbow pink it pure awesome because it’s the worst song in existence. (apart from Wa~ Merry Pink Xmas) and i love it. so there.
    JKM3 doesn’t count. lol!
    they’re in need for JKM4 huh? cause of the Hachikkies…. JunLin’s lines would probably be in chinese. XD

  6. Ah you weren’t being an idiot. I edited the name of the post to make it more obvious I just meant MM. It also opens up the possibility of doing more now for other groups. Something I hadn’t even thought of for some reason.

    JKM3 totally counts. I reckon there should be some new members soon in MM. It’s overdue. Then would be a good time for a JKM4. Mind you aren’t there countless JKM’s anyway? The Elder Club live versions for instance. I love the maid one (and not just for the maid uniforms although yes partly for that). Ayaka wants to learn to be a better singer. Well good luck with that. Poor underused Ayaka. I really liked her.

    Oh I was really disappointed that we didn’t get a new version of JKM when MM did the singles tour last year. Just having one verse was a total cheat. I think everyone got a go at the different shows though. I’d love to know what each persons verse was.

  7. Kirarin – Tsunku is actually God. The answers to some of lifes biggest mysteries are there if you can unravel the mathematic equations. Is there life after death? Is there life on other planets? What is life all about? Why Matsuura Aya? Yes the answers to some of the most puzzling questions are within reach if we can just be less elephant and more elegant.

    Pex – To be truthful I just don’t really like Cover You. Whenever I’ve listened to it I’ve failed to be won over. I have the cd but it’s not really pricked my consciousness. As for earlier stuff check out the Suki de x5 link. About 24 seconds in someone clearly grabs someone elses backside. 😀

  8. Was it Miki? XD she’s a perv. still trying to find that clip of her looking down Nono’s shorts. XD

    ahhh Matsuura Aya… one of lifes biggest mysteries…… i dunno what to think about ayaya, she was kinda cute when she was little and young…. but now…..? i dunno. >w<

    she's always been pretty "meh" to me. same as nakazawa yuko. *nod*

    As for Cover You i LOVE that album!!! it just reminds me of this past winter. i love it!! Koi no Dial 6700 is actually amazing.
    shame they aren't actually Momusu songs though……. XD

  9. Was it miki? she’s a perv. still hunting for that clip of her looking down Nono’s shorts. i want to know her motivation. XD

    as for Cover You i think it’s one of the best momusu albums! (After No.5, 4th ikkimasshoi, sexy 8 beat and platinum 9. XD) shame they aren’t momusu’s own songs but oh well.
    i just think it’s a really fun and happy album to listen to. really cheers me up! ^^

  10. I thought it was Yossie but the picture is a bit grainy.

    Heh our tastes differ so. My favourite album is Rainbow 7. Although I do really like the current one.

  11. Hexi you are a fan of Monty Python aren’t you? You must be because everytime I look at my Spam Spam Spam Spam folder you are in there. 😉

    I never really found Aya cute. I always found her to be deeply in love with herself and a bit smug. Yuko on the other hand looked great with blonde hair and blue contacts. She was also really funny on Hello!Morning.

  12. no, your blog just hates me.
    and how dare you, it’s amazing.
    but i have noticed i seem to commit blasphemy (sp?) every time i comment almost. XD

  13. My blog doesn’t hate you. But when you mention S Cl*b 7 or A*a it seems to sensibly hold the comment back. 😀

    Was it Rika? How could you tell? 😮 That’s some great Morning Musume arse knowledge you have there. I’m impressed…and also slightly envious.

  14. *CoughI’mnotacreepywotaCough*
    the back of her head and the relative height compared to yossie’s and stuff also helped. total IshiYoshi fan you’re talking to here. XD

  15. agreed. >< my second favourite graduated musume i think. *nod* oh wait no, that's Nono…. they come pretty mcuh both second. XD

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