And the challenger is…

You know I don’t really think anyone in H!P is overrated. I think a fair few are underrated though. However there will always be some people who, for whatever reason, you just don’t get. For me one such person is Suzuki Airi. Now I think she has a good voice and so I do understand her getting lots of solo lines with C-ute. But when it comes to her looks and personality I just don’t get the appeal. Or at least not the level of said appeal. But then why should I? I’m sure I’m not the target audience (or am I? Hmm…maybe I am). I guess it shows that everyone has different tastes and different ideas of what constitutes beauty. Many’s the time I’ve seen a new photo of her on the picboard at Hello-Online and thought “ooh she doesn’t look good there”. Only to then find lots of people posting comments about how great she looks. Each to their own. That’s part of what’s great about H!P. There’s something for everyone. I’ve just spent the afternoon watching the H!P Winter Wonderland 2007 concert (the one where Asami…no not that one, the other one. You know the Country Musume one? No not the one on loan from Morning Musume, the other one. The one who played for Gatas Brilhantes. No not that one, that’s the Morning Musume one. The other…oh sod it. Here…

Asami no the other one

Her. The H!P concert where she and Miuna Saito graduated). Okay I put a photo in the brackets and had to start a second paragraph. Is that the most pointless use of brackets ever? Well regardless back to the point. I watched the Winter 2007 concert and it was great. Obviously I skipped parts but even so there was so much to love.


How did that get there? Well yeah…so…it was a great concert. Sometimes seeing the majority of H!P over two hours really hits home how great H!P is. Biyuden…down boy. Takahashi sings so well and looks so good. See Nacchi and swoon. Yaguchi looks so cute. Kusumi looks so cute. Yuko looks like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards but I’ll forgive her. Anyway she sang well. Then to top it all Konkon turned up unexpectedly during the graduation bit. Konkon is just the living embodiment of cute…


Anyway as I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself with picspam there is something for everyone in H!P. The concert from 2007 was touching because everyone had those glowsticks in the colours of not-Konno Asami and Miuna. It doesn’t matter that Country Musume didn’t have that much success. Those two members were still a part of H!P and deserved their moment. They had helped give H!P that unique spirit just as much as anyone else. So there’s something for everyone and sometimes the popularity of one or two individuals will baffle you (coughAyacough). Mainly I prefer to concentrate on the people I like as there’s too much negativity in the world anyway. H!P is my escape from that. Any sarkyness in my blog is usually aimed not at the members but at behind the scenes people (coughHaromoni/Yorosen producerscough). Okay there may be the odd exception (coughAyacough) but mostly that’s my attitude. Hmm…that’s a lot of coughing. I think I’m coming down with swine flu. So permit me to be a swine for a moment and digress even further.


It seems I overlooked Aya’s birthday so it seems only fair to make up for it now with a belated birthday poem.

Happy birthday dear Aya.

Even though you are dire.

Happy birthday dear Aya.

I hope you soon tire.


So where was I? Oh yeah. There’s something for everyone in H!P so it’s not worth complaining just because someone like Mano who is great has a solo career and your favourite doesn’t na-na-nee-na-na.

*Pulls tongues*

Is this my most childish post ever? Well regardless we should celebrate those we love while accepting those we don’t. So I don’t see people as being overrated but there are many who are underrated. Suzuki Airi’s popularity baffles me somewhat but that’s fine. She has a good voice and I love C-ute and Buono. So I accept that she’s popular. I accept the level of her popularity and frankly I don’t begrudge her it. I don’t begrudge any of them whose name isn’t Aya that kind of popularity. They all work very hard from a very young age so they deserve success. Good luck to her and to everyone else in H!P.


The award for the worst swimsuit and the worst photobook cover ever has been won by the same person. Here’s Suzuki Airi to accept her award…


To be fair there have been times in Buono pv’s where she’s reminded me a bit of Konkon and I can’t think of a bigger compliment than that. I also don’t dislike her at all. She does have her cute moments I’m sure.  Seriously though, that front cover…it’s not a flattering swimsuit and she looks grumpy. You all hate me now don’t you?

Just what is it with C-ute and bad beachwear? First Maimi’s crimes and now this. Maimi was the Queen of the bad bikini so Airi just had to take the swimsuit crown. It’s like the solo lines distribution thing all over again. Poor Nakajima and Umeda will be lucky to get a look in. They’ll be forced to just wear moderately bad swimwear in some group pb or something.


10 responses to “And the challenger is…

  1. you just don’t get Airi’s true awesome. me either but i love her anyway, she’s super cute. but more member’s in C-ute need decent lines. like Erika.

    Also, you know in that concert momusu were lip syncing right? bleh. but the V-U-Den performance was completely full of nose bleeding goodnes. those bunny outfits….. i SO need to cosplay one! O-O OMg i so am! *runs off to cosplayisland*

  2. I know Koharu was miming during Balalaika. Firstly it sounded quite good and secondly she completely missed part of at least one sentence.

    Those bunny outfits and the dance…I’d forgotten how good it was. Plus we had the advantage, unlike with the pv, of Rika’s hair looking almost normal and not a horrible blonde bob.

    Cosplayisland sounds great. 😀

  3. bleh. rika should so not have cut her hair for that musical. it wa so long and pretty! Y_Y made me cry.
    cosplayisland is great. some of my best friends i see only about twice a year and we met on there. lol!!

  4. Airi’s Appeal is a her utter kawaii-ness. (mebbe you don’t get that, but it’s ok) BUT!, you seem to forget them FANGS!!! @-@ I love them FANGS!! ( maybe i am biased cause i had a childhood crush who looked like her… :D)
    and H!P Stylists crew, .. they have hit and miss days.. most of the time with the juniour groups.. its miss…

  5. oh i forgot to add.. If there’s anyone i find underrated… it’s Kitahara Sayaka… :3…
    man….. i hope she is in more… groups or does a solo…

  6. Hexi – Does cosplayisland have any maids? A proper cosplayisland would.

    *Drifts off into fantasy*

    thejuggernaut – Strangely I’ve always found Yuu Kikkawa to be the underrated one. She messed up the Morning Musume audition which was a shame but she’s got a good voice and looks great.

    timmii69 – Well to be fair that’s the case with anyone who gets a lot of publicity. The people who like her will talk about her greatness and the ones who aren’t into her will wonder why she gets so much press.

  7. Yuu-chan?… I agree, there are more than one underrated babes… frankly, you are putting me in a conundrum. Yuu and Sayasaya are equally nice… ( i confess, Sayasaya doesn’t have a strong voice,for now, but she has really awesome abs ( delish!)) Yuu’s voice and poise (pardon the rhyme) does it for me, she comes across as a lovely character ( i haven’t seen Kirarin Revolution nor any talk show so i’m prolly the last person who should be judging)

  8. Well I don’t know much about her either. I only saw the eighth gen audition thing where she kind of messed up a bit but I was rooting for her there. I also really like her in Milky Way. Some people just have that hard to define ‘something’ that catches your eye.

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